Trabzon Yol ফিরে returned with a medal from the Union Secondary School Championship

After the championship, trophies and medals are handed over to the ranking team. In the last 3 years; Trabzon Yol İş Union Secondary School, which was 2nd in Turkey and 3rd in Turkey, finished second in the championship and returned to Trabzon with a medal.

Organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the 2021-2022 School Sports Star Girls and Boys Football Turkey Championship matches will be hosted by the Manisa Provincial Department of Youth and Sports from May 23-26; With the participation of TRNC and 13 provinces, the final matches were played at Manisa 8 Eylül and Tevfik Lav Stadium. From the first day to the last day of the competition there were scenes of exciting and breathtaking matches. The teams have fought hard to become the champions of Turkey.

288 athletes competed in the championship

Manisha in sports competition; Athletes from Bursa, Denizli, Istanbul, Kahramanmaraş, Mersin, Ordu, Van and Zonguldak for girls and athletes from Trabzon, Antalya, Istanbul, TRNC, Kocaeli and Samsun for boys. 288 athletes, 144 girls and 144 boys, participated in the championship. Mustafa Buldu, Sports Services Manager, Manisa Provincial Department of Youth and Sports, Fatih Umut Altanisk, School Sports Branch Manager, Athletes and Physical Education Teachers were present on the opening day of the competition.

Turkey’s champion Bursa Salih Seremet Secondary School in the girls’ competition

As a result of the Star Girls competition at Manisa 8 Ilul Stadium; Bursa Salih Seremet Secondary School became the champion of Turkey, Jonguldak Ataturk Secondary School came second, Urdu Bioretmen Secondary School came third and Istanbul Mima Sinan Secondary School came fourth.

Kokeli, the champion of the Turkish men’s competition at the secondary school on 28 June

In the men’s competition held at the Manisa Tevfik Love Stadium, Kokeli Secondary School became the champion of Turkey on 26 June, while Trabzon Eol-Is Union Secondary School came second, Istanbul Halil Turkkan Secondary School came third and Istanbul Ayhan Shahenk Secondary School came second. Fourth.

Hussein Keles: I am proud of our children

Trabzon Yol İş Union Secondary School, school principal Hussein Keles Yদিldz football team, which reached the final after beating its strongest rivals in the championship held May 22-26, congratulated the teachers and students, saying, “We have achieved a great success here. . I am proud of our boys. We wanted a lot to win the trophy, but it didn’t happen. Congratulations to our students, their esteemed parents and our esteemed teachers, for our second place in Trabzon. ”

District Governor Cemal Husnü Çaykara: These kids don’t seem to be giving up

Welcoming the students of Yol 8 Union Secondary School in his office, District Governor of Manisa Shahjadela Semal Husnu Kaikara congratulated the Trabzon Convoy for their success. Manisa Shahjadela District Governor Semal Husnu Kaikara, who is also from Trabzon, said, “I am very happy and honored to host the successful athletes of my country in the city where I work. I was very happy to meet successful athletes, school administrators and coaches. Hopefully next year the championship trophy will come. These kids don’t think they’ll give up, ”he congratulated the students.

Emphasis on fair play from the provincial director of sports

Yunus Ozturk, Manisa provincial director of youth and sports, said they were happy to host future stars in Manisa and wished success to all the athletes and coaches. “I congratulate our teams who are in the rankings and wish them success,” he said.

Trabzon Yol İş Union Secondary School returns to Trabzon with second place in the competition.

The men’s team of Trabzon Eol-Is Union Secondary School played their first match against Samsun Ataturk Secondary School in Manisa. They won the game 2-0. The team played their second match against Antalya McDood Basakinchi Oratolulu and lost 1-2 in this match. In the third match, the team faced Istanbul Halil Turkan Secondary School and left the match with a 2-1 victory. The team competed in the semifinals with Istanbul Ayhan Shahenk Middle School. He swept the game with a score of 5-0. In the final game, the team faced secondary school on 28 June. Trabzon Yol İş Union High School, which defeated its strongest opponent at the championships in Manisa and prepared for the match with the motto “this year this year”, lost 1-0 to Kokley in the final and won the championship. The cup is like this; Trabzon Yol İş Union Secondary School came second in the “School Sports Star Men Turkey Championship” in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Coach Coscun Sinar; “I have fulfilled my dream”

Trabzon Yol-Iş Union Secondary School men’s team coach and physical education teacher Coşkun Çınar, who finished second in the school sports championship men’s competition; Emphasizing that they represent their school and Trabzon in the best possible way, and that they compete within the framework of fair play and sporting quality; “I have fulfilled my dream of building a school, a well-known team that has always been in the running for school sports in Turkey. We are trying to represent Trabzon in this competition in the best possible way. Also, we teach our players not only in sports but also as good athletes, the key to success is discipline to work, to give up, to be determined, never to give up, never to give up, ”he said.

Coscun Sinar; “Next year we will get that trophy and we will return to Trabzon with our trophy.”

Coach Coşkun Çınar noted that his players are with them everywhere; “We have tried to create a great environment for the players to develop and gain experience. And in the end, we played a very tough match. We are a very good team, but our opponents were very tough. Yes, we came in second, but we never gave up on our dream of becoming champions in Turkey. Because we teach our students not to give up and not to give up on goals, whatever the outcome. That is why from today we are planning to prepare for next year, we are preparing according to the championship that we will bring next year. We are stuck in the target and we never plan to go back to that goal. Together with our school principal Hussein Keles, we have already started planning for next year. Next year, we will win the championship and that cup and we will return to our school Trabzon from competing with our cup. ” Gave his opinion.

“We wanted to go to the final wearing the Trabjanspar jersey, but it didn’t happen.”

After the Trabzonspor championship, team coach Koskun Chanar said they wanted to go to their school team final in Manisa with the Trabzonspor jersey, but they regretted that it was not possible. But it did not happen. Since the Trabjanspar Club did not have adequate uniforms, uniforms could not be provided at our school. We were very upset, we could not play the final match in the Trabzonspor jersey, but we represented the city of Trabzon very well. A. Those who supported us in the finals at the Sebat Sports Club were Travjanspor manager Om Sagiroglu, ASKF managers Mehmet Ersin Errol and Halil Melek, Manisa Shahzadela district governor Semal Husnu Kaykara, Manisa Trabzon People’s Association and Taraszon Mahposar Asos, Thank you very much for your contribution. “

The men’s team from Trabzon Yol-6 Union Secondary School, which finished second in the school sports championship men’s competition, competed in Manisa; School principal Hussein Keles, team instructor and physical education teacher Coşkun Çınar, physical education teacher; Alexander Altuntas, Adil Ozturk, Elif Umit Ozturk, Jaffer Yener Trabzon Provincial Youth and Sports Staff and Maseur Sheriff Turan were present.

Trojan People’s Association; “We thought we were watching a match in Trabzon.”

Mahmoud Alioglu, president of the Manisa Trabzon People’s Association, and members of the board, who did not leave the Trabzon convoy alone in Manisa for a moment, shared the joy of the second place. Mahmoud Alioglu, president of the Manisa Trabzon People’s Association; Despite living in Manisa, they insisted that they did not sever ties with Trabzon, Trabzonspor and sports; “We are Trojan lovers. We are thrilled to host the Athletes, Teachers and School Administrators of Trabzon Yale Is Union Secondary School in Manisa, to consult about our country and sports, to see our successful athletes in Manisa with excitement and to witness their success. We always say; No matter where we Trabzon residents are, no matter where we are satisfied, “every Trabzon is with us.” It was especially nice for us to meet the successful athletes, coaches and school administrators at Trabzon Eole 6 Union High School and get excited about going to the championships with them, the Trabzon lovers in Manisa and my friends who are members of Trabzon. Board of the Manisa Trojan People’s Association. We felt like we were watching a match in Trabzon. We wish Trabzon Yol İş Union Secondary School athletes, coaches, teachers and school administrators success in the upcoming competition. Thanks to Mr. Semal Husnu Kaikara, District Governor of Shehzadler, who supported us in hosting the team in Manisa, Mr. Om Farooq Farooq Chelik, Mayor of Shahzadler, Mr. Dr. Yunuser’s Mayor. We would like to thank Mehmet Serchi, businessman Sethan Akbar, Shahjadela Deputy Mayor Mehmet Kavas, Taha Baitullah War, President of the Youth Branch of Ak Party Yunus, Abdullah Kuchukali, a member of our association and Kan Kukukali for their contribution. “

The championship ended with a closing ceremony. Gifts are given to the teams participating in the championship through protocol. Cups and medals were handed over to the winning teams by Manisa Shahjadela District Governor Semal Husnu Kaikara, Manisa Shahjadela Deputy Mayor Mehmet Kavas, MCBU Vice Rector and Deputy Professor. Dr. Mustafa Kajaz, Manisa Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Services Manager Mustafa Buldu, Shahzadela District Director of National Education Matin Genke, Manisa Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Branch Emergenter Emergent. , Kocaeli Sports Services Manager Ziya Sarıgöl, Manisa Football Club Board Member Özcan Nalbantlar was presented at the Manisa Unusem by Belediespor Sporting Director Sedat Ongidar.

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