News of 4-6 year old Quran course

Educational activities in the Quran course for 4-6 year olds affiliated with the Presidency of Religious Affairs continue in coordination with the Provincial and District Mufti Offices.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, interest in the Koran curriculum for the 4-6 age group as presidency pilots in 10 provinces was opened and spread to each province and district in a short period of time. The country continues to grow day by day.

The course, which educates children aged 4-6 years, is taught values ​​by educators who specialize in their field under the headings of love, respect, empathy, cooperation, sharing, solidarity and tolerance. Also, to enable children to recognize letters in terms of shape, a beginner level Quran is taught.

In these courses, Quran course instructors who have a Diploma in Child Development or who have a 380-hour “Pre-School Child Development and Education Course Program” certificate are prepared in collaboration with the Directorate General of Educational Services of the Presidency. General Directorate of Lifelong Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Education. In addition, trainers participating in the course are regularly assisted with field in-service training, as well as certificate training.

In Rise, 1,200 students take Quran courses for 4-6 year olds.

Educational activities for children aged 4-6 years, consisting of Provincial Muftis, continue uninterrupted, as well as across the country.

A total of 1,200 students took courses in the Qur’an course for ages 4-6, affiliated with the Rise Provincial Mufti.

Provincial Mufti Nasi Chakmaki, who made a special statement to Dianet News about Quran course training for 4-6 year olds across the province, said: “We have a total of 196 Quran courses in our city. Fener Çaykur Mosque is where we are. Our Quran courses are here. Like other parts of our city, we are trying to raise our children with confidence towards the future under the supervision of our teachers, knowing its national and spiritual values ​​and its religion as a loyal generation. ” Says

Aye Koenku, manager of the Fenar Kaikur Mosque Quran Course, said that they set themes every two weeks from the beginning of the teaching period and shaped their activities around these themes and continued as follows:

“We set the theme based on the Qur’an course program for 4-6 year olds. Since our theme this week is ‘Love for the Motherland’, we have organized a number of activities to help our children understand the importance of homeland, to love the flag, And to emphasize the importance of helping, sharing, and working, we wanted a set of local items and food so that our children could learn to collaborate, collaborate, and share, and learn some of our traditions and customs that we carry from our past to the present. On this occasion, we also confirmed the participation of parents. “They shared it with us and we prepared a corner for them. We will introduce them to our children. We will show them. For a few days. They will come and see, we will tell them, and then we will share the food they have brought with us so that they can eat and thus they will learn to share, help and cooperate. “

Koenku, manager of the Koran course, said they wanted children aged 4-6 to get acquainted with their Turkish adults. “We also talk about our Turkish elders about love, respect, compassion, cooperation, sharing, solidarity and tolerance. For example, Yunus Emre about love, Mevlana about tolerance. We do sema performances. We portray Nasruddin Hoja. We deliver their message through drama and drama and then we get good response from both the child and the parent. Our issues are interconnected. We will be grateful for our good materials, food, we have blessings. By repeating the same theme over and over again, we make sure our kids are together. ” He said.

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