Furniture OSB and AVM make Izmir’s experience a match for 12 months

IHassan Ozkoparan, president of the Izmir Chamber of Furniture Makers and Carpenters, was the guest of the weekly discussion. With important statements about the price of furniture, small businesses and the status of projects, Ozkoparan said that their primary goal is to bring a huge complex into the city where furniture production and sales will come together.

3 Post epidemic How is the state of the industry? Are you evaluating?
In addition to the negative, there are positive things. To give an example, there is an upward acceleration in our industry after the epidemic. Our exports have increased by 14-16 percent. Sales have also increased in the domestic market.

3 Furniture prices What is the reason for the increase?
The doubling of world timber prices was also reflected in us. Also, the price of imported goods has risen due to the exchange rate of the dollar. Naturally, this has led to an increase in furniture prices. Since 2019, our prices have increased significantly. There is also the following aspect of the subject; There is a gap in the market. Unfortunately, some traders raise prices in case of price increases. This is a reason for growth.

Support must be increased
3 Prevent price rise What should be done
To protect small business Please fix the price first Demand. Price per day Not as leading. Our state Support our small business Should increase as the market rinses Tax reduction, Workers’ insurance costs Need to unload. For traders Gas and electricity bills Regulations should be made. Among these Some improvements need to be made.

3 Izmir is an industrial site and Shopping mall to buy furniture You are working. City What will be the yield?
As far as I know, everyone is in Izmir Karabağlar Kisikkoy in memory There is an art site. In Izmir Other furniture industry No site it is slum spolia industrial site. Art No site identity, as a residence Passing I with art site Integrate furniture stools I aim to install it. One hundred Parking space acre Every place you are looking with shopping malls You will find. An example is in önegöl Here. A month ago, our Minister I went to Murat Kurum. Torbali ITOB is located It has an area of ​​960 acres. This The sole proprietorship of the landowners, the government It has 60 acres of land. By Buca Municipality. There are 850 jobs along the highway There are acres of land. Ministry If he approves, he will prefer it there. We do. On the side of the highway Those came from outside the city Direct shopping malls and Can come into the industry. Airport 6-7 Kilometers away. From furniture From her veil, from her accessory Put everything together on your carpet A place where you can find it. Such as a The mall is open to you for a 12-month fair I mean, from Jordan, France, 12 months of the year coming from Germany You can go here.

Child of 7 years of education Then get the master’s certificate
What do you think will be the most important investment in this sector in the future?
Vocational education. We are having problems finding workers in the industry. Because if it continues like this, after 10 years we will not find any master. This is the problem of Turkey. Our government realized this in 2016 and they made some legal changes. High school is compulsory after secondary. High school requirements have been removed. After high school, children can be taken to vocational training centers, which we call apprentice schools. But before you send it, you have to find a job in the industry. After this registration, you will make the child work 4 days a week and he goes to school for 1 day. In this system, both the child and the employer are profitable. The state insures the child for 4 years and pays the child one-third of the minimum wage. Children both go to school and learn art. At the end of 3 years, he gets a Travelman Certificate and after 4 years he gets a Masters Certificate. He became a certified master. Kids get a high school diploma when they teach 4 core courses. You can continue the university if you want. It needs to be announced everywhere and raise public awareness like this public service announcement.

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