They are free from addiction to the outpatient clinic for smoking cessation

Smoking cessation clinics across the country provide free services to those who cannot get rid of their addiction on their own.

Isa Bulbul, 61, and Ozlem Tekin, 54, a 40-year-old smoker who quit smoking with the help of a smoking cessation polyclinic at the Health Sciences University (SBU) Gulhan Training and Research Hospital, said they were recovering from their addiction.

“With the support I got, I quit smoking in 2 months.”

Bulbul said he has seen a lot of harm from smoking so far and said, “I started trying to quit smoking 5 years ago, but I couldn’t quit on my own. Later, I came to Gulhan Training and Research Hospital for support. That’s why I quit smoking in 2 months. “

Emphasizing that there is a big difference between getting professional help and trying to quit smoking, Bulbul said that the doctor’s recommendation and conversation helped him a lot.

“I can now easily climb stairs and slopes.”

Bulbul says he quickly noticed changes in his health after quitting smoking and said:

“Now I can easily climb stairs and slopes that I can’t climb while smoking. Now I can climb 10,000 steps a day, before I could take 2-3 thousand steps. My breathing is clear, I have some ailments while smoking. Well done. My wife wanted me not to smoke, she said she was a passive smoker too. I have a grandson, she said, ‘Grandpa, don’t drink, you stink.’ “I was ashamed of myself. I did not drink in front of my grandson, but I still feel guilty. After I quit smoking, my grandson said, ‘Grandpa, I’m so happy, thank you very much.’ “

Bulbul advises those who want to quit smoking to take immediate action for the health of both themselves and those around them.

“I was having trouble breathing, I couldn’t smell or taste.”

Ozlem Tekin added that he had been smoking for 40 years and had previously tried to quit but failed.

“I had a heart problem, I was having trouble breathing, I couldn’t smell or taste,” said Tekin, a cancer patient and that smoking negatively affects his health.

Tekin says his 8-year-old grandson came to him one day and said, ‘Grandma, I don’t want you to die. Would you please quit smoking? ‘ He said he promised to quit smoking.

Noting that his doctor had a 40-minute interview with him after he arrived at the hospital, Tekin said, “My doctor told me how to change my habits. I decided, started the medication and stopped.”

“I have a good taste in my mouth. I’m sorry I didn’t leave before.”

Tekin explains the changes in his life after quitting smoking:

“Once I quit smoking, money fell into my pocket. Second, I started breathing more easily, my mouth tasted better, I started enjoying tea and coffee. I saw cigarettes as a ‘problem solver’. I understood. It didn’t solve the problem. I’m sorry because cigarettes are not the solution to your problem. “

Smokers should not think that “once and for all nothing will happen”, Tekin offers the following tips for those who want to quit:

“Those who want to quit smoking should not be late. Our state has provided a lot of opportunities in this regard. We can get free medicine. Our teachers are very helpful. They should apply as soon as possible, but they should finish first. This is what they think.” “

“Smoking kills more than a million people every year”

Lecturers Association of SBU Gulhan Training and Research Hospital Chest Disease Clinic. Dr. Yakup Arslan says they provide services to people who need help to quit smoking at the Quit Smoking Polyclinic.

Arslan said Kovid-19 in Turkey has killed an estimated 98,000 people in two years, with more than 100,000 dying each year from smoking-related diseases.

Smoking addiction is a disease and should be treated, Assoc. Dr. “Cigarettes are a lifelong addiction. Cigarette addiction involves physical, mental and social dependence. These three addictions need to be treated together in the medical process. The patient needs to be properly informed that quitting is important. The process. Which will eliminate social dependence, ”he said.

Noting that regular follow-up significantly affects the success rate of those who start smoking cessation treatment, Arslan said they had one-on-one interviews with patients during the procedure.

“Tobacco waste products an environmental threat”

Chest Disease Clinic Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Noting that natural resources are also used for tobacco production, Yakup Arslan said:

“Due to the annual production of tobacco in the world, 3.5 million hectares of land is consumed. This area is half of the land under wheat cultivation in our country. Lots of water is used in the cultivation of tobacco products. So we use natural resources. Consumption of such harmful substances. “Chronic patients are being adversely affected by carbon dioxide emissions due to air pollution and climate change, and the number of chronic diseases is increasing. We also see that tobacco products are a threat to the environment. There are even fish caught with butts up to the stomach. “

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