Sila: It goes to the heart more than the heart

Sıla’s new album “Singer” is a long-term musical adventure consisting of 15 songs. In his own words, in this work, the steering wheel is more saturated and widely effective. He also produced the album. Sıla touches every part of the emotional geography in her songs. The mystery of the authenticity of his song lies in the fact that he said everything with absolute nudity. “It goes to the heart instead of the heart,” Silla says. It’s better to be high. ”

Here is what they said …

– Easy to say, it’s been six years since your last album. The epidemic and the state of the country were both difficult times. How did you spend this time?

Since I wasn’t bored at home, I didn’t have a hard time. It was even better for Istanbul to remain silent. Three months after the closure, I fled to the bedroom. As you know, the editorial office, the music … the personal conflict, the peace, the depth that I have suspended … I have never had a chance to capture the blocked time of such purification, I have used it.

– The “singer” album is in a slightly different place in your musical journey. The melody of the ancient country and the rhythm of the new world blended with the feeling of one hundred percent seal. What is the place and production process of “singer” for you?

I started “Singer”, lost the end of the rope. There were songs that ended before the epidemic, the album was already somewhere. Due to epidemics, unknowns and anxiety, I closed this album because none of us focused on music or anything new. Today I can see that this decision was right; Because there were songs that I said goodbye to. I wrote new songs. We took the steering wheel to a place where there was a more complete and wider impact. Which you have heard. I’m glad to hear that.

– 15 songs … Which one to start with, you’ve touched on the geography of emotion everywhere. It’s as if an urban bird’s verse is embedded in music. You wanted to tell more stories, more trouble, what do you think?

My biggest inspiration is writing and singing. Like, plain, not talking, meaning naked … then comes the story. Goes to the heart rather than the heart. The game of mind does not go here. Of course, being able to understand well, being able to do well was a goal. It is not easy to undress in public, you will both undress and they will not look at your flesh. More times is better.

– No matter how intense the sadness and melancholy, the songs have a smile and a subtle sense of humor. Laughter is a way to awaken hope?

There is no hopeless life. It’s fun to load naughty songs with me. And you can’t sit at the bottom of the well forever and call from the secrets of the heart, evil will come. Prolonged frustration is not appropriate for me. Are we sad, are we sad. What time do we go out now? There is no death, isn’t there? Let’s get down to business.

-Well, what will happen to this country?

Wasn’t that the subject of Rocky’s table? I swear to God, we are tired of this question, the unanswered question.

– In your song “Wake up” you said “How many breakup songs have I heard / I understand that everyone’s neck is in the same place”. Where does love stand for you in all this chaos, or how do the loves of this century survive?

In the midst of this chaos, love always travels with all its chaotic skills. We have compiled a book called “A Thousand Years of Love Letters” with Ali Murat Irat. The book contains letters to Nazim Hikmet from Anais Nin. Letters that go back and forth between two lovers, parents, children, two girlfriends, friends … This is what I have seen in the face of all these heart loops; Love is a boundless and restless thing. I wrote about love, “This young man is your closest enemy, his dagger is always in his hand”.

– All the songs on the album sound like you’re talking to someone. Have you planned this musical communication?

It is learned that we salute to tell the story again. I don’t know if this can be tried as a plan. It’s an arithmetic thing that doesn’t do much. It cannot be developed by itself. Because it is a goal to do well. Therefore, reading on existing skills and working hard would be the right sentence.

– There is another position on the album with the satirical and moving rhythm of your “Bosgan” song. “Even if you tear from the middle / My chest is torn from the wall / You can’t stop me from getting excited / That’s what we said for good luck / It hurts to forget / Share the story You can’t extinguish this place” …

Songs are not always written for heroes. Shouldn’t there be songs for those who consider themselves presidents? It will be needed.

– What has brought you away from Istanbul, what has changed?

Since my business life is quite secular, I prefer a simple and flat-footed life for the rest of the time. I am from Aegean, naturally these lands are very good for me. Especially the bedroom … reading and writing in solitude, shopping in your small neighborhood, going to one or two restaurants regularly, going to the sea … it seems like a sunny dream to me.

– We’ve all had tough tests in our lives. We took lessons, maybe we stayed. Where do you see yourself in this sense?

To be free, although it is not easy, you have to face yourself, what is going on. It’s annoying, it’s disruptive. It deprives you of your safe place. If you avoid collisions, you will see your very favorite identities from afar, you will just sigh. I chose to complete myself. I had a tough test. I went over it. I followed. I am in a much lighter and more real place now. I’m very well. When a friend I knew from childhood listened to the album, he said, “Your style of singing has also changed. It’s not harsh anymore, it’s clear.” Of course it spread everywhere.

– As I said at the beginning of the interview, “a poet’s poem was written in the city”. Where are you in poetry? Is there a new book on the horizon?

Kavya is one of our Maverick brothers. When he wants, he comes like a cat. Of course, I try not to miss when I meet him. The more you freeze, the clearer the path will become.

No one listens to you!

– The struggle of women in this country is also tiring and difficult. Violence, murder and all kinds of harassment… political language is already troubling. How can a more livable Turkey and a more livable world be possible?

It is a geography that teaches us to be silent. It’s a shame otherwise. If you don’t talk about your problems, no one will listen to you. Everyone does not have to understand each other in silence. The problem here is, “Okay, what do I base this on?” We don’t have a wall to lean on, we don’t have a father to hug. We have many issues that need to be regulated legally. Canceling the Istanbul Convention is like an invitation to what has happened and will happen. In short, in this cruel world, you cannot predict your own future without distinguishing it from the lives of others. Many more of our children will be orphaned, and our young seedlings will be taken away.

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