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Slimming with ice is a very fashionable method today. But that doesn’t mean all ice works. Particular attention should be paid to cold lipolysis. Supermodel Linda Evangelista, who was identified in the 90’s, filed a lawsuit alleging that her body was damaged by an incorrectly applied cold lipolysis procedure. As an expert who has been researching weight loss methods with ice at home and abroad for years, I describe this situation with Linda Evangelista in all my interviews and articles. Vacuum processes are quite risky on their own. The use of cold and vacuum in the same technology can cause severe burns and deformities in the body. In the end, beauty can be irreversible to the body. Slimming with ice is a weight loss method that uses the massage method to accumulate fat with the ice head. Provide good results as the first session; This is an application that has no side effects such as pain and sores. The biggest advantage is that it gives visible results in the first session while adapting to the needs of the individual.

What to pay attention to?
First, the ice slimming method should be applied by professional hands. You should make sure that the organization you have chosen is well-equipped for this. Before the first session, the person’s fat ratio, fat mass, internal fat and muscle ratio should be measured in detail with electronic measurements along with the interview appointment. And an event should be arranged in line with these needs of the individual. These people should not be treated in cases like cancer treatment, pregnancy and kidney failure. A suitable program should be prescribed for those who do not have these side effects and who have had electronic measurements taken during the interview appointment. The ice slimming method is a serious fat breaking process. So it is very important to eat healthy and drink plenty of water in this process. I always give the following examples to my clients: We are emptying the pool, in which case it is your choice to close the fountain. In terms of inspiration, it is possible to see how effective this process is like the first session. The process allows us to accurately identify the amount of broken fat in electronic measurements taken before and after the session. The person who is treated immediately gets a relief that he can feel. Thanks to the inspiration given by the first session, clients can usually drink plenty of water and take care of eating healthy food without being forced.

Electronic measurement What to do is important
If the vacuum is not used, there are no conditions that can cause skin petting. The importance of electronic systems comes to the fore here in particular. As long as you monitor the fat ratio of the person and force them to reduce the fat and as long as you prevent muscle loss, there will be no shaking problem in the body. In addition, everyone knows the tightening effects of the ice slimming method. For this example, we can remember the advice of our adults to keep cold water in the body to harden after bathing. If we are summarized; Intense work schedules, irregular diet, irregular sleep and excess stress have unfortunately made the problem of lubrication common with weight gain. Despite this problem, the method of weight loss with ice, which is an effective and harmless application, is preferred. And this process, which gives the expected results like the first session, is applied to thousands of clients in Turkey. The demand for weight loss with ice is increasing day by day.

At least for the results 5 sessions required
It is not possible to talk about losing weight in one session. Results are available in one session, but it is not possible to destroy year savings in one session. Therefore, a minimum of 5 sessions is recommended. Of course, the number of sessions may vary from person to person.

What area Applicable?
In every region with lubrication problems; The procedure can be applied to the abdomen, legs, waist, arms and even the jol area.
Eating healthy and drinking plenty of water should become a way of life. As long as the person does not gain weight, the results obtained are permanent.
During the weight loss procedure with ice, the program is tailored to the individual’s needs; It is possible to apply 1 or 2-3 areas at the same time, for example, to the abdomen, abdomen, legs and even the arms at the same time.

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