Suspicion of killing relatives in Mughal: My brother did it, not me

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who killed his uncle and two cousins ​​with a rifle, accused his sister of sexually assaulting him, saying in his first court defense that his 15-year-old brother had committed the murder.

Adnan-Yassin-Tahsin Buhuroglu, who was eating at their home in Chatak district of Mughals CDC district, was shot by his relative, Recep Buhuroglu, from the window.

Health and gender groups were dispatched to the address at the sound of gunfire.

All three died

It has been confirmed that the father and son died during the control of the health officials. After the prosecutor’s investigation of the crime scene, the bodies of 3 people were taken to the morgue of Mughal Forensic Medicine Institute.

The assailant was caught

Shortly after the murder, in the story section of the messaging app WhatsApp, ‘Let me write here. Familiar or unfamiliar, let everyone know. I am no more, if you cannot reach me. I did what I had to do, he shared. Buhuroglu, who was arrested at the hands of Gendarmerie, was arrested at the court where he was transferred.

Suspected of killing relatives in Mughal: My brother did it, I'm not # 1

“They sexually abused my sister.”

In a statement to the prosecutor’s office, Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he and his uncle had a land dispute. “However, it did not turn into animosity between us. There was no court process. We were going backwards. We found out that my sister had been sexually assaulted by Tahsin 4-5 days ago. They went to the prosecutor’s office with my father. I lodged a complaint.” I began to hate Tahsin. On the evening of the day of the accusation, my uncle Ramzan told Yusuf and Tahsin, “Tell Tahsin not to come to the village, and if he comes, I will kill him.” My mother was scared and left the rifle at my uncle Ramzan’s house. Says

“I got bored eating on the floor table.”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan continued his statement that he had no intention of killing Tahsin until he was around:

“I went to the coffee shop around 8.30 pm on the day of the incident. I did not take my rifle with me. On my way home at around 9 pm I was passing by my uncle’s house. I brought the rifle. As soon as I left the door, my mother saw me and asked me where I was going. I told her I was going hunting. I jumped over the wall from the barn below their house. It was like a porch. Then I went through the window to Tahsin, my mama and Yassin. I saw him sitting on the floor table. The curtains weren’t drawn. On the floor, I fired a shot at Tahsin’s body. Then when Yassin got up and came to the window, I got scared and started firing without aiming. He also shot at my uncle and Yassin. The last time I went inside, make sure Tahsin died Gone. I checked. “

Suspect of killing relatives in Mughal: My brother did it, I'm not # 2

3 times life imprisonment

A case was filed against Recep Buhuroglu 3 times for severe life imprisonment for killing his uncle and 2 cousins ​​with a hunting rifle.

First Defense: My 15-year-old brother killed

Buhuroglu appeared before the judge for the first time today. Relatives and lawyers of the accused were present in the courtroom when the arrested suspect Buhuroglu attended the hearing in the Fethiye High Criminal Court via Audio and Visual Information System (SEGBİS). Promising at the hearing that began with the roll call, Buhuroglu claimed that he was not himself, but his 15-year-old brother, AFB, who had killed his uncle and cousins. “My brother has been plotting murder for a long time. I took the blame, I sacrificed myself for my family.” Used phrases.

Suspected of killing relatives in Mughal: My brother did it, I'm not # 3

It has been decided to suspend

The president of the court “You have described the incident in detail so far. What has changed now?” Buhuroglu did not answer the question. According to the DHA, the delegation decided to arrest AFB, who did not accept the charges against his brother, and decided to continue the detention of Recep Buhuroglu and adjourned the hearing.

Suspect of killing relatives in Mughal: My brother did it, I'm not # 4

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