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Riza Kalimbe, who won the trophy for the first time in Ezidolar’s 55-year history by defeating Kaysarispor in the final of the Girat Turkish Cup, made a very special statement to Millet.

– First of all, everyone is wondering, will you continue Sivaspor?

“It simply came to our notice then. We’ll talk terms. When we say terms, we mean goals rather than money. In particular, we will talk about the transfer problem. Because this season we had problems in both Europe and Turkey. I don’t want to repeat them. Therefore, the transfer status should be clarified. But now nothing is clear. “

– This trophy is the first in the history of you and Sivas. How do you like this success?

“I am from Shivas. Sivaspor has never won a trophy in its history. That’s why it’s really important for me to bring the Turkish Cup to Sivas. Since I came from Sivas, I have a big responsibility towards this team. We are also happy that we will go to Europe next to the trophy. We end the season with the currents of our foreheads. We are also happy that we have brought such happiness for the people of Shiva. ”

– You play in the UEFA Europa League play-offs. Being in a team is not easy. So what is the need to strengthen the team?

“Of course there are … we will have some problems if we don’t get good players. If we want to be in the group in Europe, we need to get at least 1-2, maximum 4 quality names.

– Will Gradel be on the team?

“His contract remains. It sells when the price goes up, it’s management savings. But Greidel is a good player. A name that will change the fate of the game at any moment. I’m not angry with him. Since this is a dangerous name, the opponent is no longer pressuring him with a single person, but sometimes with 2-3 people. Then he should not take the risk. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

– Your identity is now with Sivaspor. Is Shivas’ permanent presence in Europe an example for other parties? What are the goals of Europe this season?

Even if we are eliminated in the Europa League play-offs, we will go to the Conference League. Our goal must be teamwork. But it is very difficult if we do not do reinforcement. We have been missing the tour for two years. If we are in the group, we should not go there in vain, we should earn points for Turkey. “

– You opened the season in July, you’re done. You are one of the teams with the most matches. What has it done to the team mentally?

“We are currently the oldest team in Europe. This is why, in recent years, disability and fatigue can be anything. We’ve worked hard to keep this team afloat. We have accepted all kinds of sacrifices. Our most experienced name, Yatabare, was very good in the last games. “

– What did you tell your players before the match?

“We came to the end and we had a chance to make history. He was the most important. The players were supposed to play for themselves. Think of the depression, and then the excitement after the match. It was important to feel this excitement. The target came naturally. I said we were going to do it. “

‘We’ve got our goalkeeper back to normal.’

– Shivas is a team that missed out on the championship before. So, if you are, do you have top goals again?

“If we are given support, we have to get quality players when we say support. Looking at Trabzonspor, everyone wanted whiskey and bacacetas. They’ve got a lot of quality players. If they are not champions, who will? This season, we’ve made our goalkeeper a regular player jersey so we can keep it in the game. It’s easy to play in the championship with a big four budget. There are as many players and fans as you want. We have a budget of about 6 million euros. “

– There are important stars in the team. Which transfer policy will you follow?

“The number of players I will take will not be more than 4. We lack striker, wing, front libero behind us. I have the best 4 defenders in Turkey.

‘Fans are the first people’

– The last matches in the cup had huge fan support. Do you have a message for them?

“Before the Alaniaspor match, I always called our supporters to the stand. Our former governor Saleh Ayan brought 5,000 to 10,000 children to the stand. Our mayor has done a great job. The whole city became. Although Alanyaspor lost 1-0, we made it 1-1 to the final. Our supporters, who got a chance in the final, came. We had a long streak of invincibility during the epidemic. Look at our matches this season, we were the most successful so far. Because there were no fans. We defeated Adana Demirspor against 32,000 people. Then we would play Altai on our own field. There were 1300 people in the stand. Such success comes when the fans wake up. I thank them a lot. Fans are the first man for each group, not the 12th. They are essential. “

Ismail Kartal was very successful

– You are one of the most senior coaches in the league right now. Well, what about Ismail Kartal?

“It simply came to our notice then. I love Ali Koke very much. He is trying his best. Ismail teacher brought the team back on track within a few weeks. Many names have come before him, many players have been taken. If he had stayed, it would have been the decision of Fenerbahce management. Ismail teacher brought a team that he did not set up in a good place. “

– Emre Belozoglu …

“Emre will be a good teacher. I think he has hope.”

‘If there were 3 players we would be champions’

– Do Sivasspor and Rıza Çalımbay’s ideals overlap?

“My biggest goal was to take Sivas to Europe. But there are some things that make me sad. For example, we ended the first half leader in the epidemic. But we didn’t get any players. With three substitutions we could have been champions. We have been to Europe twice. This team cannot give a player in the national team. I can’t say anything to the head of the team because it’s Kuntz, but I’m sorry. Our team players deserve the national jersey. For example, we will play with the Faroe Islands. I think they should have been seen in this game. I’m really sorry about that. “

‘Very Special Trophy’

– What does the trophy mean for your future and the future of the club?

“The trophy has a lot of meaning. First, we made history. Moreover, we have made good money. It’s very important for my own career, for the club, for the management. Mugs are really special. Our goal was the trophy. “

‘I trust referees’

– Do you think referees influence the fate of the league?

“Of course they do, albeit unintentionally. Sometimes it goes wrong. The VAR system is very nice. I think it would be better if we could use it better. I don’t believe the referees made a deliberate mistake. I have full confidence in the referees. “

‘I’m not old Riza Chalimbe’

– So, does Riza Calimb have any other way to go about her teaching career?

“I take a step with the national team Besiktas, and then I see someone else coming. This is lobby business. Foreign names are preferred. We do what they do. I am very confident in myself. There were 133 teams. Two teams played in the final of the Turkish Cup, both from Anatolia. Where are the budget parties? I’m not old Riza Chalimbe. You gain experience over time. When I went to Beşiktaş, it was towards the end, we became the leader of the second half. The latter did not come. Everything is different now. “

– Will we see Riza Calimbe again as head of a big club?

“It’s not on me. If someone else had taken the Turkish Cup with him to Europe three times in a row, he could have gone to the big club if he had a little lobby. What kind of success would it be for a teacher? I don’t understand this situation. Basictas could have been better after leaving.

– Do you think Sergeant Yalkin left quickly?

“It simply came to our notice then. Beşiktaş cannot be like an Anatolian group. There are more responsibilities. When they do not succeed in both Europe and the league, problems inevitably arise. Wonder is my dearest friend. But he was inexperienced. Beşiktaş is not easy to run. An inexperienced name could not do that. You have to win every game there.

‘Nobody has money in Shivas’

“I did what needed to be done in Anatolia. We have had a very successful and beautiful day in Shivas in three years. We are very happy for this. We have done 80% of what a teacher can do. The premium must be. But in Sivas, this amount of money is small. But no one’s money is in Sivas. Every player gets their money. ”

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