May 30, 2022 New Moon in Gemini

Hello. On May 30, at 14.30, a new moon will appear in the 9th degree of Gemini. Gemini – Sagittarius axis is related to knowledge, information transmission, education, learning, short and long travel, philosophy, communication. Jupiter also has a harmonious aspect to a degree. During this time, I think we will see some ups and downs, especially in the economy. We are very lucky in education. We are at a very good time in terms of information acquisition and dissemination and in terms of information value. Travel traffic may also increase during this period.

Also in the 9th house of a degree chart. It further emphasizes education, travel, academic subjects. A growing sign in a list is Virgo. It will also focus on work related to these issues and health issues. Business travel, international affairs, the development of international health in the world is one of the important things waiting for us.

There is a point of connection from the stationary star ALDEBARAN in Ann degree which both Jupiter direction and ALDEBARAN connection make this new moon one which will bring a very auspicious effect. Aldebaran is one of the royal stars and if it communicates with a planet in its position, that is, if it decreases to the same degree or degrees, it brings luck and strength there. But like all royal stars, Aldebaran gives his fortune and strength under certain conditions. Aldebaron’s condition must be honest. If we are deceitful and inclined to lie, it will return, not power, but misfortune.

If we evaluate it by increasing symptoms:

Ascending Aries

Be prepared for significant developments in education, publications, short trips, all communication topics. The possibilities that you will have in your life in general are great support for these communication problems, provided that you can avoid cheating.

Bull Rising

You are peaceful and secure in your inner world. When you are happy with yourself at this time, this inner peace and kindness towards others will also have a positive effect on your own financial situation. You can get new sources of income, you can acquire new products you have


You can experience significant developments and lucky situations throughout your life as well as things like education, contracts, communication. You can get support from your community, groups and friends. This is a time when you look to the future with more hope.

Ascending crab

There may be times when you feel a little overwhelmed, but you are especially lucky in your career and it boosts your psychology and confidence.

The rising lion

Groups of people, projects, friends will come to the fore in this period. You can have a good time with your friends in the educational environment or while traveling abroad and you can get a certain opportunity. You can get up in your education or experience good results.

Ascending Virgo

You may experience significant and fortunate development in career-related matters. Good time for important transactions, discussions, meetings, even if Mercury is retreating. Still, it’s worth waiting for Mercury to come out of the reverse. Receivable, this is also a lucky time for loans, but large loans can also be entered. The calculation must be done carefully.

Ascending Cotton Star

This is a very fortunate and active time for travel, foreign affairs and academic studies. You are also very lucky in your bilateral relationship, marriage and all the counseling you have done or received and these trips will help you in education and abroad.

Ascending Scorpio

There is a significant movement in debt and receivables, but there may be problems such as profitable investment or reduction and liquidation of existing debt. This is a period when you are lucky with the people you work with and with health issues. Your earnings from your job may also increase.

Rising bow

Significant progress can be made in bilateral relations and marriage. You are also lucky in love, dating and kids. There may be issues like the beginning or the formality of an important relationship.

The rise of Capricorn

Daily work, work environment, communication traffic and travel with colleagues can increase. Important business deals can happen. Also, there are some possibilities in real estate and family-related matters and these possibilities are reflected in your business. This is a time when things like working from home will be emphasized.

Ascending Aquarius

A good time for love relationships, dating and your children and communication time, if any. It is also a time when high-fortunes can develop on issues of relatives, travel, siblings and communication. You can go on a trip with your flirt and have fun.

Ascendant of Pisces

Significant deals can be made on home, family, real estate and relocation. This is a very good time to invest in real estate. The real estate investments you make during this time can be very lucrative for the future.

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