The adopted families called their children on the 1000th day

On 22 August 2019, mother Hakire Akar, claiming that her son had been abducted by HDP members in the mountains, started a sit-in in front of the HDP Provincial Presidency building in Diyarbakir. Acker reunited with his son on August 24, 2019, thanks to his determination to prevent his son from becoming a victim of terrorism. The determined step of the size and the torch he lit gave courage and hope to many families in Turkey. Families, seeing this bold position, started a children’s watch in front of the HDP Provincial Presidency on September 3, 2019.

With the participation of other families across Turkey who want to save their children from the swamps of terrorism, the number has risen to 301. Parents, who have not left the HDP provincial building since day one with their firm stand to reunite with their children, have continued their protest in the hot summer and cold winter. Families continue to take alternative steps with their families to keep the guard post vacant. The Kovid-19 epidemic did not leave families with the necessary precautions, which affected the entire world. In the last 3 years, the children in their mother’s lap have entered their new age in the action tent for their older brothers and sisters.

The designated location has brought 35 children back to their families

Through the action, 35 families felt the joy of reunion with their children, whom they rescued from the clutches of terror. Other families, who did not heed their parents’ call to “return” and saw children fleeing the organization and surrendering to security forces, have become more determined in their actions. The mothers’ firm position was off HDP. HDP members, who did not want to hear their family cry, found a solution to close their shutters for a while. After the strong position of the families, HDP shifted their activities from the provincial building to the district building. Allegedly, in the process, supporters of the terrorist organization PKK threatened families and tried to intimidate them. The surrendered youth claimed in their statement that they were forced to do whatever they felt.

“Put your dirty, bloody hands on our children.”

Speaking at the 1000th Day Program, Ayram Elhaman, mother of Bayram Elhaman, said, “We have been here for 1000 days in front of the HDP Provincial Building. Here we are fighting for our just cause. I want my child, my Bairam. We will not leave this place, we will wait in this tent, we will not leave without our children even after 1000 years have passed. They feed our kids mountain and rock birds. They have to die there. We want our children. I’m calling from here. O sweet family, O Parveen Buldan, where is our child? Your children took pens and guns from our children while they were studying in Europe. Get your dirty, bloody hands off our babies. That’s enough, ”he said.

Dogan Gogar’s father, Hackie Gogar, recalls that he has been behind his son for 7 years. Recalling that they have been monitoring their children in front of the HDP provincial directorate for three years, Gogar said: Not 1000 days, but 20 thousand days, but we are committed to this action. Even if we die, we will not leave this road, this business, ”he said.
Mother Mevlüde Üçdağ, who was on guard duty for her son Ramazan Üçdağ, said: “When my child was 17, HDP took him to the mountains. Scream children in the mountains. Come, surrender to our mighty nation. Surrender to the merciful hand of our state. I’ve been on guard here for 1000 days. I will not leave my children even after 1000 years. I want my child, ”he said.

On the 1000th day of Diyarbakir’s parents, in addition to Home Minister Suleiman Soylu, Diyarbakir’s governor and deputy mayor of the metropolitan municipality, Ali Ihsan Suu Kyi, AK Party Diyarbakir MP Ibubekir Baal, Wa Aronat, Bagrারেরr’s mayor Beiorgos, Orgos, Orgos, Orgos, A “curse against terrorism” march was held with the participation of 10,000 people, according to data from.

Ridwan Kilik – Murat Basal

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