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Recently, Kocaelispor’s infrastructure has more talented players than ever before.

The matches in the local league were not played, especially during the epidemic.

Professional clubs also participated in development and elite leagues, and amateur teams directed their players to these clubs.

Previously, amateur clubs did not look very warmly at Kokelispor.

Recently, they are giving away their talented player Kokelispor.


This season, I have had the opportunity to see the Kokelispor U-19 and U-16 and U-17 teams many times.

There are 3-4 very talented names in each age group.

We will be able to see some of them in the higher leagues.

But first of all, Kokelispor has to protect these players.

After our relegation to the 1st League was confirmed, we began to appreciate the value of the Under-19 team in the top XI against Adanspor by seeing players such as Berat Kartal, Eagit Kangaroo, Denizlap, Umitkan and Yusuf If.

The players in our Under-19 team play with a lot more confidence in their age group after playing in the A team.

I’m the one who doesn’t get too attached to the age score.

But after the victory, our players are definitely feeling better.

Group A matches are over, but the youth of Kokelispor have had a great break in the U-19 Elite League.

They beat Denizlispor, Istanbulspor and Casiorengukuspor in the last away match.


The performance of our youngsters in the Adanaspor match was promising for us.

Despite being short in the game, Yusuf Efe scored two goals.

Berat Cartel played in the right wing and Denizalp Ozdemi in the left wing.

Right-back Igit Kangaroo opened after the match, which he started slowly and ended well.

Ulkan Gokdemi, a member of the U-16 team, wore the team’s jersey for the first time.

Umit Kane, who became a professional again two days ago, has played in the team for a very short time, but he is very good in his own league at the age of 19.

I am especially optimistic about Ümit Can.

I advise you to follow this baby very carefully.

She is going to do very well.

One of the rare players who plays both ways in midfield, we had a lot of trouble last season with such a player.

It’s in our hands, but we can’t see it …


Our fans know that the players have been selected for this team from the under-19 team.

However, there are many more names waiting for the ‘A’ team.

Right-back Sinan Demir, left-back Yusuf Saruhan, defender Alperen Osman and Furkan Uludas.

The origin of Furkan Uludaş is actually a striker.

He plays center-back out of necessity, not bad in this position …

Let’s not forget UFUK Bardal, who should have been in the A team squad, but could not play because his documents were not enough.

So fast, so fast, so strong.

Also follow Ufuk well …

Eren Türkkal, who was taken from Güneşspor for two years and for which I have high hopes, spent the first half of the league last year in the 3rd league at Belediye Derinsespor.

Since he did not find the opportunity to play in this team, he returned to Kokelispor, in the under-19 team.

I think Erin Turkkal will make her debut again and she will be more effective in front Libero.

There Anıl Emre Yılmaz, who plays in 8th and 10th positions, along with Ümit Can, who escaped everyone’s attention in U-19.

Anıl Emre Yılmaz, born in 2004, one year younger than the other players, came from the Galatasaray infrastructure earlier this season.

My advice to the managers working in the infrastructure is that he should be included in the team as a professional.

He can contribute more than Yiğitali and Kubilay, who play in this position in our A team.

At least he will be on our list and stand as a substitute.

Alper Bayraktar and Birbey Ozbal, who play in the right wing of the Under-19 team, are also names who occasionally get a chance.

We have goalkeeper Ahmed Hasan.


These young people will come to a much better place by working and developing.

It is very difficult for these youngsters to develop Vinson facility carpet field.

In this context, Kocaelispor management should set up the infrastructure very quickly.

Changing the carpet at Vinson Stadium is not enough.

I have not yet counted the players of the U-16 and U-16 teams.

Very good generation is coming from below.

When these kids win a match in their age group, they shouldn’t leave a picture taken in the locker room.

Let’s give more value to these children, let’s benefit more in A team.

You cannot transfer to Kocaelispor or save yourself.

We should see these kids as part of this club, not out of necessity, when we need them, and evaluate them …

Trust me, these kids will get rid of the cochlear spores.

But first the advantage.

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