The story of Memduh Yasa and a house

One day in the fall of 1983, my late teacher Yılmaz Sanlı, from whom I had learned so much professionally, called me on the phone and asked me to build a house for a close friend. Since we work together on some projects from time to time, I was accustomed to this kind of advice, but this time “I’m not involved in this business. Let them come to you and explain.” Says “Well, why don’t you get involved?” When you ask “The teacher is my friend, but he is not a very hard and easy person to explain. So I don’t want to be my friend. “ He replied. Me too “Sir, you don’t want to be bad, but are you sacrificing me?” She laughed. When I ask who you are “Professor Dr. Live Memduh “ Says Memduh Bay, I knew a little about him. “Hoja, you belong to Sirte, he belongs to Sirte, don’t get me involved in this, settle between you.” I said. We looked at each other and smiled.

‘I came to see you’

After a while, while I was working in the office, there was a knock on the door, and my secretary opened the door and called me. A woman at the door smiled and greeted me. Behind him was Kemal Senturk, the former governor of Istanbul, whom we often meet because he was a member of the Foundation for the Protection of Turkey’s Monuments, Environment and Tourism Values ​​(TAC). Behind them were two men I still did not know. “Take this please go” I invited him inside. When we arrived at the part of the office where we receive guests, a tall, thin, stranger told me, “We’re here to find out who you are.” He continued. “I’m Memduh Live… when Ilmaz Sunli asked you to build a house for us, you said ‘no’. Who is this guy, I wonder. Namik Bay knew you. I said, ‘Come on, I want to meet that architect’ and we got up. The gentleman next to us is Dogan Casaroglu. “ Says

I will never forget, we had a long conversation. Then the teacher told me; “I loved you, you were doing the right thing professionally. It is up to you to decide whether or not to take on the job of building a house for someone you do not know well. Says during our conversation, it was revealed that his wife Suna Haneem came from Kanlika. Then a pleasant Bosphorus conversation started between us. It turns out that they were living in a mansion flat between Çengelköy and Beylerbeyi at the time. Speaking of this place, it was understood that we had a lot in common. Mr. Namik, “Well, now that you’re a relative no matter where you are, you have to take this job.” He finished the matter.

The building in question was a three-story cultural property on the cataltap slope of Çengelköy, which needs to be preserved. It was surveyed and approved by the High Council for Real Estate Antiquities and Monuments, which still exists at the time, but recent changes to the law have led to the establishment of the Bogazisi Zoning Department and a problem with approval of the restoration. Project

Memduh Yassa (1919-2014) was born in Sirte. After completing his primary education in the city where he was born, he completed his secondary and high school education at Shelley Terakki and Haiderpasa High Schools. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Istanbul, where he entered in 1937, in 1941. He completed his doctorate in the same faculty in 1946 and became an associate professor in 1951 and professor in 1960. He was a very successful man in his profession, interested in almost everything.

‘This is Istanbul …’

I will never forget, he told me about an incident that happened to him in Shishali Terakki, where he came from Sirte to continue his education. One day, at school lunch, when he was eating rice with a spoon, his table teacher intervened, pointing at the table thorns and saying that the rice would be eaten with thorns. Hodja, who has shown a strict personality since his childhood, object; “We eat rice with a spoon!” Her teacher gives her an answer that she will never forget and will shape her life; “This is Istanbul, you will learn how to eat with thorns!”

I suddenly thought of Hagop Mintjury, XX. Similar advice was given to him at the turn of the century; “It’s Istanbul, you’ll be a man here!”

The housework was completed within two years. They have lived happily ever after in this home for many years. Despite the age difference, we developed a great friendship. We often met as a family, ate together, and chatted. However, I would like to mention that not only did I design this house, I also built it on a cost-plus-profit basis.

At that time, our family was in Nishantasi during the winter months. One night around one o’clock the phone rang. I opened it, Memduh Hodja in a strong tone, “Hey, what kind of house have you built for us, no water flowing from the pond!” Says “I’m coming soon” I said. Despite all the objections of my wife, I quickly went to Çengelköy. Memduh Hodja opened the door of the room, apparently his anger had subsided; “Sorry, it bothered you” Said something like that. Suna Haneem, whose face is very embarrassed, “Why bother, we’ll take care of it.” Said I ran to their bedroom bathroom. Yes, the water was not running from the sink faucet but from the bathroom faucet Those who have experience in application know; During construction, the dirt inevitably enters the water pipe, the taps with a filter at the end are blocked for this reason, if you clean the residue of the product, the problem disappears and water begins to flow.

I immediately opened the filter at the end of the call, a lot of construction waste came out of it, to Hodger, who never went to my side, “Do you have an old toothbrush?” I said. I cleaned the filter with the brush given to it and replaced it. The water began to flow. “Next time you do it that way!” I left saying that. The next day, Mrs. Suna called my husband and apologized for the evening and was delivered to a very elegant flower office the same day. After a while, the teacher invited us to dinner as a family. Professor Dr. Semavi Ice, Professor. Great fall, Ilmaz Sanli and our wives got together at their house for a very nice dinner. At one point, Yılmaz Sanli got up and hugged me. “Congratulations, there must be a noise if I get involved. They did the right thing by explaining to you.” Says

To think of education as skill with fear

Our conversation with Professor Memduh continued until the beginning of 2013. He read a lot of books and recommended to me the books he read. From time to time, he would ask me if I had read it, and he would even bring the content into the book and examine what kind of ideas I had.

When I went to see him one day after the 1999 earthquake, I saw that he was very sorry. There was a news hour on television at the time, and a series of experts, mostly academics, were busy scaring people for the impending big earthquake. Teacher to me “Have you seen those people?” These are the so-called leading experts on earthquakes in our country. They take pleasure in intimidating people, and disrupt people’s mental health in the event of a disaster. These little kids, unfortunately, don’t follow their titles, they think it’s a skill to rule people out of fear. ” Says

Recently, I have noticed that academics are competing against each other in dealing with many natural disasters, such as earthquakes, common diseases, forest fires, mucus, floods, landslides, and snowfalls. Of course, scientists have a responsibility to warn and instruct society that they are experts. But this warning should never be built on fear. Those who are confident in their knowledge do not create caution by using speculative feelings of fear. Feelings of fear spreading in the society in a short period of time prevent people from doing the right thing and increase the feeling of panic. Made from time to time, “There will be a huge earthquake in Istanbul and about five million and one million people will die.” Statement is not an acceptable behavior for scientists, it is an example of trying to speak out in a society out of fear.

Another scary thing that has been tried recently is speculation “Monkey Flower” Diseases. After the corona has run out to a certain extent, some medical authorities, whose toys were taken, are now trying to frighten humanity with a new epidemic, all these fears have already destabilized humanity to a great extent, and what is the use of trying? Spread new wave of fear? We cannot prevent such threats by intimidating people, but we can convince them that caution is needed by raising awareness. Knowledge needs to be transformed into human beings and freed from their childish emotions.

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