Students of Adil Sunny Konukolu Sports High School in SANKO – Olay Medya

During the visit, the rector met with the students. Dr. Güner Dağlı says that in order to be a star athlete, proper nutrition and physical condition are important. Noting that nutrition and dietetics, physiotherapy and rehabilitation experts play a key role in the success of athletes, Professor Dr. Dr. “We want to give this support to our young star athletes,” Dali said.

Dr. Trainer Member Funda Esin Fakılı
Dr. from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Coaching member Fanda Essin Fakilio also emphasized the importance of nutrition and the responsibilities of nutritionists and dietitians in this regard.
Dr. shared information about the workplace and job opportunities. “Our department is recognized, and there are organizations with which we practice and collaborate,” said Fakili, a coaching member.
Introducing the academic staff working in the department and touching on their studies, said. Coaching member Fakili Athlete noted the importance of dietitians and shared about the effects of adequate and balanced nutrition on sports performance, nutrition before and during competition, and the benefits of healthy nutrition for athletes.

See trainer. Burcu Bagci
Lt. Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. See. Burcu Bağcı talks about courses, laboratories, clinical practice areas, vocational employment opportunities, and academic staff in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.
Lecturer also gave information about sports physiotherapy. See. Bağcı Sanko provided information about the university’s facilities, job opportunities, and practice hospital facilities.

See trainer. Mostafa Kavak
Lecturer, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences. See. Mostafa Kavak also spoke about the features of the students’ department, the basic skills laboratory and the potential of Sanko University Hospital.
See trainer. Kavak has also touched on the field of work of nurses and university job opportunities abroad.

Dr. Train member Demet Ari Ilmaz
Head of the First and Emergency Aid Program at the Vocational School of Health Services. Train member Demet Ari Ilmaz shared the following information: “The purpose of the Vocational School of Health Services First and Emergency Aid program is to train well-equipped emergency medicine technicians who can meet our country’s health needs, following up-to-date information. And contributes to public health through technology in health, and their application for emergency health services. Practical lessons are given in the form of one-to-one exercises in the Vocational Skills Laboratory. Once our students have reached the target skills to practice in models and simulators, they first observe in the emergency room. “

Dr. Train member Betul Kokam’s Simsek
Head of the Anesthesia Program at the Health Services Vocational School. Coaching member Betül Kocamer Şimşek also underlined that anesthesia technicians have many responsibilities.
Recalling that they accepted their first students in the program in 2020, Dr. Train member Simshek continued: “We are happy to have our first graduate at the end of this academic year. Our anesthesia program is a two-year, and the first year theoretical and the second year, practical courses are mainly taught. Students who successfully complete the program graduate with the title of Anesthesia Technician. Their primary responsibility is the operating room and they are responsible for the administration and management of anesthesia in surgical patients from start to finish. In some procedures performed outside the operating room, they also apply anesthesia to patients. In the urgent and vital intervention of patients, they take the side of the physician as the assistant health worker and even the right hand of the physician. They have the opportunity to work in all types of intensive care and emergency services, especially in the operating room. This is a special category that requires more speed, skill and alertness than other collaborative health workers receiving health training. In that sense, it is a very sacred and valuable branch, which can directly interfere with human life and vital functions. ”
Mentioning that there is a quota of 40 students every year. Coach member Simshek concludes by saying, “Top 6 students with full scholarship and next 20 students with 25% scholarship.”
Ibrahim Insiolu from the Publicity Office also talked about the scholarship opportunities at Sanco University, educational opportunities, student clubs and activities, and its social media and web pages.
After giving gifts to the students, the program ended with a photoshoot.

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