What is hyperactivity, how is it diagnosed? – Symptoms and treatment of overactive child

Symptoms of overactive baby

What is hyperactivity?

Hyperactivity is a psychological disorder that begins when the baby is in the womb and is largely unnoticed. Some babies are born with hyperactivity that starts in their mother’s womb and continues significantly throughout infancy and childhood. It is also known in society that children with hyperactivity problems cannot be stable and are overly active.

Such children also show extra physical behavior towards their environment. In addition, it is not easy for children with hyperactivity to behave calmly. Such babies maintain hand or foot movement even when they have to be very steady. Although many may not give a clear answer when asked what hyperactivity is, they often associate hyperactivity with hyperactivity. On the other hand, the notion that children are naughty is more common when they overwork because they lack knowledge about hyperactivity.

Symptoms of overactive child

While the symptoms of hyperactive children may seem easy to understand, for many it is difficult to understand. This is because many times children’s hyperactivity can show different symptoms. For example, among the prominent symptoms of hyperactivity in children; Excessive reaction, frequent waking and low sleep, constant desire to be in the lap, excessive crying and restlessness and difficulty in calming down. On the other hand, hyperactivity that is not noticed in childhood may show the following symptoms in childhood; Instability and constant urge to work, pretending not to listen even when talking to the child, difficulty giving oneself to a particular game and lesson, confusion, forgetfulness, sudden and extreme anger, physical violence in progressive cases.

How to tell if a child is hyperactive?

Since hyperactivity in society involves only hyperactivity, it is not always easy to give the correct answer when asked how a child is understood to be hyperactive. In addition to hyperactivity, in order for a child to be called hyperactive, he or she must show different characteristics than usual. Because hyperactivity is very difficult for children to make eye contact and show extreme attention in any situation. Early diagnosis of hyperactivity is very important for a child to have a healthy childhood and adulthood. In addition to these, the main symptoms of understanding that a child is hyperactive are as follows; Extreme annoyance and frustration, not being able to make friends easily, not being able to control movement, not wanting to listen to lessons, getting bored early, not doing housework, losing things at school.

Treatment of hyperactivity in children

There are many people who are wondering what is the treatment for hyperactivity in children and if it is possible. Depending on the type of hyperactivity, this mental disorder can be treated with or without medication. In fact, speech therapy is highly recommended for treatment. Treatment of hyperactivity is long and difficult. Although the symptoms caused by the discomfort seem to be decreasing, they do not disappear completely in a short time.

What causes hyperactivity?

There are many experts who work with the idea that hyperactivity is the cause. As a result of the study, it has been determined that hyperactivity disorder is caused by differences in brain function and work ethic. In addition, hereditary factors, environmental factors and some complications that may occur during or after pregnancy have been identified as causes of hyperactivity.

Hyperactivity disorder

Although hyperactivity disorder is actually a psychological disorder that starts in the womb, it can be noticed mostly in childhood. The child’s overactive behavior and focus problems force parents to see a specialist. As a result, hyperactivity disorder is detected.

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