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The Erdemoglu Group, which has made significant investments to become one of the giants of the Turkish industry, is waiting for Adana Yumurtali to approve land purchased from the public for a huge investment in his company SASA Polyester. Noting that they have invested 1 1 billion in SASA, which they adopted in 2016 until 2020, Ibrahim Erdemolu, chairman of the Erdemolu Holding Board, said, “We have চল 2 billion in ongoing investment that will expire in 2023. In this way, we will be able to invest 3 3 billion by the end of 2023 after the acquisition of SASA. “

This will halve the import of chemicals
Answering our question at Trabzon, Ibrahim Erdemolu said that thanks to their investment in SASA Polyester, they aim to meet half of Turkey’s imports of chemical products through domestic production. “As of last year, the import of raw materials for the Turkish chemical industry was about 18 18 billion,” Erdemolu said, referring to the country’s strategic investment. We estimate that it will be $ 25 billion by 2032. Thanks to our investment in Yumurtalik, we will produce 50 percent of the raw materials that Turkey imports for petrochemicals. For this, the Yumurtalık project will be one of the most important projects in Turkey.

Yarn fiber raw material from the inside
Indicating that they are waiting for the final approval for the land of Yumurtalik, which they bought from the public for 2 billion TL, Erdemolu said that the process was expedited after our President said “finish this job” 2-3 months ago. Erdemoğlu continued: “We will add a second PTA facility to the petrochemical facility that we will implement here. We produce polyester, polyester fiber, polyester yarn. At the moment, we have started investing in the raw materials we need. In the first half of next year, we will make PTA, the raw material of polyester. We aim to produce 1.6 million tons of PTA per year. As of this year, the amount of PTA imported by Turkey was 1.6 million tons. In 2023, we will manufacture all of these at SASA. Turkey will no longer import PTA. The investment will cost 1.1 billion. ”

We have a পরিকল্পনা 20 billion investment plan in 12 years
Noting that he has increased his investment budget from 13 13 billion to 20 20 billion for the petrochemical plant he planned for Yumurtali for a 10-12 year projection, Erdoেমan asserted: “The investment in the plan here will be in two stages. Once the land transaction is completed, we will immediately invest 4 4 billion this year. After that, we will start investing in refineries. This investment will be the largest investment in Turkey. Earlier we announced an investment of 13 13 billion, now we have expanded the project a bit more. In 12 years, the investment will reach বিল 20 billion. “

We believe in our case
Explaining that they are considering financing the investment with their own resources, Ibrahim Erdemolu said, “Since all our sales at SASA are based on foreign exchange, we are not affected by economic consolidation. We are trying to export 90 percent of our carpet companies. This makes it easier to invest with our own resources. We have a policy of keeping what we earn safe, ”he said.

There will also be fertilizer production

Explaining that they are planning to invest in fertilizer, Ibrahim Erdemolu mentioned that Turkey needs 900,000 to 1 million tons of fertilizer annually. Erdemoglu provided the following information: “This is what Turkey needs every year. We want to produce them all. Although ammonia investment is not a very lucrative business, we do it in the interest of the country. We aim to supply a wide range of raw material groups in Turkey, such as fertilizers, polyester derivatives, diapers, PWCs, acrylics and rubber. “

An increase in July is inevitable.
Noting that their employment is increasing every year, Ibrahim Erdemolu said that the number of employees, which was about 7 thousand in 2008, is about 15 thousand today. Noting that they would increase employment at SASA, Erdemolu said they had increased wages by 65-75 percent at the beginning of the year, but that the minimum wage increase in July was inevitable.

That’s how we climbed the stairs
Providing information on the group’s growth performance, Ibrahim Erdemolu explained how they climbed the ladder with statistics: “Our turnover in 1983 was হাজার 250,000. It was $ 2.5 million in 1991 and $ 25 million in 2001. Our turnover reached 250 250 million in 2011 and 2.5 2.5 billion in 2021. This chart says a lot. We aim to increase our turnover to 25 25 billion by 2030. We don’t plan for the short term. “

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