Children receiving treatment at Kayseri City Hospital continue their education in a converted classroom.

The children who continue their treatment at Kayseri City Hospital continue their education in the classroom converted by the chief physician and do not shy away from their lessons.
The ‘hospital classroom’, opened in Kayseri City Hospital, especially in the hematology ward and other wards, has become essential for both the child and the parent to be admitted to the long-term hospital for testing purposes. Children, who come to the classroom with serum in their arms, with 2 teachers, receive the same education as they did in their school and do not fall behind in their lessons. Kaysari City Hospital Chief Professor. Dr. Although all the shortcomings of the class have been overcome under the direction of Emin Sillai, the children feel the excitement of both having a good time and studying.

“Children learn according to their level”
Kaysari City Hospital Pediatrics Clinical Administrative Officers Association. Dr. “Our school was active before the epidemic,” said Binnaj Chelik. We had to take a break because of the epidemic, but as soon as the epidemic ended, thanks to our teachers, they immediately resumed service. Two of our teachers provide active training here, especially to our patients who have been hospitalized for a long time in hematology services or have been in our other services for testing purposes so that they do not miss school. Our chief physician supports us in this matter, as in many other matters. We thank him a lot. Our kids both study and get together here, and our beautiful teachers support them in every way. This is how we continue our education. We make sure that our patients continue their education without interruption in their school, just as they do in their school. There is a protocol between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health. According to this protocol, hospital children follow the curriculum specified by our teachers so that they do not fall behind in their lessons during their stay. They provide education according to the level of the children. The child continues his education according to what level, in what class he falls and what he needs to receive at that time. Our family is very happy in this situation. Because their biggest concern is that school-age children do not drop out of school. There are reactions like ‘He can’t attend class at this time and how can he do it alone, we can’t support him’. Thanks to our school, we give our families some more comfort, ”he said.
Teacher Fuat Ozbayaz added, “I came to the hospital voluntarily as a teacher to continue my education. I was skeptical when I first came here. Really ‘kids are sick, how are we going to do that? Is it available? We thought, ‘What’s the risk?’ But after we got to know the children, we came to the hospital, saw the cleanliness and care of the classroom, the hospital and heard that we had not brought the children with the contagious disease. In the classroom, we start working more comfortable. Now we have very, very satisfied education and the hospital has shown that interest towards us. Our work continues to be positive. We have annual and daily unit plans. In keeping with the plan, no matter what a child sees when he goes to school, he will see where he left off. We are doing support training here. We see that the child does not shy away from his lessons, at least when he goes to school. We even get feedback from teachers. They thank you. We hear that at least our children are not uneducated there. We paint our kids, they draw pictures, they play games with toys. At least our children do not mentally admit themselves to the hospital. They relax as if they were playing games at home. This has had a huge positive impact on their recovery, “he said.

“Better than a private hospital”
The student’s guardian, Hanif Karatas, praised Kayseri City Hospital, saying, “We came to the hospital because my daughter was sick. She was treated at a private hospital until she was 7 years old. The doctor at the private hospital recommended City Hospital. We are. She is fine now.” She doesn’t want to go. I mean, she’s sick now, but she’s forgotten about the illness. I like that something like that happened. We will continue to work in our room. For the first time. “We were here. I really liked City Hospital. God bless everyone, “he said.

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