Tuberculosis head: Not all the criteria set out in the best interests of the child have been applied.

Salih Tekin / Erzurum, (DHA) – Turkish Bar Association President Arink Sakkan has joined the conference on “Fighting Child Abuse” in Erzurum. Sakan said they examined the best interests of the child in 52 cases from 7 regions in their project and said, “We have seen that all the criteria set out in the best interests of the child are applied. The percentage is zero. Percent. This is an incredible rate. In other words, In no case did all the criteria set out in the file apply. “
A ‘Combating Child Abuse’ conference was organized by the Sadet Teachers Association for Committing Child Abuse (UCİM), a union of the Turkish Bar Association, and Ataturk University. Speaking at a conference at the National Will Hall on July 15, UCİM President Sadet Ozkan spoke about the abuse he had committed while working at a village school and what happened next. Ozkan said: “Our children, the Gendarmerie Command, the guidance teachers, the inspectors told us about the incident. The children went to university hospitals, forensic medicine institutes, higher specialized institutions. My children did not go to Disney, they told me it was too late. And there are child monitoring centers. But our judges need to be aware of this and be experts.
President of the Turkish Bar Association Union R. Erin Saqqan says she began working on the issue of children’s rights in 2000 after the case of a girl who filed a lawsuit against the CMK. As a lawyer. Noting that they provided special training to lawyers on children’s rights in 2014, Sakan said those who participated in the training were able to enter juvenile cases.
Huge vision project
In his speech, Sakan also spoke about the ‘Embrace Vision Project’ for children under the age of 18 in prison, and said that his client, lawyer Dilbar Kanse, who is incarcerated, had emulated his struggle. Mentioning that the arrested teenage client in Kansai started working on the request “I want to hug my family”, Sakan said that they also supported. Emphasizing that they supported Kansas’ appeal with a petition to the Turkish ombudsman, Sakan said:
“In 2020, the ombudsman made a recommendation. It sent the decision with us to the justice ministry. You know, the ombudsman advises, but stays active.” There is a legal proposal aimed at correcting children. Opinions are the same. It should not be kept the same, make arrangements. A statement was also sent to the ministry stating “Open all children’s opinions”. Justice with us. We went to the ministry many times, we insisted on implementation. All children now express their views publicly. Thanks to lawyer Dilbar Kanshe, embrace the families of all the children, who number up to 5,000. Realize their views. There are instruments. We exist. Join the trial. We know that. To train the workers, not only through participation, but also to be able to do this job properly. Raising awareness through vocational training and internship training, educating well-equipped lawyers who have good command of national and international law. “
The child’s high advantage in practice is zero
In the last part of his speech, President Sakan said that they had signed a project on the topic of ‘best interests of the child’ and said that they had examined 52 cases from 7 regions. At the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Sakan said that they had begun work on the principles of the best interests of the child in the decisions taken by the Committee on the Rights of the Child from a separate petition.
“52 case files from 7 regions were examined, workshops were held. A very valuable report has come out. We have seen that the rate of cases where all the criteria laid down in the best interests of the child are applied is zero percent. It is an incredible rate. In the case where all the criteria set in the file are not applied, the files are applied. We have calculated the percentage of each separately. There are some principles which are never applied, some are implemented and some are not. Can’t say ‘here, they have applied 3 criteria, even it has succeeded’. To ensure that if there are 8 criteria, then 8 of them are in their decision (DHA) DHA-General Turkey-Erzurum / Headquarters Salih Tekin
2022-05-30 17:49:28

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