A ‘Black Sea’ journey for a few days … – Author – Selahuddin E. Chakirgil

When I needed to reach the shores of the Black Sea centered on Samsung for more than a week, I was about to land on a plane on the evening of May 19, 2022. However, from Fatih-Edirnekapi to Pendik, S. Goksen AirportI needed at least 4-5 hours to arrive on time. When I thought it would be hard to grow up, Organ Transplantation Foundation of TurkeyMy dear brother, who also serves as President Dr. Ayub Kahvechi Came to my rescue. On this occasion, we also had the opportunity to have a long conversation along the way.

When I landed at Samson-Karsamba Airport from Istanbul, where I left in sunny weather, I was faced with heavy rain.

Living in London for over 30 years and Turkish Name HostelMy friend who is one of the directors Get upWith and our friend that did not leave me alone for a week Hunting. Mostafa BayramSumming up the whole 7-8 days is not so easy …


On the morning of May 20, Republic SquareFrom AtakumUp to about 3-4 km of coastline, Get upWe walked together.

By the way,May 19 ‘ The night before, it was reported that arrangements had been madeFestivalScene, which reflects the line. Although at 10:00 in the morning, we were annoyed to see the kind of people sleeping with dogs lying on their side inside or outside a portable tent for 1-2 people placed on the grass. On the other side of the fence. The future of future generations I was among those who watched in anger …


Hunting. MostafaWaiting for us for breakfast Mr. NizamuddinHe was taken to his home in the mountains. The bottom of the Black Sea is like a milky, ironed blue sheet.

There were 3-4 more friends from the university environment over breakfast, and it was a conversation that I personally benefited from the concerns of Muslims, for Friday prayers, for reaching Buffer …

We arrived in Buffer during the Friday prayers. Although Buffer has always been above average compared to other districts in Samsun, this situation did no harm to the people of this district. It is felt that people are much more cautious in their appreciation and gratitude than in the past.

I am glad to know that there is a mayor whose work I have heard positively from the public. Hamid Kilik Due to Mr.’s participation in the meeting, we received information from his assistant about the buffer problem and future projects …

It is one of the oldest mosques in Buffer historically Kaprul Mehmed Pasha We pray in the 350-year-old mosque, which is said to have been built at the time … The congregation overflowed outside the mosque. However, I should add now that the interior walls of this mosque, which are flat and beautiful in terms of its external structure, should be reviewed by the concerned authorities, as the interior walls are extremely unpleasant and filled with ordinary paintings that suffocate. Simplicity reminds me of this, Supreme Council of MonumentsIts permission is reminded. However, this tasteless and random color does not have a historical feature and Memorial boardIt’s clear he doesn’t care.


After the prayers, Yavuz Selim FoundationWe went to the center

We got information about the work of this foundation with about 20-25 friends in a very large building with several floors. According to the information provided, the foundation is currently deprived of much of its past active and effective work, its activities are almost non-existent and it is inactive.July 15, 2016 Coup betrayalSome have been brought in due to hesitation. KYK (Credit and Hostel Institution) Dormitory facilities also provide opportunities for students … In particular, these features of the Foundation, which aims to provide and allocate dormitories for students, should not be dragged into inertia.


In the evening, we head back to Samsung and Uxell Canine Colorful conversations over tea continued late into the night at his home in the district.

On Saturday, after visiting the graves of my parents and other relatives, Samsun-Ankara On the road, 45th km, where I was born and raised. Poplar It is a city and 3-4 km away from this city. Far away Muradbeli Visiting his village and meeting old friends, BusyA (In oblivion) We remember the past with those who suffered …

In the past, it was considered one of the poorest districts in Samsun. PoplarNow it has become an industrial area of ​​Samsung …


On the afternoon of May 23, Samsun BŞ. Mayor Mr. Mostafa DemirWe traveled, Hunting. Mostafa And my nephew Hunting. Sümeyye UyarTogether … Mostafa Demir Bay, – the years I was forced to go abroad, my dead brother DimensionsHe was one of the youth group gathered about 30-35 years ago …

Mostafa DemirWe’ve been listening to Samsung for about 45 minutes … We’ve made some points that we can see …

May 19 FestivalThe city’s unacceptability in terms of the general moral standards of the people and the allegations that it is not compatible with Samsung were also discussed.


And on the morning of May 24, Hunting. MostafaWe went to Synopsis with one … Synopsis is a land of retirees … and a place where Tekel is active !!!

MapusâneAfter meeting some friends and having breakfast at a summer house on Ayansik Road in Synopsis, a small and quiet town center that is famous for its castle and its castle, along the road, the charming village of rice planting came a long way. Stable 70 km over the city. As far south BoyabadWe went there waiting for us Hunting. Hassan Tosunoglu With our brother BoyabadWe have had long discussions on socio-economic issues in Turkey; As well as a noble and Eagle’s homeWe walked around the fort for about 2 hours reminiscing about the fort.


In the evening, 70 km. As western and famous Coprlu Mehmed Pasha of Grand VGCity VejirkopruWe went ..

VejirkopruWhen we arrived, it was about 22.30. From the people there Ismail Bay With, Bedsten After a long but tiring conversation, we drank tea till 1 o’clock at night, in a place called Basin And Poplar 90 km through the district. Samsun to the north and return to Istanbul the next morning.


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