They follow the appointed teacher

They follow the appointed teacher

The Yasar family, who have crossed paths with a special education teacher after changing many schools and teachers in Eskişehir to educate their autistic child, have moved to the Uzunkopru district of Edirne, 550 km away, following the appointed teacher.

The family of Channer Deniz Yasar, who was born with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), accepted the sacrifice for his education, and this time moved from Eskiseheir to the Ujunkopru district of Edirne for his favorite teacher Gamz. Chanar, who has been receiving special education since the age of two, changed her life in 2019 with teacher Gamz, whom she met in 2019. Chanar, who met teacher Gamz after changing two schools and three teachers, was shy at first, but now he can freely express his wishes.

Eskişehir Osmangazi While working as a paid teacher at a primary school, Gamje Semen, a special education teacher who was employed at Gazi Mahmut Primary School in the Ujunkopru district of Edirne, said they had moved to Ujunkopru for her children, who did not want to leave, Golden Yasser. “China started her education in private kindergarten when she was two years old. Then she went to public kindergarten. Then, when she started first grade, we started having problems. The school and three teachers have changed. He has already undergone special training. We made good progress at that time, with these difficulties together. We had a pretty good run. The Gamje teacher was working as a paid teacher there. Later, when he was hired at Edirne Uzunkopru, the epidemic started and the schools were already on vacation. I decided to come to Edirne Uzuncopro with my wife. Sina is a really special child. There is Rar. He learned to read and write with his peers. He is very good at mathematics, more specifically his interest in mathematics. In the process, when he meets the teacher Gamz, he goes much further in his lessons. They have adapted very well. Gamje is a very successful teacher in his field. She is a teacher who has completed her education very well. A graduate of Anadolu University, Anadolu University has an integrated school for the disabled. Worked there for many years. In other words, apart from the academic situation, there is a very good conversation between him and Chinar. We really like the way Gamze teaches. His dialogues with Chanar are very good. Chanar loves him very much, and he is Chanar. It certainly makes them efficient. When the epidemic comes and intervenes for a long time, Chinar’s education is disrupted. Without thinking, we pushed the teacher in the back. Her father and I think a lot about Chanar’s future. Spending time in school is not for us. That is why we support that education should be taken in the best possible way. Unfortunately, our path did not cross with such a teacher and school in Eskiেehir, so we thought we should continue our path with our teacher Gamz. We are very happy with the way we teach. He knows what Sinar needs before we do. In fact, I can say that we think the same thing at the same time. Our family dialogue is also very good. In fact, I think the relationship between the special education teacher and the family should be very good so that the child can benefit from it. They must be able to speak the same language. That is why we will not leave teacher Gamje, ”he said.

“President Erdogan has been summoned”

Chaner’s mother, Golden Yasar, said they would return to Eskisehire next year; “I have a request from our president. We have to go back to Eskiehir next year and we don’t want to leave our teacher Gamze. Let’s not separate our teacher Gamje from Chinar. We want him to come to Eskiেehir with us, and we want his appointment to be in Eskiehir. “

“I can understand at a glance what you want.”

Noting that they have a special bond with Chanar, special education teacher Gamje Semen said, “I am a graduate of Anadolu University in Eskiহehir. During my university education, I worked as an assistant teacher at a research institute for the disabled. I have received valuable information from highly valued professors in both the Institute and the Faculty of Education. I think I try to improve myself as much as possible in the field of special education. After graduating from university, I started working in rehabilitation. I worked in rehabilitation for about a year. Then I started working as a paid teacher. Our path has crossed there with Çınar. When I started as a paid teacher at Osmangazi Primary School in Eskihira, Chanar was my first student. Cena is a special child just like any other child. I believe you have many different abilities. We are trying to support as much as possible, within the possibilities. Especially; He has a keen interest in various fields including English, music, dance, sports, computer. Also, her family cares a lot about Chanar’s education. They want him to have his freedom and come to a better place. I hope we see Chana in more beautiful places in the future. When we started with Çınar, of course, we were strangers to each other at first, but in a very short time we became very consistent. I can easily understand what Çınar means at a glance. She also knows that I would be angry or very happy for her behavior. He also knows how to make me happy. It actually went pretty well. I hope it continues like this. His family accepted a great sacrifice and moved to his home here. They also came to Ujunkoprut. I hope something good happens, I can say that I can support Chanar and his family as much as I can. People with disabilities need support both academically and socially. Together with Chanar, we provide training in our school environment or outside of school to support its academic and social aspects. We pay special attention to peer interactions in the classroom or school environment. We work for her to play games with her colleagues, to communicate with them and to support it. At the same time, we plan some activities in the form of picnics and trips with parents to increase parental interaction outside of school. It provides social assistance to students with special needs. I think Chana is progressing well academically. Because he learns very quickly. A child who can take whatever you give. I think he will go to a better place, “he said.

Neslihan Özgür, who works in the same class as Gamze Çimen, said, “I am very happy to work with children with special needs. It makes me very happy to see that they can achieve something. We do our best to support them in all areas. I love them very much, ”he said.

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