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The life of psychologist, psychotherapist, author John Wellwood is explored. So who is John Wellwood? Where did John Wellwood originally come from? When and where was John Wellwood born? Is John Wellwood alive? Here is John Wellwood’s life …

Psychologist, psychotherapist, author John Wellwood is interested in his literary personality, life story and work. Book lovers are trying to find out about John Wellwood in search engines. We have prepared for you the life, books, words and quotes of John Wellwood. Here is John Wellwood’s life, work, sayings and quotes …

Date of birth: 1943

Place of birth:

Who is John Wellwood?

John Wellwood Books – Work

  • Perfect love, incomplete relationship
  • Journey of the Heart

John Wellwood Quotes – Lyrics

  • Great love set both possessive and free. AR ORAGE (Journey of the Heart)
  • Holding on to the other person keeps us away from ourselves by severing our connection with our own foundation and life center. Because it creates an intense feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, it is not surprising that the aspirations and needs of many people become completely dull. (Perfect love, incomplete relationship)
  • Although we were given a human body at birth, we were not given full humanity. Being human means discovering our honesty and learning to live accordingly. (Journey of the Heart)
  • “Love is the least explored region in human geography” (Journey of the Heart)
  • We love ourselves as we love ourselves and without knowing it and the key to this thinking is making our wounds heal in the hands of other people. We often expect relative human love to be absolute love which provides a constant and regular flow of harmony and involves unconditional acceptance and understanding. When that doesn’t happen, it’s time to dump her and move on. But the fact that our parents – or others – love us imperfectly has nothing to do with whether love is faithful or whether we are loving. It has nothing to do with who we really are. It’s just ordinary, human limitations, nothing more. Others simply can’t love us more than we allow their character to. (Perfect love, incomplete relationship)
  • We don’t need roads to get from here to there, we need roads to get from here (Journey of the Heart)
  • Conversely, dreaming that love will protect us, solve all our problems, or give us lasting happiness and security only destroys the true power of love, leaving us stuck in a dream.Journey of the Heart)
  • Loving someone else is probably the hardest thing for a human being … a preparation for everything else. An excellent incentive for a person to mature … a great claimant desire for us that chooses us and calls us to greatness. (Journey of the Heart)
  • “Those of us who are blind; We think we have lost the horse. However, even in that moment, he blows us away like the wind on his back. “Whether we like it or not, we often fall asleep in the gin because the horse of our life carries us forward.”Journey of the Heart)
  • The cross of love takes us away from the path of true love, which leads to constantly huge, unexpected possibilities.Journey of the Heart)
  • Although our parents, deeply, loved us unconditionally, it was impossible for them to express it definitively because of their human limitations. It’s not their fault. This does not mean that they are bad parents or bad people. Like everyone else, they have their share of fears, anxieties, cares and responsibilities and, moreover, their own wounds related to their love. Like all of us, they are imperfect mediators for perfect love. (Perfect love, incomplete relationship)
  • “I wish I could live with this man, how beautiful life would be.” However, holding on to the other person exacerbates the poverty within us and leads to our love addiction and obsession. Love became a drug and loved ones became the dose of intoxicated lovers. (Journey of the Heart)
  • The heart does not begin to live without feeling pain … hard as stone, but the pain of love opens the heart. (Journey of the Heart)
  • Love and death addictive emotions are a futile situation. In Majnun’s words, “an unresolved puzzle is a code that no one can read.” For Laila and Majnoon, like countless tragic love stories, the classic solution is death. (Journey of the Heart)
  • “Love is the least explored region in human geography” (Journey of the Heart)
  • When people treat you badly or neglect you, you can try to describe their rudeness as a result of their excitement and pain due to their disconnection from themselves. (Perfect love, incomplete relationship)
  • I struggle with the difficulty of finding a language that can express the boundless opposition of love. Here the highest and the smallest, the most distant and the nearest, the highest and the lowest; We cannot discuss the other side without discussing one side. No matter what is said, no word can express the whole. CGJUNG (Journey of the Heart)
  • The dream of love has made us believe that if a relationship is painful, something goes wrong. However, trying to escape the wounds of love only causes more lasting damage.Journey of the Heart)
  • Sometimes it’s an unpleasant situation, as if both partners were like, “Why don’t you love me more?” It manifests itself in the form of endless quarrels or petty annoyance, as if looking for reasons to complain. For example, one of the couples I worked with mentioned an incident I described below that caused a week of stagnation. The woman made tea for her husband, and for pouring milk on his tea she got angry at the woman: “Didn’t I tell you before not to give milk to my tea because I wanted to wait a long time to make my tea? Good before milk!” The only way to understand why such an irrational cause causes such an important conflict is to understand what the woman did to the man: in her eyes, she – like all the other women who have entered her life from her mother – has been shown again that she is with him. Not suitable and not caring about his needs For the woman too, it shows again that no matter what she does, she cannot win the love of the man because even for making tea she is blamed for the opportunity to get angry.Perfect love, incomplete relationship)
  • If so, in today’s society where finding the right people, falling in love and living together is defined as the ticket to eternal happiness and security, the dream of love is like a tourist in an unknown country. (Journey of the Heart)

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