The festival was attended by 1,200 primary school students

In the Seric district of Antalya, about 1,200 elementary school students gathered for the festival. Within the framework of the Serik eTwinning project from A to Z, the students had fun with ‘My Festival’.
The project is run in collaboration with the Serik District Governance, the Seric Municipality, the Seric District Directorate of National Education, Ashikokayatak Primary School, DenizetPesi Primary School, Karadai Primary School and Tekili Primary School. Have fun with. Minute bus. Students have the opportunity to get to know the old culture by visiting exhibitions where old things have been found. The ‘My Festival’ held at Bogazkent Public Beach was attended by District Governor Ahmet Hikmet Shahin, Mayor Enver Aputkan, District National Education Director Ikram Ekiz, Heads of Departments, District Heads of political parties, school principals, teachers and guests.
With the ETwinning project, called ‘Serik from A to Z’, students participate in a variety of activities each month with this 7-month project. The students, who joined the project with 4 schools participating this year, got a chance to get to know the historical and natural beauties of the district, they visited Jetintasi Cave, Shaheen Tapesi, Acudactus and Aspendos Antique Theater. They participate in beach cleaning and sapling planting under the theme ‘I take care of my green and blue’. He started a book collection campaign for the Alkami Qadir Demir School in the district with the project ‘I share my books with my sister’s school’ and brought a library to the school.
The students also got to know her past and visited a citizen named Ali Kara at her home who collected and displayed historical objects used in the past with the project ‘Add Beauty to Your Horizon’. He had the opportunity to visit the Science and Art Center, the Shaheed Museum, the Antalya City Museum, the Toy Museum and the Mini City Open Air Museum. At the science center children participate in different activities in different workshops.

“We will make it traditional.”
Explaining that they want to make the project more traditional by improving it next year, District National Education Director Ikram Akij said, “The Serik project from A to Z is a joint venture between Serik District Governance, Serik Municipality and the district. National Education Department. We started this project in October. It was very important for our students to learn, especially in Serik’s elementary school. Historical and tourist attractions ranging from local flora and fauna. Many of our primary school students were in attendance. “There were over a thousand students. I would like to thank our teachers who took part in this project, our district governor and the mayor for their contribution. We will develop. Make this project better next year and make it a tradition, “he said.

“We realize they don’t know the city they live in.”
They started the project with a dream and all the children of Serik were happy with the finals, said Asuman Demir, a teacher at Aşağıkocayatak primary school. “We started the project as follows. How we can introduce it to them.We have designed different activities and every month.We do an event.Our activities continue for 7 months.At the end, we decided to organize a festival so that it is a very important beautiful way. Because 4 of our target audience, students from other schools also needed to see these. We set up a beautiful exhibition area in the festival area. ” A total of 1,200 students took part in the festival. We had a dream. All the Serik children were happy, “he said.

“We’ve seen beautiful places in Cerek.”
Ekrin Akturk, a primary school student, said she was delighted to be part of the project and said, “We’ve seen beautiful places in Ceric in the A to Z project. We’ve seen cultural and artistic sites. We’ve seen how people lived and how they used equipment.” ‘We went to Istanbul and they told stories there. We felt beautiful things, we went to Shaheen Tapesi. We built a library with our own hands and I was very happy there. More precisely, I felt that there are many beautiful things in life. Glad there’s a place for the Seric project from A to Z. “So I’m very happy,” he said.

“They felt the essence of their culture.”
At the end of the project, the children filled their saddlebags with happy memories, said Halime Iltar, a classroom teacher at Deniztepsy Elementary School. They discovered and discovered the Kikubat Bridge. We also told our kids, ‘I take care of my blue’, to clean up the coast to create awareness of neighborhood, cooperation, nature and environmental protection, to mention this spiritual culture. Also, by planting saplings in the fire-damaged area of ​​our neighboring town Manabghat, we created a memorial forest and said, ‘I take care of my greenery.’ To explain the value of collaboration, we said again, ‘I share my book with my sister’s school’ and we made sure that a village school had a library. Past and future, we offer our students an exhibition area where materials related to the Seric culture used in the past are displayed. They then visit the science center and get an idea of ​​the future technology. I am one of those people who believes that teaching should not be limited to the classroom. For a child to learn fully, it must be done and by experience. Must touch. If we only gave information through hearings, they would not feel so much. That’s why this project allows our students to feel their culture at its core and discover why they should own it. ”

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