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It all started in the 1960s at a small grocery store in Ankara’s central district of Sebeki … He was only 13 years old when he went into business, but he says he was still a ‘workaholic’ in those days. We talked a long time ago with President Bendevi Palandoken, the leading name in the Confederation of Turkish Traders and Craftsmen (TESK), one of the largest organizations in Turkey, with more than two million members over 30 years.

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1) Where he was born and there is also a story of his glorious name… Bendevi Palandoken was born in 1948 in Malatya. He began by saying, “Palandoken, of course, reminds me of Malatya.” Both were taken captive by the Russians, then my grandmother returned to her family in her hometown of Malta. My father was born in Malta. We also have a sister. She has a spiral … “The family, especially Grandma, is very well known in Malatya as ‘Agah Effendi’s sister’. They are engaged in business. Father Selahatin Palandoken There is a grocery store where he also buys and sells for the famous garden in Malatya. However, when Bendevi Bay was 7-8 years old, her father suddenly fell ill and died.

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He also kept the first scale he bought in the store …

Fate is the father’s profession

Mother Nazir Haneem first stayed in Malatya with her three children. Then, in 1956, he moved to Ankara, calling another uncle, ‘Come here, let the kids go to school.’ Malatya’s property is sold. A typical ground floor flat is being bought in Ankara’s Sebesi district. The older children, Penahi and Serpil, are going to school as planned. If the fate of the mother’s child is the father’s job! He got into business while in his second year of high school. She gets her daily allowance by selling glue bought from the school’s ‘Uncle Grocery Store’. Meanwhile, the demand for family income is increasing. Bendevi added: “In 1962, we opened a grocery store in Sebastien. Then the struggle of life began… I would go to school and come up with ideas for developing a business. I was the person who carried the whole burden of the family. I became a businessman when I was 13 years old. I was a workaholic, though not badly! “

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Cold soda from ‘dirt’

His work begins with the opening of the shop very early in the morning … Palandoken continues: “I used to get up before the prayers and sell bread, cheese and olives to those who came to the prayers. There were summer movies. People drink soda when they return at night. At that time a copper boiler called ‘Kirden’ was used as a cooler. We bought ice from the neighbors, cooled it down, and sold soda when we got out of the movies. We used to go to Samandag with sacks on our backs to buy products. I never remember taking a rest in my life. I’ve always been there. My greatest joy was closing the shop and getting down from the scarf on the way home! ”

Uncle of groceries in Turkey

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2) There was no refund conscience

From time to time things get bigger … Mr Bendevi explains: “Grocery is a profession where you build human relationships and interact with people … Our customer portfolio was very rich. Some customers took special care so that we could survive. , And they would buy from us what they could get from other places. We always had good relations with the neighboring merchants. We kept an eye on the butcher Sabahattin Abir’s shop. So let’s say, ‘We’re a little bubble!’ This time I tried my best to repay the loan. My school life ended before I finished high school. I became a full time grocer. Let the refrigerator and the bread sell … ‘There was no market order like now. People were very respectful of each other and had business policy; ahi culture. Butcher was butcher. He didn’t even sell chickens. The word was believable. There are still signs in some shops; don’t get stuck in debt for the sake of mercy, one day they will ask, then don’t be upset! (Laughter) ‘was written in the credit book. It was said, “He’s coming, I’ll get it in a moment.” Commercial ethics, the biggest policy of traders, is not to let anyone else eat what you don’t eat. You can’t sell what you don’t like to anyone else because there was no return then. No. You had a conscience. “

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Uncle of groceries in Turkey

I meet my wife in Grover

“My wife used to come to the shop to shop. I was always interested in him. We’ve seen each other for three or four years. When we decided to ask for it, we didn’t find it very popular at first as ‘The Grocery Store’. We got married in 1978. 50 years to join our flirt! Today we have one child and two grandchildren. Grandchildren; Ekrin Nazire and Bendevi Baris. Written on the shop signboard ‘B. Palandöken wrote. I am Bendevi, my son Barış and our granddaughter Bendevi is the double ‘B’ of Barış. It is still going on. “

3) Neighbor registration book

Palandoken learned another technique from the ‘Uncle Grocery Store’ from which he bought glue; Keep a credit book! Mr Bendevi explained: “Uncle Grosser had a good memory, but he was illiterate. He had hatred in his mind. I used to write for him. We used to write names like this; Mother of the above journalist woman, mother-in-law of Doctor Brain… I became a member of the Grocery Store Association at the age of 17. They made me a ‘follower member’ by saying ‘I have a pen in my hand’. As if I graduated from three universities (laughs)! In 1983, I became the president of the Ankara Grocery Store Association. From there, I entered the management of the Federation of Grocery Stores, a senior company. I was vice president for 32 years and then president of TESK. “

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Uncle of groceries in Turkey

4) I am not the unchanged president, I am the head of the kitchen

Today, TESK has more than two million members As big as a small European country! What is the secret of being in power for almost half a century? Palandoken replies: “I am a man who has been in charge of the kitchen for a long time, not an ‘unchanged president’! I was at every level of the profession. The government has changed, we have always been at the beginning of this business. The secret of success is perseverance. The second is not to disconnect between contacts. I’m still a grocer. I know the problems of trade very well. Crafts are a business that makes up 56 percent of Turkey’s career, including SMEs. Most of today’s big businessmen come from this profession. In this way I always stayed away from politics. Having commercial relationships with all parties, I have maintained distance. My job is not to ask about the client’s team, race or gender. My goal is ‘Can I sell them something?’ It happened. “

Halva Kunchi, pasta woman

“Trading was a joy in the old days. For example, when cutting pudding, a small piece falls off and you put it in your mouth. Your fenugreek will be delicious to eat with hot bread while cutting bacon. Customer sincerity and conversations with people are very important … My childhood dream was a job where I could feed myself without being dependent on others. I got everything I wanted. In my work, I have tried to grow in my own case. Our job is not leisure. I love my work. I still enjoy going to the store from time to time. ”

Uncle of groceries in Turkey

Palandöken, half student, half trade, with a borrowed bike …

Retail laws must be disclosed

So, what has changed in ‘merchant’ since day one? His answer: “Today, grocers are facing strong capital holdings … there is unfair competition. Retail laws need to be passed because shopkeepers are miserable. A large capital opens 10 thousand shops. He gives seeds to the farmer on the land and says, ‘Plant it and send it to my shop’, the man becomes a laborer. Traders who cannot do business become shop assistants. You even made two wrestlers stand up against each other by gaining their weight. This is my biggest challenge today … ”

The secret of the three
We talked about the ‘hero grocery store vs. big supermarket’ trend. Is it now replaced by e-commerce? Mr. Bendevi said, “Internet shopping rate has reached 50 percent. We also see new shopping opportunities as business partners. Apprentices became motorized. You can’t say, ‘I’ll just sit in my shop and do my work’. Technology cannot be resisted. Take place around the site. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. All three of you will know ‘I am very good … First of all, you will be a genius. Two; You will love your work. Three; You will innovate and follow the world. If you can’t do these things, you won’t succeed. “

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