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Mark Joseph T. Founder of Fernandez Finance PH Group of Companies

“Starting to save and invest from childhood is now a privilege for everyone. It’s best to start at a young age when you have less responsibility. If you start at a later age, the game may be too late. “

Financial education is his advocate. Mark Joseph T. Fernandez has built his career by helping Filipinos with better investments for the future of Filipinos, his work as a financial advisor, and the speaking engagement he offers as part of the Finance PH Group of Companies.

Composed of Aetos Financial, FPH Transpo, Seminars PH and Etousoft, one of the main goals of the group is to improve the lives of Filipinos and help the Philippines become the first country in the world. The 33-year-old actress was a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) for six years. This esteemed association consists of the top 5 percent financial advisors in the world. This is a great achievement from the son of a farmer who grew up in the beautiful city of Dumagui.

Business ethics

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Mark, a graduate certified accountant at Negros Occidental’s Sullivan University, reveals that his latest success has been based on a difficult journey. “I had to ask my mother to allow me to continue my studies. My parents told me that they could not send me to college because my two older sisters were in school. I was able to understand them when I started studying accounting instead of computer science. When I was in high school, my dad picked me up to play games at a computer store, and for him, studying computer meant just spending my time playing computer games.

When his father found out that he was hanging out at a computer store after school, he became so angry that he took Mark to work on their farm in Tanjore instead of attending classes. “I left for three days and my teachers wondered what had happened to me. During these three days, I realized how hard my family worked to support us. I also saw that my mother really saved money to improve our lives. “

His mother started selling things like rice and sugar in the fields and eventually opened a sari-sari shop, which he ran from his house, which was formerly a one-storey bamboo building. They also owned a tricycle, and her father saved enough money to buy a truck, which he also used to transport neighbors to medical emergencies. This forced him to run and win for the local position, only to stop when he was paralyzed. “Growing up, seeing them taught me the value of hard work and inspired my determination to succeed,” said Mark.

Mark left his city for the CPA licensing test and started working in the insurance industry awaiting results. “I was walking around Makati to apply for a job and a guard told me they were looking for a financial adviser. Since I did not know what it was, I applied and was accepted. “

Even after passing the exams and working as an auditor at SGV & Co., he continued his insurance business as a part-time job. “It’s a real emotion for me because I’ve met so many people and I love hearing their stories. However, I once met a supposed customer who became a scammer and he just picked up my new laptop which I bought a week ago and left. Growing up with zero crime in Dumagui did not prepare me for this, ”he laughs.

Mark soon made a decision. He quit his business and decided to become a full-time financial advisor. “My boss was surprised because most people in the industry were in their 40’s; When I was in my early 20’s, my dad was disappointed to say the least. He wanted me to work regularly instead of working. He told Dumaguete never to come home. “

It strengthened his resolve to work harder, and he was a member of the MDRT before returning home. “I took my parents to a hotel for one of our events and my father was fascinated by all these fancy cars. That’s when he saw the possibility of working in the industry.

Smart investment

Mark says he prefers job opportunities, such as being able to travel to places like the Grand Canyon in the United States or other favorite destinations like Canada and France. But what really inspires him is the opportunity to help others. “One of our agents talked to a co-driver and was able to persuade him to take a policy for himself and his wife. Six months after the signing, the woman was diagnosed with cancer. We weren’t initially sure if they would be covered by insurance because it might be considered a pre-existing medical condition, but they were able to forfeit their policy. The driver cried when he received the check because it meant they could afford their treatment.

In order to educate others on financial planning, he and his friends offered free investment seminars. Their presence soon increased and they decided to charge for covering their event venue, certificates and drinks. “I see this as the next step in my success in the industry. I was looking for a job and my friends were eager to join me. It’s really about closing the financial literacy gap. “

He said the younger generation is more financially well off. “The traditional mentality is that parents take care of their children when they grow up. We are now seeing young people become more active in building their future by investing. This is now a special opportunity that every person should have from childhood. Start saving and investing. It’s best to start at a young age when you have less responsibility. If you start later, the game may be too late. “

The world's top Mark Joseph T.  Fernandez is among the recipients of the 2022 Golden Globe Annual Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship: Outstanding Filipino Achievement.

The world’s top Mark Joseph T. Fernandez is among the recipients of the 2022 Golden Globe Annual Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship: Outstanding Filipino Achievement.

He added that schools should make it a priority. Because there is no comprehensive financial literacy education in the curriculum, they can now invite speakers to their classes.

There is a lot of information about the investment that paints a different picture than the one released in 2009. However, he suggests checking the information you see on social media. “Instead of just following the advice of social media influencers, look for reliable sources of information from those who are truly experts in their field.” Mark says he reads many books and magazines in his spare time, such as the Harvard Business Review. Subscribe to Financial Times to follow the trend.

Speaking of trends, this savvy investor says he is personally wary of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. “Unlike public companies where you know the value of assets, liabilities and books, there is no easy way to measure the value of this investment. In the Philippines, I am one of the most popular cloned investors in Etoro and I take that responsibility to protect the investment of my followers. Therefore, I do not want to invest in risky assets even though I know how to buy them.

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for hair extensions. “Adjust your expectations to your reality and needs. Set your investment objectives and the horizons for your return. There is a saying ‘high risk, high reward’ and see how much risk you will take. Suppose you can only invest this amount for now.” In the future, you can talk to your financial advisor again to adjust your goals. “

“Good investment means investing in yourself,” he said. He spends time in books and the gym to clear his mind after work. “I discovered that when I was mentally exhausted and neglected my physical condition, I was more prone to headaches and sleepless nights. It is important to engage in activities that help manage stress. And I do it by spending time with my family and friends. “

About me


Bill Gates was my childhood role model because I loved working with computers and wanted to be a businessman like him. I also love Warren Buffett nowadays and the desire to invest with his responsibilities. I also admire the CEOs and presidents of big companies who are successful in business and have a good family life.

The purpose of life

Personally, I want to see more working people. Our goal in the company is to recruit as many people as possible. I want to build more churches and probably more children. We are expecting a baby and if possible I would like to have five children!

First pay job

SGV and co. Prior to his appointment, he was a commission based insurance agent.

Morning pickle

I look at my calendar to see what activities I’ve done that day and if I need to reply to any emails.

Special qualifications, special skills

I can say I can sing. I learned from a song teacher. Since I was interested in computers as a child, I can program.

Time on social media

It takes an average of 15 minutes to an hour for personal staff and one or two hours for content and updates on my business Facebook page.

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