Modern Family Health Center in Karapinar

The Carapinar Family Health Center and the 112 Emergency Response Stations, which were brought to Yildirim by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, were inaugurated at a ceremony attended by party deputy chairman Mehmet Ojaseki.

By continuing its efforts to build Bursa as a brand city in everything from transportation to infrastructure, from education to sports, the metropolitan municipality is not slowing down its health investment. The Family Health Center and 112 Emergency Response Stations, located in Carapinar Neighborhood, were launched by the Yıldırım Municipality to provide citizens with easy access to health services. Family health center designed as a total of 2 floors in a floor area of ​​480 square meters; There are 7 doctor examination rooms, 2 medical intervention rooms, 3 pregnancy observation and family planning rooms, 2 immunization and pediatric observation rooms. The center, where all the necessary facilities such as training and meeting rooms, laboratory and kitchen, medical waste and boiler room are located, was opened through a ceremony. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ojaseki, Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Bursa Deputy Refik Ozen and Ahmed Kilik, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gurkan, Yildirim Mayor Okte Ikem at the ceremony.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas, who spoke at the event, recalled that Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ojaseki, who attended the title distribution ceremony in Carapinar in November 2020, had requested for a health center for the people of the region and promised to do so shortly. They are happy to save. Recalling that the location problem has been solved by the Yদldrিমm Municipality, Mayor Aktas said, “We are delighted to be able to inaugurate this together with our Vice President, who gave us this job two years ago. Countries like America and Germany are crippled, how important your health is and how important your health is. Thank God, from the point of view of our President, 20 years ago, when someone was a hostage in a hospital, someone said “You came from SKK, go here, you BAĞ- Coming from KUR, go here “, what was considered impossible today has been accomplished. Impossible has been accomplished. But we have another real problem, which is a very important task because there is an alternative ring road in this area. Tender was also won. “It simply came to our notice then.

AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ozasekio thanked Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas for not keeping his promise to the people of Karapinar 2 years ago. “When our president was in Istanbul in 1994 and we were candidates in various cities in Anatolia, we always came out and said the following,” Ojaseki said. We will serve, we will not separate anyone from each other, we will never look at anyone’s religion, faith, community or disguise. We will not make excuses, we will serve. “Praise be to God, we have fulfilled all that we have said. In that day and age the social municipalities in all of Turkey were very weak. We built social municipalities. We continue to produce. , Our president has endlessly warned our mayoral friends about one thing: “You can do great things, you can build bridges and tunnels. However, the most important thing you will do is win the hearts of our people, accept their prayers. If you can’t get into the heart, then nothing of yours is of any value to me. “Yes, we will work, we will try, we will do good, but we will continue to do this together with them.

Ojaseki said that as a party, they had entered four municipal elections and emerged as the first party in each of them with the support of the people and stressed that 1390 municipalities were in the people’s alliance. While accompanying the service municipality, Ojaseki noted that a new concept called “perception municipality” has emerged today and said, “Today, it is sad for Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Marcin and our mayors. Antalya.” They do not want to serve. . However, they spend time with a horrible realization operation. The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality paid 845 million lira to the agency for these realization operations last year, “he said.

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat reminded that family health centers are the first entry point of citizens into the health system and said, “We all know that physical condition is very important for providing modern, high quality and good health care. In recent years, both our government and local government They are trying to help our citizens reach out to doctors. ” This family health center, which we have opened, will really provide our best services Citizens in a beautiful place around us. I would like to thank all those who have contributed to bring this center around us, “he said.

Yıldırım Mayor Oktay Yılmaz said they had distributed title deeds in Karapınar 2 years ago in an area of ​​50 hectares and will distribute more than 1500 title deeds in an area of ​​34 hectares in 2 months. Noting that significant progress has been made in reducing site grades in the Aktaştepe region, Yılmaz said: “We have always stood by our people, not only with zoning plans and beautiful transformation projects, but also with exemplary projects that have touched people’s lives. Our people. We are by your side. We combine all our means for our young people who are preparing for the future. We stand by our young people, including our library, sports facilities and course center. “Furnishing work is underway. I hope it will be there soon. We will launch it together,” he said.

After the speech, Carapiner Neighborhood Headman Mehmet Chaki presented plaques of appreciation to Metropolitan Mayor Aktas, Yildirim Mayor Ilmaz and AK Party Deputy Chairman Ojaseki, who brought the health center to the neighborhood.

Subsequently, the protocol members who finalized the inaugural tape visited the Carapinar Family Health Center and 112 Emergency Response Stations.

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