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ISTANBUL – Isbaik Bicycle School, held for the first time last year with the participation of 6,702 people, to support a healthier life and use environmentally friendly transport vehicles, a company in the Istanbul metropolitan municipality, iSpark, started as one of the top Turkish pharmaceutical companies in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry. The period of new education is starting under the main patronage.

According to Abdi Ibrahim, the project, implemented by İBB-İSPARK, aims to popularize bicycles as a means of transportation as well as sport and entertainment.

Children aged 7-12, teenagers aged 12-16 and adults aged 18-70 will begin their training at the Isbike Bicycle School in Yenikapı and Maltepe Orhangazi City Park on June 3, with experienced instructors on World Cycling Day. Can be present.

Through training on weekdays, thousands of people between the ages of 7 and 70 will learn to ride a bicycle carefully and obey traffic rules.

Abdi Ibrahim, Director of Corporate Relations, Sustainability and Communication. Oğuzcan Bülbül says Abdi Ibrahim considers it his responsibility to support projects that are consistent with his sustainable approach.

Bulbul said, “Sustainability is at the core of Abdi Ibrahim’s way of doing business and business process. We implement our sustainable strategy, which we call ‘HEAL2030’, with an environmental, social and governance perspective. ISbike Smart Bicycle Project and Bicycle School of İSPARK, a İBB Company. And it directly overlaps with the ‘environmental’ and ‘social’ dimensions of this strategy. ” Used expressions.

As Abdi Ibrahim, they aim to create more value for society by using less of the world’s resources, Bulbul says:

“In this context, our main goal is to become a carbon neutral company by 2030. If we make a simple calculation, 50 percent of the population is those who travel more than 12 kilometers per day in Istanbul. If one person travels. 12 km.” If they prefer subway and bicycle transportation, they will reduce their carbon emissions by up to 85 percent. In this case, the importance of the bicycle, which is the most environmentally friendly means of transportation, is more clearly understood. The Isbike Bicycle School project is in parallel with Abdi Ibrahim’s environmental vision. “

We strive to provide a better and healthier life for millions of people.

Bulbul underlined that breaking new ground in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, they have implemented a brand new social investment program under 4 main headings: “Health and Sports”, “Social Innovation”, “Creating Science Awareness among Youth” and “Voluntary Project Social Needs”. “

Referring to the “social outlook” of Abdi Ibrahim, Isbike Bicycle School, in a direct address entitled “Health and Sports”, Bulbul made the following assessment:

“Under this heading, we have signed a 4-year sponsorship agreement with the former national swimmer Emre Sakcı, who will also cover the Paris 2024 Olympics. Now that we support this project, we encourage bicycle use extensively. Demonstrates importance.

As Abdi Ibrahim, we don’t just make drugs in line with our goals; With our boundless passion for improvement, we strive to give millions of people a better and healthier life every day and touch their lives. One of the best reflections of this vision and mission is our support of the main sponsorship of the Isbike Bicycle School Project. “

We will continue the projects that touch people’s lives without slowing down.

Recalling that 72 percent of participants last year were women over the age of 30, Bulbul said, “In this regard, the Isbike Cycling School project is very much in line with our vision for gender equality and inclusion, which is one of the most important areas. ” Used expressions.

Bulbul says that the trainings that will be held this year, hundreds of people who yearn for childhood, are afraid of the two wheels and say “I tried but I could not learn” will learn cycling techniques and enjoy a healthy life and sports.

Noting that they will continue projects that touch people’s lives as before, Bulbul said, “Those who want to take up cycling training can easily apply at https: //biç Participants can submit a total of 4 theories and Practical application on the date they will make an appointment. After one hour of training, he will be able to get his certificate of participation and start paddling for a healthy life and environment.

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