Upcoming TV shows and movies on Netflix (June 2022)

NetflixThe platform will release a lot of great content in the sixth month of 2022, so you can spice up the post with some great content following the best movies and TV shows published now.

Netflix has rolled up its sleeves to sign a great show this month as well. In fact, La Casa de Papel: Korea Hold on to that from the series God’s Favorite Idiot, Baby Fever, First Murder, Börü, Man vs. Bee, Love and Ice Cream New content awaits as well. Besides The highly anticipated new season of Piki Blinder The audience will meet in June. Not to mention the great summer movies …

In the meantime, if you’re trying to filter all your options and determine what to watch on Netflix this month; You’ll love productions like Narcos (Mexico), Stranger Things and Squid Games; You can watch many more great new Netflix series.

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Netflix new series and movies

Another Summer Season 1 (June 3)

Expelled from school and exiled to Australia, a rebellious girl from New York makes waves in the inner circle of a young surfer and throws a mess in her wake.

Floor Hall Lava Season 2 (June 3)

The crew jumps on chairs, hangs curtains and swings through chandeliers to run across the lava-filled room.

Börü (June 3)

Members of the Special Operations Police Unit on dangerous missions across Turkey face danger and tragedy both at war and at home.

An Ideal Mother Season 1 (June 3)

Make sure the girl suspected of her murder is innocent, a mother has learned the painful truths as the case progresses, and the lines between victim and offender begin to blur.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 (June 4)

The pigs called for a ceasefire to unite in the face of a powerful new enemy that posed a threat to homes on both sides. The old enemy becomes a friend!

Hurry (June 8)

When a talented scout finds a high-potential player in Spain, he tries to prove that both he and the player can succeed in the NBA.

Baby Fever Season 1 (June 8)

An obstetrician tries to explain the pregnancy and regain his lost love when he uses his ex-girlfriend’s sperm in a drunken state and becomes pregnant.

First Kill Season 1 (June 10)

Falling in love is a tough business for Juliet and Callip, a vampire and another vampire hunter. Moreover, both of them are ready to kill their first.

Trolls World Tour (June 10)

There are 6 troll tribes in the world who work with music genres. Two young trolls, Poppy and Branch, are trying to figure out which tribe they belong to. Meanwhile, members of Hard-Rock, Queen Bird and her father, King Trashin, will try to exclude other music genres in order to dominate the hard-rock world. Our heroes, Poppy and Branch, will try to prevent this situation.

Piki Blinder Season 6 (June 10)

England, which had just emerged from World War I, was surrounded by illegal gangs. One of them is Piki Blinder, who makes money through robbery and horse racing. The gang, who escaped by bribing the police, made a mistake in a robbery and they let a new inspector come into town, which would cause problems.

Intimacy Season 1 (June 10)

A growing career of a politician is threatened when a secretly recorded sex video is leaked to the public.

Tree of Peace (June 10)

Tris of Peace tells the story of four women from different backgrounds who form an unbreakable friendship while fighting for survival during the genocide in Rwanda.

Jennifer Lopez Half Time (June 14)

Halftime demonstrates the determination and perseverance that made Jennifer Lopez an icon. Symbolizing the second half of Jennifer Lopez’s life, the film explores the life of Jennifer Lopez as a Latino woman, mother and artist.

Tenet (June 15)

Tenet tells the story of a hero who fights to save the world from great danger. Trying to fulfill an international espionage mission in a place outside of real time, the hero must fight to save the world. Trying to prevent a greater danger than World War III, the protagonist embarks on a challenging journey through the twilight world of spies.

Centauro (June 15)

Wanting to repay his son’s mother to the cartel, a motor championship racer becomes a drug courier and his chances of becoming a professional and his life are at stake.

Iron Chef Legends Contest Season 1 (June 15)

Iron Chef is back! Star chefs show off their skills to compete in an epic final and win the title of Legendary Chef in this tasteless cooking competition.

The Sweetest of Loves (June 15)

A career-oriented woman who is afraid of dogs meets a handsome widow who lives in Krakow with her son and dog, where she goes to avoid her job.

Gentleman (June 15)

The gentleman tells the story of a man who wants to leave his criminal empire. Mickey Pearson, who wants to leave the London-based criminal empire, plans to return to the United States with his family. Planning to start a new life for himself, Mickey makes a deal with Matthew, a famous billionaire, to start their own business. Meanwhile, Mickey tries to defend his lands, which he has kept hidden from Koch and his gang for years.

God’s Favorite Idiot Season 1 (June 15)

Clark Thompson is a young man who is a technical support worker for a company. Falling in love with his colleague Emily Luck, Clark believes he has finally found the love he was looking for. Just then, Clark became an angel of God.

Spiderhead (June 17)

A group of prisoners participated in an experiment with a variety of effects that could shorten their punishment. Prisoners are given powerful drugs that change their emotions. One subject begins to suspect his post-drug feelings. After this situation, the prisoners started researching to know the information about the laboratory.

Defeat of Love (June 20)

Fırat, whose advertising agency is bankrupt and in debt, falls in love with the singer girl at a yoga event. Uncertainty awaits their journey to find them together.

Love & Ice Cream (June 22)

Lina spends the summer before college in Rome to fulfill her mother’s death wish. Here he discovers his passion for love, adventure and ice cream.

Man vs Bee Season 1 (June 24)

Inexperienced father Trevor tries to land a cunning bee in a luxurious palace that he was assigned to keep an eye on, but in this comedy series things get more complicated.

La Casa de Papel Korea Season 1 (June 24)

When a gang of thieves jointly occupied the North and South Korean mints, the police took measures to rescue the hostages and catch the thieves and their mysterious ring.

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