Curse against terrorism in Diyarbakir: You live a thousand years mother

Diyarbaki’s mothers were not left alone on the 1000th day of sitting. Home Minister Suleiman Soylu, Diyarbakir Governor Ali Ihsan Suu Kyi, representatives of non-governmental organizations from different parts of the country and the families of Mus, Hakkari, Shernak and Van where they protested for their children, their parents who continued to stand in HDP .

Mothers will transcend the organization

  • There was a movie-vision screening of the sitting, which mothers continued with determination, regardless of summer, winter, rain, mud or epidemic. ‘Mothers will break up organizations’, ‘Enough of your mothers’, ‘Separatists will be divided into 1000 parts’, ‘You live 1000 mothers’, ‘We are with one mother, we are together’. Mothers, “Hope 1000, Terror disappears”, she chanted “Turks are Kurdish brothers, HDP traitors” and “Take down PKK”. Some families mourn and shed tears for their children.

35 The family gave her sons

After President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s speech to the families who took the stand, Minister Soylu said they saw a great resistance, a great search for rights, the rebellion of parents who lost their children, and said that families curse. Terrorism is trying to eradicate terrorism. Expressing their gratitude and appreciation to everyone who came here and supported the families on the 1000th day of the baby clock, Soylu stressed that the mothers here have started a great change. “As a child of this country, as a member of this government, as a companion of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we admire the changes that these mothers have initiated,” Sowell said. God bless you. We know what threats they face. We know that they are not afraid of any of them, and how they fight with the awareness that there is no greater threat than the love of their children. They resist and take their 35 children from PKK. Whose stranger? ”

Mother’s tears

  • Noting that they will continue to support the family, Minister Soylu said: “Everyone should know from here; We are finally with our mother. May Allah Ta’ala not let any other child of this country join terrorist organization. Your mothers will cry. The resistance and understanding they have shown, these mothers will be a light for the children and a strength for the mothers. We once again pay our respects to each and every one of them. May Allah not embarrass us for our nation, yours, our youth and future generations. At the end of the speech, a procession was held with the participation of thousands of people. The procession, in which Minister Soylu also took part, was cursed with terror.

We will not leave without our children

Aiten Ilhaman, one of the mothers who maintained the position, said they were continuing their fair struggle in front of the HDP provincial building. “Even after 1,000 years, we will not leave without our children,” Ilhaman said. Father Cellil Begdas thanked all those who supported him and said that despite threats and pressure, they would continue to monitor their children. Mother Mevlüde Üçdağ says her son was abducted in the mountains at the age of 17 and called for his children to surrender to security forces. Mother Sabibe Aidin explained that she came from Samsun and took action, saying that her son had been deceived and taken to the mountains.

History is written in gold letters

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended a ceremony by telephone to mark the 1000th anniversary of Diyarbakir’s mother’s son’s watch. In short, Erdogan delivered the following message:

  • “You have sent a very important message from Diyarbakir to the terrorist organization or its leadership. We have been following your unique struggle to reunite your children with appreciation from the very beginning. Your struggle with our sister Hachire Akar, which started exactly 1000 days ago, is now written in golden letters in history as a rare epic of love, compassion and perseverance towards children. Now that the terrorist organization knows that the compound is not empty, it cannot easily stop our children. The team led by the organization cannot recklessly mediate this low plan. On behalf of me, my country, and my nation, I cannot thank you enough. You have proved that there is no organization stronger than the mother’s heart. Even though the whole world stood by the terrorists, the love in their hearts and the determination in the eyes of the mothers was enough to upset the balance of those traitors. We feel the pain of every child who has been deceived, taken to the mountains and dragged to death. “
3 more families joined the children's watch in Diyarbakir


3 more families joined the children’s watch in Diyarbakir

Fifth Bitter Feast for the Family in Front of HDP: One of my children in the grave, the other in the mountains


Fifth Bitter Feast for the Family in Front of HDP: One of my children in the grave, the other in the mountains

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