June 2022 Monthly Horoscope Review! Love, money, health … what are you waiting for in your zodiac?

With the coronavirus epidemic, interest in astrology and daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes has increased. On Wednesday, May 1, we are starting a new month. So, what does astrology say for the month of June? Astrologer Dilara Ildizan writes comments on her monthly horoscope for Farsant readers. Here are the comments of June 2022 horoscope from the pen of Dilara Ildijan …

Aries and Growing Sheep *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions in your close circle, siblings, education, travel or business, media and the way you make decisions will be clear. You can make rapid progress. People in your social circle should pay attention to the barriers, especially when it comes to finances. You can be strong in your career.

14 June full moon; You will enter a period of uncertainty about foreign affairs, education, travel and law. You may feel some misunderstanding and frustration about this.

Bull and Bull Rising *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions about finances, what you produce, money, and you should be very careful about your actions and what you say. You may encounter problems in your career. On the one hand, you can get support from people you never expected.

14 June full moon; Although the uncertainties of money, taxes and investments come to light, you can be deceived by your social environment and lose money.

Gemini and Gemini *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions about physical changes, your social identity. The decisions you make will support your social circle, on the other hand, every word that comes out of your mouth will be very important. You may encounter obstacles or problems with some of the issues that have been covered before. Financially, you can make tough decisions.

14 June full moon; You may enter a new era in relationship and partnership issues and some issues may arise in your career.

Crabs and Rising Crabs *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions about illness, health and mental problems and if it relates to the things you have planned before then you can move on to new formation, especially in your career. You get the chance for this. In the process, you should focus on communicating with your friends in your social circle and in some situations your money may be spent.

14 June full moon; Some situations related to health, working life, daily life or your pet may come to light. You may feel frustrated while traveling, studying, law or abroad.

Lions and lions are rising *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions in the social environment, your friends, community or association and you can see opportunities abroad, in education and law that will enable you to make progress in this regard. In your career, whatever you say, contracts and correspondence will be very important, you may face disagreements and obstacles in this regard.

14 June full moon; Even if uncertainty about love, hobbies and children becomes apparent, your costs may increase and you may have problems with your finances.

Virgins and Rising Daughters *

May 30 is the new month; Throughout your career, you may encounter opportunities that positively affect your financial resources, but your overly perfectionist aspirations may prevent you from taking advantage of your opportunities. If it is related to foreign affairs, education, travel, legal issues, then you may face obstacles.

14 June full moon; There may be situations in your family and home life that affect your career as well. In this case, some fractures may occur. It can increase your income financially.

Scale and Rising Scale *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions about foreign affairs, education, law, travel and you can get help from your partner in this regard. You may have problems with finances, taxes, payments, inheritance.

14 June full moon; There can be misunderstandings and problems in the immediate environment, siblings, education or media and communication. Partnership or marriage, you will be supported.

Scorpio and Rising Scorpio *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions about finances, partners or spouse’s money and this can lead to important opportunities in your career. Although good development can happen in terms of material resources; You may encounter disagreements with a partner or partners over pre-planned matters, barriers to authority within the family, or restrictions due to certain health issues.

14 June full moon; Money can be lost if uncertain financial problems become apparent. But in your career you will be supported in this matter.

Spring and rising spring *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions together with your marriage, partnership or boyfriend. Your destiny may come true in hobbies, children, love and entertainment. Communication problems and disagreements can arise in your work and business life. Throat problems can also occur.

14 June full moon; You will get the direct effect and some situations can affect your health, physical changes, social identity and your family life. There may be some frustration in the family or at home. Children have good development, love or hobbies.

Capricorn and Capricorn *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions in your health and career. You can get the support of your family in this matter. When it comes to love, children or hobbies, things that you used to think about may come back to your agenda and may cause you problems with your finances.

14 June full moon; You may have some health and psychology as well as some illness and hospital related situations and your close environment and siblings may frustrate you. Positive development can happen if it is related to your family or home.

Buckets and Rising Buckets *

May 30 is the new month; You can take new steps about love, children or hobbies and you will be able to get support from these close circles and siblings. This can be a problem if it is related to your home and family life.

14 June full moon; Social environment, new developments can happen about your friends. However, there may be some financial losses. If it is from the immediate environment, education or siblings, you will be supported. You can decide on a short trip.

Fish and Rising Fish *

May 30 is the new month; You can make new decisions about your family and home and this can positively affect your finances. However, if it is related to the immediate environment, siblings, education or travel, then you may face some problems and obstacles.

14 June full moon; You may feel some frustration as uncertainties become clear in your career and business life, but you may also experience positive developments financially.

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