“We have tried to create a climate that does not marginalize anyone.”

Minister Soylu, who arrived in the city on the 1000th day of the demonstration in front of the HDP Diyarbakir provincial directorate for the children of abducted Diyarbakir mothers in the mountains, said Kamal Gumus, coordinator of the TRT Kurdish channel, and journalist Idris said the TRT Kurdish broadcast was held at St. George’s Church. He was a guest of Kardas.

As he began his speech by wishing a Happy Sunday, Soylu emphasized that this was the 1000th day of the most meaningful resistance and protest of the mothers of Diyarbakir, to protect their children and their future and to break the pressure of a neighborhood.

Noting that a mother’s heart is very precious and her strength cannot be described in words, Sowloo said that she considers the resistance led by the mother to be a great and historic event.

Mentioning that Diyarbakir has a very rich historical civilization, Soylu said that Diyarbakir’s mother’s action was the cry of the mother who started with Hachire’s mother, today joined 299 families, overcame one oppression, pushed one oppression, stood up against terrorism without hesitation. And did not want to sacrifice their children to terrorism.

Pointing to the growing anger and outbreak in Şirnak, Van, Hakkari, Muş, İzmir and Berlin, Soylu said: “We have been victims of terrorism. Our children have not been able to read. Families have broken down. They hurt us, that is, they hinder us from thinking. They cause material damage. We lose time. We accumulate pain and trauma, that is, the pain of society. But these traumas of society can last for centuries. ” Used expressions.

“We have only one problem: terrorism.”

Explaining that they are the children of a very rich geography, Soylu insisted that they try to keep this geography among those who have left their own ashes, needs and history.

Referring to the events of October 6-8, Sowloo said that he believed that these events were a sabotage of history, that schools, libraries, mosques, churches were all a conscious choice and that they tried to alienate the culture, to sever ties with them. Tried. History, civilization and the past.

Soylu continued his speech:

“Have they succeeded? They have failed. If we leave this geography for a thousand years, no one will be able to change Caesar, you will not be able to remove the graves of Al Jazeera and our prophets from here. These are valuable in their time. But they are tasteless, unsalted and disconnected from the past. Right here, someone comes: Recep Tayyip Erdogan comes. .

Brotherhood is a world, if you do it, I would like to say this to those who see us here: Tayyip Erdogan not only served as President and Prime Minister of Turkey, he also published the Turkey Brotherhood Agreement. No matter what was said about him, he did not give up, he did not give up this sense of brotherhood and he did not give up even in the face of criticism from time to time. No matter who he is, he keeps going. “

Noting that President Erdogan has not given up on the beautification of cities, their integration with history, their integration with industrial sites, his universities, airports, transport, education, health, teachers in 81 provinces, Seyoul said: Courts have been set up in the south-east. Taxes and extortions have been levied. Sometimes, after 16-17-00 in the evening, people refuse to go out on the streets, telling them, ‘Oh, come home!’ They were saying. ” Used expressions.

“This misfortune has been defeated”

Noting that there are now universities all over the east and south-east, Istanbul has a shortage of teachers, but no shortage of teachers in the region, Soylu reminded that in the past misfortune was marked with this region.

“This unfortunate fate was defeated and it was defeated by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. No one should take credit for himself. Of course, something like this has been done before. It was not enough to break the misfortune. We can only. I want a healthy future and I want to dream. People are dreamless. Guns, terrorist organizations, how can you dream in the shadow of conflict? ” Used expressions.

Saying “I am Kurdish” was considered a crime in the past, and President Erdogan has shattered that notion.

Saylu says:

“In other words, the trauma was not only due to the Kurds, but also a trauma aimed at suppressing all Turkish identities. In fact, the Roma were marginalized, now we have a Roman representative in each of our provinces and governorates. We have tried that which does not limit anyone, but what do we need? We do not need to get rid of the codes of this civilization. Our civilization is enough for us. That is, this country is its experience and museum. Historical reality. It has all the history. It is a museum. The experience of Kurdishness, Turkism, Alawism, Sunniism, religiosity, mosques, the churches of this country are all a museum. How should we see it?

Now they are saying: ‘They are obstructing the Kurds.’ What are we blocking, who are we blocking? Now last night a concert was held in Silvan with the participation of thousands of people. It was said in Kurdish, everything is being said beforehand. There is no difference. “

Explaining that the Women Support Application (KADES) was first launched in Turkish, Soylu says that it has moved to Persian, Arabic, French, Russian, German, Spanish, Kurdish, Uzbek and Kyrgyz depending on the need.

“Bad days are over”

Noting that people will flock to the area, Soylu noted that studying at a university in Diyarbakir would be a special opportunity, the bad days are over and each day will be much better than the previous day.

Home Minister Soylu made the following assessment:

“Now, at the end of the day, ‘artists have barriers.’ “It simply came to our notice then. There is something like this, we have to separate it. Of course, because of the language of someone’s song, can they sing in Arabic or in Kurdish, “he says.” It’s not. He’s being barred because he sings in Kurdish. There are local singers in Kurdish. Do they play at weddings? What do they play?

There is nothing wrong with language and art. It is very wrong to look like this. Whether he says it in Turkish, Kurdish, English or Arabic is the same. If Daesh is campaigning in Arabic, will I allow it or will the citizens allow it? For God, there is no such thing. No one can be marginalized because of their language or industry, but if there is a connection or affiliation against terrorism in the past, the public, citizens or institutions and organizations, some commercial organizations, for fear that ‘I will not allow it. ‘It has nothing to do with terrorism. Now let’s say the next day, they didn’t remove it or they blocked it or ‘I don’t allow it.’ “Consider, however, that it’s not just about terrorism, it’s not just about terrorism, it could be that a person doesn’t voluntarily allow it for some other reason, but it can also raise the issue of not allowing terrorism,” he said.

“A quest to find a new place through the old controversy”

The politicization of these issues, distinguishing between a language and an industry from here on out and evaluating it as a step against language should only be seen as a search for a new place for those who have lost their reputation. In the eyes of the public, and the politicians of the terrorist organization, Soylu ended his speech as follows:

“No bread will come out of here because Tayyip Erdogan has changed this mentality in Turkey. No one has such problems or concerns. He sees it as an asset and sees it as a human right. He shows it. In the past it was, they looked at people that way.” What are they talking about? There is no discussion of human rights. We should not get involved in such discussions. So, to come back and find out who lost them. To do that. Here, our fellow citizens should trust us. Basically, we talk about the good and forbid the bad. We are responsible for it. We have to achieve this.

One of the diseases of the twenty-first century of our age, there may be those who want to spread confusion and establish corruption, but man is a perfect being. Man is a perceptible being who can distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, what is and what is not for himself. We depend on him. We believe in his foresight, and we believe in our civilization. Tomorrow everything will be much better, it will be better. “

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