Pay attention to the fine lines between inspiration and stress!

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With just a few days to go before the high school transition system (LGS) exams, families are as excited as their children. While every parent wants their child to go to a good high school, every parent’s behavior on the way to the exam is important. Families nowadays are trying to inspire their children to get a good high school. But there is a fine line between inspiring the child and putting pressure on him. According to experts, those who say that it affects both the child’s psychology and success, should pay close attention to this delicate line between parents’ motivation and pressure. Anadolu University Guidance and Psychological Counseling Lecturer Professor. Dr. The other two and the lecturer in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at the University of Docuz Ilul Professor. Dr. Digdem Siez has important warnings.

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Successful parents want successful children
Professor Dr. The other two are lecturers in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at Anadolu University: “Parents who have high expectations of success may think that when they whip the child, their performance will increase, but the child is not a racehorse. Parents increase the pressure on the child to succeed, considering that their child should receive a good education. A good life. However, parents say, “You will go to that school.” They need to avoid being bullied.

‘I believe in you’ is not so intelligent
Families who believe that instilling a sense of trust in their children will make them stronger are also doing something wrong. The phrase “we believe you’ll pass the test, we believe you” sounds innocent, but it actually puts the child under pressure instead of inspiration. Upon hearing this sentence, the child thinks, ‘I must not disappoint my parents’ faith,’ and is driven by anxiety not to disappoint his family. Even though we want them to go to a good school, we need to make our children feel and say that they are valuable in any situation.

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Get to know your children better
The child’s abilities are important when setting goals. It informs us about the status of current grades and practice exams. First of all, the child needs to be seen to be more proficient. The second is the characteristics of the child. If your child has a competitive personality, going to science high school may be good for him, but if he does not like competitive environment, this school will not make him very happy.

Don’t decide for them
Talk to the child when setting goals. It is more appropriate to tell her, “I want you to go to this school, because this school can give you important opportunities” but rather “you will go to that school”. Blackmail and threats are very wrong. Decisions should not be made in favor of the child, because life is his life. However, it is also wrong to leave all the initiative in this regard to the child. So parents should help their children make decisions.

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Reward effort
If the child has a good preparation time, it would be better to give a reward before the test. The child needs to be taught that failure on the test is not the end of everything and the importance of effort. Rewarded efforts instead of success also pave the way for children to have sustainable and stable success.

Focus on the fine lines between inspiration and stress.

Don’t give your neighbor an example
Professor Dr. Digdem Siez – Lecturer in the Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling at Docuz Ilul University: Instead of using the neighbor’s child as an example, listen to the child with common sense and learn what he or she wants. At this point, children need to understand the benefits of going to a good school. Class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

Asking about their plans improves motivation
Children at this age are cognitively incapable of making long-term plans. But they are old enough to show their interest and talent.
The best way to get to know a child is to talk to them and observe them. Asking her about her plans, allowing her to research schools, talking to older people and supporting her in gaining knowledge is one of the reasons that inspires her at this time.

This is not a test for parents
Test periods are more comfortable for children when families move away from being evaluated based on test success. Otherwise, they are crushed under pressure and parental expectations are a factor that hinders success.

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When parents are comfortable, children are also comfortable
Kids need to remember that love has nothing to do with success. If we see the test as just a test, if we see that the success of the children in the test is not 100% critical, that is, if we relax as parents, then the children will be relieved.

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