BB29’s ‘Erguvan Collection’ was launched in Gaziantep with the participation of famous top model Tülin Şahin. – Event Media

Sympathy is a traditional shopping festival; Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul, Governor Gul’s wife Gulden Gul, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Shahin, Shehitkamil Mayor Ridvan Fadiloglu, GAGİAD Board Chairman Sihan Koser, Kutnia Board Chairman Julid Italier and Social. Participation of former President Pinar Topchuolu, Hele Konukolu and members of the Board of Directors of the Association.

BB29’s ‘Erguvan Collection’, Beaz Boutique, Empa’s business ready-to-wear brandIt was launched with the participation of famous top model Tulin Shahin at a fashion show organized by the Social Responsibility and Education Association’s Shopping Festival.

Hasar Ozil, owner of Beaz Boutique, said: “Our goal is to bring this collection to the world in the next few years. Gaziantep has always been a blessing in disguise for us, and we’ve started promoting Gaziantep. “

Hasser Ozil: “It was my dream”

Hassar Ozil, owner of Beaz Boutique, said he had been dreaming of the collection for two years and after months of preparation, he realized the ‘Erguvan’ collection and said, This collection is very important for the promotion of Turkey. While preparing the collection, we were inspired by the love of foreign guests in Istanbul and the reddish-purple colors blue and fuchsia this year’s fashion colors. It turned out to be a work of art, “he said.

Shown for the first time in Gaziantep “

Expressing his delight at the launch of the Erguvan collection for the first time at an Empathy Association event, Hassar Ozil said, “We have created products that will last forever and people will keep them in the closet. I am delighted to be the first to present with our franchisee Zeynep Dikicibaşı at Gaziantep and to contribute to the effectiveness of the Sympathy Association, of which I am the Founder. My aim is to continue these fashion shows abroad. We have set a goal, I want to introduce ‘Redbudsman Collection’ to the whole world for next 2-3 years. We started the campaign at Gaziantep. Gaziantep has always brought good luck to me.

Famous top model TÜLİN Shahin introduced

He has dreamed of this collection for years and they have spent months preparing, said Hassar Ozil. At the fashion show choreographed by Farhan Aral, world-renowned top model Tulin Shahin also took part in promoting education and launching our collection. Miss Turkey 2021, our beautiful Sira Sahili also took part in the promotion of our collection. “

Erguvar’s story with the expression of Safet Emre Tonguk:

The awakening of nature in spring has been celebrated like a holiday since ancient times. Soil regeneration, color and fertility make the earth a place of feasting. If spring is a holiday, then redbuds are the sweet holiday given by nature. Your soul is sweet, your eyes are glad.

Centuries ago, the waterway that divided Istanbul into two was called the “Necklace of the World.” The Byzantines gave it this name. For them, the deep blue water, combined with the purple color, symbolizes nobility and sunlight, the most beautiful sight for centuries. Today, in Istanbul, where pressure and timelessness have declared their dominance, following in the footsteps of the Judas tree is like renewing the inspiration of life for the people of the city. This week, I created Judas Tree Guide for you to pump yourself with the scent of spring and the most beautiful look of purple. There are many addresses on either side of town where you can watch this purple feast, walk in the open air, enjoy tea and coffee and of course take lots of pictures. The choice is yours, see one or all, but remember, your time is running out; You won’t find these sights after the first week of May.

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