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Following the election victory, a special statement came from the name of Çebi’s board of directors.

Emrey Kokadag, who is on the board of SEBI, who will spend his second term at the Black and White Club, and has given umut senel, serhan chetinsaya, umut tahir gunes, mehtap mutlusan farah, murat kilik, ali bayrak and seyit ates, bimirin .

Emre Kokadag, who served as vice-chairman of the previous board of directors of Ahmet Nur Sebi, said: “This is a difficult time again. This is a time when all clubs are in financial difficulties. We will make good use of the authority he has given us. We will try not to embarrass them. I hope it will be a good 3 years for us and Beşiktaş, we will make good use of this time, “he said.

“We continue with our teacher.”

Saying that they are continuing their journey with Valerian Ismail, Kokadag said, “Our goal is to create Beşiktaş that will run for the championship in each branch without breaking the financial discipline first. I hope we will succeed.”

Umut Senol: We will continue to serve the appropriate Beskitas

“It was a very good election,” said Umut senol. The board “It was a celebration of democracy for the Besiktas. I hope there would have been more participation, as our President has said. We have 17, 18 thousand members of Congress who can vote. However, the number of people who came here was 4,500. It needs to be tested. What’s more, we have to do better, we have to think about how we can increase people’s interest in the Beşiktaş Congress, the community and the club, how we can do it. They have more stakeholders here. We will focus on that. We will continue to serve our community honestly and respectfully, in a way that is appropriate for Besiktas, “he said.

Serhan Chetinsaya: We have been taking office for 3 years to provide fine service

Expressing that it was a gentleman’s race and that they wanted to serve the Black and White Club well in 3 years, Serhan Chetinsaya said, “It was a good election. As our President said, if there were more than that. Gönül wanted it, but it didn’t happen. We competed with the candidate. It was a gentleman’s contest. We’re happy because we won the election. We are very happy to congratulate the President. We have already hoped that the election will be held in such an environment. Thanks to Mr. Fuat, he congratulated our President. In the next election, the members of the General Assembly of Beşiktaş, who are the real owners of Beşiktaş, I would like to see more of them in the election. Take a proactive role so that they can support.

Umut Tahir Gunes: Our goal is to provide the best possible service to the majority community and its supporters.

Saying that their goal is to serve the community and the fans in the best possible way, Umut Tahir Güneş said, “We are very happy. May it benefit the Beşiktaş community. We are starting new work for Beşiktaş. Good luck. As our President says, more adversaries.” However, Fuat Bey and his team have fought. Congratulations. Our goal is to provide the best service to the Beşiktaş community and its fans. To see Beşiktaş become champions this year, “he said.

Mehtap Mutlusan Farah: My goal is to love women’s football more

Expressing his excitement, Mehtap Mutlusan Farah used the following expressions:

“I am very excited. A new era will begin. Thanks to everyone who came to vote. We will evaluate everything. 4,5 thousand people were present. We will try to increase this participation. My goal is that women can love football.” Further, increase participation. I hope there are more female managers in the next administration. We’ll see. “

Murat Kilich: Our mosque can trust us

“I thank the members of Congress who voted. We will do very well in the next three years. Please trust us and let them see our success slowly.” “I told our President Ahmed that I would be more interested in trade. The task-sharing is not over yet.”

Ali Bayrak: Good luck for the cameo

Wishing this election would benefit the black and white community, Ali Bayrak said:

“We would also like to thank the other candidate, Mr. Fuat. It was a very healthy and good election. It was a peaceful election. Suitable for. Good luck to the community. Our responsibilities are not clear at the moment. No matter what task our President orders, I hope we will do it properly. “

SEYIT ATEŞ: It is honorable to serve Beskita at any time.

Mentioning that they will try to be beneficial for Beşiktaş, Seyit Ateş said, “Re-election in management with Ahmed President is an important feature for me, it was something I wanted. My beloved President saw it appropriately and invited me. Hopefully we will provide good service. We will get results that will make Besiktas happy. Beşiktaş We will try to be suitable for Beşiktaş. I was also a manager during Fikret Orman period. I hope that if we free Beşiktaş, we will do the same on the field. “If we reflect that, we will have a very happy season. We gladly do that wherever the President gives us responsibility. It’s an honor to serve Besiktas at every point, “he said.

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