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You know “Listen to a thousand touches from Fagfur’s bowl” They say, that’s exactly what happened. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swingWe wrote a short reference about Turkey, and the response from readers started coming!

However, that article was not our first criticism. We have mentioned spelling and misspelling many times in the past. But he does not heed the warning. No matter what you say, he writes on his own. However, readers are very responsive to this situation …

One of the messages that came after our article last week said:

“I also have difficulty understanding Shakran Sonar. I was relieved to hear from a language master that I was not alone in this. “

All if it’s okay. Happy with my criticism “Oh, it’s worth my life!” There were also those who said; Thank you Mrs.And those who say.

One dayOur article was published on 23 May. “No, it can’t be done that way.” We have criticized some of his sentences. The next day, before our writing ink dries, RepublicUnderstandable article signature has increased in his column! Fortunately the answer is one Republic It came from a reader, so I don’t have to say anything about it.

Posted by Görele Ozkan TemelSee what he said Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swingFor this article:

“The date is May 24 Republic In the newspaper, Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swingThe article titled ‘The Palace is a Wage of Money of Our Banking’ is full of language wounds, not language errors … only this way you can hit a language with the hand of a famous writer! The head injury begins. Here is an excerpt from the article:

‘It is interesting that Ecevit, after the fall of his government, Healing The United States established many new bases with the Fethullah Gulen alliance, with which the Erdogan-led government chose to ally at a time when he was seriously ill with drugs, as it had been fixed with the United States. To the south-east, attacks from the north were also repulsed. Helper The death penalty Over The word ‘decision’ has been given Over The scenario was implemented.

What a confusing, complicated, careless explanation! This language is scratching people’s heads. Young people who are preparing for university exams will not find anything better when it comes to working with the meaning and expression of the text. I don’t care if a writer doesn’t understand Turkish and doesn’t enjoy his language, no matter what he writes or catches birds with his mouth. Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swingThere is no Turkish knowledge in this article Republic It doesn’t fit in with your newspaper anymore! ”

Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swingBelieve me, I’m sorry to hear that. Because he is a senior press worker who has spent his years in the profession. Throughout his life he has always been by the side of labor and labor. But that means there is an end to everything. You also need to know when to go. Because it doesn’t work that way …

Note of the week

The daughter of the “proletarian driver” captured from Gezi …

1960s Workers Party of Turkey What a beautiful roof! All the colors of society were gathered under that roof. “Thousands of flower gardens “As we said!

We were a very large family where the working class and levels met. Under that roof were workers, poor peasants, small shopkeepers, government employees, trade unionists, teachers, intellectuals, artists, students. We were together with people of all races and religions. We were all brothers. “Imam Nasi”For example, we had a girlfriend (Naci Eren). “Healing Abbas”We had one (Abbas Ugurlu). Our peasant leader, our socialist chief Favji KavukWe had. Anteply “Hamdos, son of Azap Ali”Our Uz (Hamdi Dogan) and “Kurdish receipt”We had one (Reşit Guckiran). “We don’t know the difference of religion, we don’t know the difference of language / as if we were born from mother” We were when we said …


In 2012 Medicine One of the folk heroes who took part in the socialist struggle under the roof “Proletarian Driver” We know that Yalkin Ozarden Was a partner HolidayWith He worked as a laborer in a Ford factory in Germany, where he went and met Socialist. When he and his wife returned to the country in the second half of the 1960s. Medicine They were members.

Alone The friend bought a minibus with his experience abroad and started a minibus business between Kadiko and Pendik in Istanbul. But he had a feature that set him apart from other Dalmus: instead of the Arabic word behind his van. “Proletariat” He wrote. That’s why we had nothing left. He was constantly taken to the police station, detained, threatened; He was asked to remove the offensive word from his car. But he resisted all the pressure “Proletariat”Didn’t give up.

Yalkin OzardenThis resistance continues to be in the news in the newspapers. Yasar Kamal Also Dogan Ozguden Weekly under management ANT With a magazine In that interview published in the August 15, 1967 issue of the magazine, “Proletarian Driver”His family is described as follows:

HolidayHer black eyes were full of love, friendship and faith. Inside, a beautiful three-year-old girl is sleeping happily without knowing anything. And these young proletarian parents were as holy and beautiful as that child, just as holy and beautiful as that child.

Yasar KamalOf, “A beautiful three year old girl” The boy he said, now Gezi The 54-year-old was sentenced to 18 years in prison and the rest were sent to prison. Ozerden mineIt was nobody else

Mrs. MaineOn the weekends “Proletariat” She lost her father. It was a big pain for him. He was able to attend a funeral in Istanbul amid the siege of Gendarmerie. His friends were not allowed to accept their sympathy! He was not allowed to say goodbye to his loved ones while being sent to jail after the verdict … Halid AnnTo comfort him “Of course these days will pass” He can only say.

Of course, it will be cut off, the oppression will end, and the beauty of revolutionary solidarity and those who will resist will have a respectable name.

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