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The inspiring life story of Tailor Runner, who said he leaned towards a professional job because he did not want to study, set an example for many entrepreneurs. Rana Atilgan said that education is not just for school desks. It is very important how the parents raise the child, my family has never limited us, God bless. I have never been married, I have never felt the need for a man financially or morally, thank God. No woman is obligated to a man, one must first love and value oneself. I caught such an art at its most beautiful time, I bought a car for myself, I took care of my family. I am very happy with my work and my life. “

Can we get acquainted with you?

My name is Rana Atilgan, I am from Izmit, I am unmarried, I am 58 years old, I have been practicing my profession for 25 years. I have been working in my tailor shop Rana since 2007, which is located at the entrance of the municipality office building. I didn’t want to go to school, we had the opportunity, but in our time there was a very difficult process. In the country, what happened at that time turned me against reading. My father’s financial situation was also very good. We could buy whatever we wanted and travel wherever we wanted. I traveled to Europe every year, and I stayed in one country for at least 3 months.

“The European trip I took was a turning point in my life.”

How did you start this profession?

I was 33 years old when I decided to take this job. I traveled to France, Italy, and Germany. There, my relative was bringing clothes from his workplace in need of change, and I was helping him. That day created an awakening in my life. My father was in very good condition, he was a machine maker in the industry. I didn’t need money or a job then. One day after traveling to Europe, I woke up and said, life does not go that way. If my dad’s condition wasn’t always like this, I thought about what I would do one day if we had financial difficulties, and when I got home, I decided to work. My father didn’t think anything would happen to me. For a while, my brother has been hated, gone and enriched the country, he has very good intentions, but he has made material mistakes. Suddenly Dad left. Thank God I got a job, I made money on money, I supported both my parents and my siblings.

“During education, we were pushed, but we learned a profession.”

When I returned to Turkey after that awakening, I thought I would start working as a tailor somewhere. My father too; He always said that we can’t do anything with the thought “you didn’t study, at least get a job”. When I returned to the country, there was a well-known tailor, Sister Sevim, and I told her I wanted to be an apprentice there. He had earlier said, ‘Rana, why are you wandering around, work with me, learn the profession’. I gave my heart to it, accepted it and started my life as a tailor apprentice at the age of 33, until 2007 I worked as an apprentice for 10 years. During their apprenticeship they forced me to wash toilets and make mops. Also, I wasn’t used to it, it was very difficult at first, but I didn’t give up. We were given a lot of push in apprenticeship, but I learned a profession, I saw over time, I became a master, now I am cooking.

“Over time, my family’s confidence in me grew.”

After 10 years of apprenticeship, I decided to open a store at the age of 43, and my parents began to see my work and their confidence in me began to grow. When I started my apprenticeship, I thought I had learned a job, I was too late for life. Of course, over time, I realized that I was not late, that I was in the middle of life.

“I opened my first store at the age of 43”

When did you open your first business?

My dad and my mom both thought I couldn’t do a job; They would say, “You’re just wandering around, you don’t have a job.” I did not give up, I did what I was told during my apprenticeship, I cooked and mastered in exactly ten years. When my parents saw my work, they began to believe me. My dad supported me as a capital to open my business. There was a former tailor, the tailor Mustafa, one of the most famous tailors in Kokley. I occupied his shop, I did not change his name, his name remained as Tailor Mostafa, but I was an employee. Over time I looked at Darji Rana, before Darji Mostafa, then my father said, change the name, if you want, years later I hired Darji Rana. When I start baking bread, my family’s attitude towards me changes, they stop eating before I get home. Their confidence in me continues to grow as I take care of my job. In short, I became a master, my family’s reputation. I have completely changed.

“I do not regret reading this because I have learned a very good job.”

You said you are cold to read, why is it, you regret not reading?

I’m not sorry for not reading this because I took the first step towards a career and achieved my goal, I took too many days of tailoring, I did a very good job and made a lot of money. What happened in the country in the 1980s, the coup d’etat and the problems they faced in their education made me fearful and isolated. The last period was not like that, so I dropped out, I graduated from an elementary school, but I traveled a lot.

“Those who have diplomas have no knowledge of the world”

It’s not all about reading, but I haven’t read, but I’ve added a lot to myself from many cultures while traveling. This is where the phrase “one who reads a lot or knows a lot, travels a lot” comes into existence. I have loved reading books for a long time, I have no university degree, but I have tried to make myself as big as possible. It’s not that we can’t educate ourselves because we don’t have a diploma. A person’s level of education is not only determined by school, high school and university. It is very important to look, not to look. There are many diploma holders who do not know about the country or the world.

“My workshop doesn’t stop me from developing myself”

Whenever I go to Europe, I don’t come back until 3 months ago. As brothers, we have spent our childhood and youth very well. Thanks to our father, God bless my father and my mother. Whether developed or not. I have improved a lot by visiting different countries, I have not returned from those countries empty handed, I have done a lot of research, I was also curious, I can have fun and add something to myself. When I started my work, I kept going. There’s nothing like being ignorant as a businessman, it’s about the person.

“Clothing business expands as it grows”

You say sewing readymade clothes is over, there is no one to order clothes?

The work of sewing used to be done, now the era of sewing clothes is over. The only thing that keeps tailoring alive is repair. Also, there is an increase for clothes, people bring their old cloth bags and I renew them. I don’t change a new outfit during the holidays, I always renew old clothes. The old days weren’t like that, I can’t keep up with the order.

“Skirt-jacket was very fashionable”

Which clothes did you sew the most?

Before short-long skirts and jackets were very fashionable, I sewed lots of skirt jackets, I took extra orders. As the apparel business grew, so did the work of tailors. Now only the tailors are repairing. So I did the repairs. I haven’t taken orders with my eyes closed for ten years. Those who weigh too much or are thin but clothes are not available

“Tailoring industry is dead, but not repaired”

You said before there was a lack of repairs, how are you now?

A new outfit did not arrive on the holiday. Citizens always bring the clothes they have, change their place, renew and use them. I have never seen a time in my life where the repair business has grown so much. They packed their bags and brought them for repairs. The sewing industry is dead, but repair is not dead, it is not possible. If the legs of the trousers are long, who will do it again?

“I was so obsessed with life that I never thought of getting married.”

You mentioned that you are not thinking about marriage, did you have any prejudice against marriage?

No, I had no prejudice against marriage, not yet. I was so involved in life that I didn’t even think about getting married, I was dedicated to my work. I never got married, I didn’t want to leave my family alone when my family’s financial situation deteriorated and I had a job.

“A woman should not have feelings for a man.”

Of course, someone wants to love and be loved, but everyone’s life changes according to their priorities. Being able to stand on my own two feet and support my siblings and my family came to the fore in my life. A woman is not obedient to a man, I have never been obedient to anyone, thank God. I am not alone, I do not need anyone financially or spiritually, thank God, I am happy. I know how to be happy with my job and my family. My brothers and sisters are like my children. Until I reached this age, I lived my life with complete gratitude for my family and my own efforts.

“I bought myself a new car and house from Tailoring.”

I caught up in the excessive days of tailoring. Lots of orders coming in every day, I made a lot of money, the more I earned, the more I was able to meet my own and my family’s needs and I was happier. I never spent money to educate my nephews either, I am very sensitive, I bought everything I saw for them and still do. He bought my first car with my own money, his happiness is different. I bought a new car for myself with my forehead sweat, Opel Astra. I also bought a house in Izmit.

“If injustice is paid, no one is good”

My father was a university graduate, a mechanic, but God bless him, he was also far behind in some respects. He shared the property while he was alive, and he never gave me a penny, not even my sister. My sister was married, my father never loved his wife, and he did not give my sister a share of his inheritance, thinking that the money would go to our aunt, he did not give it to me, but gave it. All to my three brothers. They drank seven, enriched the nation, and spared not a penny. It happens only when it is wrong. That money did not help them.

“Havies important against age”

Finally, do you have any suggestions for tailor candidates?

I don’t think there is a young candidate for tailoring because there is no one who wants to be an apprentice. There is a problem of not finding apprentices in professional jobs, they do not like these jobs, they do not find it difficult. However, my advice to those who want to do this is to start with the beginner, otherwise they will not be able to do it. I started apprenticeship at the age of 33, I apprenticed for ten years, I learned everything and then I opened a store. No matter what his age, there is nothing he cannot achieve.

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