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Unusual of Trabzonspor Careful Not encouraging championship celebrations Not just from the country’s world press agenda. Not many days. Declared victory The first fire broke out in the Antalspor match. Burgundy-blue fans At the end of the match, he felt great joy in the stadium. Soccer players are carried on their shoulders, thousands of people on the field Relieve his desire. The main celebration was in the city square. More than one lakh people gathered with DJ Aslan Kar. Football fans have fun with songs and dances. By Demet Akalin “Club” When the song is played There was a nice visual feast with phone lights. These images were captured on drones and phone cameras. Recorded and shared on social media. In a few hours first the country, then the world Has entered the agenda. Football boss Even FIFA has praised the event. Presented to his followers. Also, UEFA And the Champions League account Also join me. Old stars Footballer Gary Lineker Real Madrid’s superhero With Luke Modric Together ESPN, CNN, BBC Like the world Famous media Limbs Video To share Erhan Uzunar / Sabah

Location in Istanbul Displaced
The great celebration in Trabzon also moved to Istanbul. More than 260,000 burgundy-blue fans thronged the Yenikapi event area. The visual feast made everyone jealous again
T.A plan was devised after Rabjan showed enthusiasm. A maroon-blue organization was held in the May 8 Yenikapi event area in Istanbul. More than 260,000 Trabzonspor fans took part in the celebrations, which included concerts, fireworks and dancing. When the second light was shown by lighting the torch, it lit up again. Again, the storm was on the world agenda. So much for the city team There are many fans and everywhere Support Much has been said about it.

Hamsik: I will never forget in my life
World-famous Slovak star Marek Hamsic, who has served as captain of Trabzonspor in Naples for many years, also praised the celebration in the Italian media. “We have six teams, it will be difficult to separate one from the other,” Hamsik said. If it is the best If you ask, take the boat to sea That was our best job, that’s my life Don’t forget all the time. It made me feel great. “.
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Everyone upstairs I feel your excitement
T.During the celebration of the championship of the Rabjanspore fans on the city square, football fans climbing the pole drew attention. Zia Alemdar, one of the names, described those moments as follows: “Uncle warned me, ‘You will fall’ They said. I changed 2 poles because there are those who move the poles from the bottom. It was great to be able to take such a beautiful place in the celebration of Trabzonspor. There was a great scene. The videos also had a huge impact. I felt the excitement of everyone upstairs as if I was feeling it myself. It was very crowded downstairs, it was great. If I throw a needle at the pole, it doesn’t fall to the ground. When I woke up the first morning, my friends started saying to me, ‘The director has come.’ I realized in that moment. I looked on social media, everyone called me ‘director’ He started writing. There is such a moment. “

Fleet of champions Shown
And the day of anticipation has come … the Trabjanspar won the trophy they had been yearning for year after year through a great event on May 21st. Burgundy, whose every move is an event, Blues, this time with their navy Came forward. Hundreds of boats and Money has shown strength in the Black Sea. The players were escorted to the stadium with torches and cheers. Then at the Senol Guinness Sports Complex 2021-22 season Trophy, Captain Uğurcan Çakır Picked up his hand.
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Cornelius: We have incredible fans
Andreas Cornelius, who made a great contribution to the Trabzonspor championship with his goal, said he would never forget this season. The Danish striker expressed his feelings, “I am very happy that we are the champions. We have controlled the league well for the last long season. Our fans are incredible. They have shown the world how the championship should be celebrated and how. The team should be supported.”

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