119 years in prison for sexually abusing Dianet – DW – 31.05.2022

The teacher was sentenced to 119 years and 6 months in prison in the first hearing for sexually abusing eight children in a boarding Quran course affiliated with the Department of Religious Affairs in Erzurum. The court also rejected Dianet’s request to join the case.

He appeared before a judge five months after the Hockey Bahatin Evgi religious boys boarding Quran course in the Palandoken district of Erzurum on charges of sexually abusing eight children under the age of 12 between May and October 2021.

Erzurum 4th High Criminal Court hearing, where the detained suspect was present because the victim of the crime was a child. The families of the victims also took part in the hearing.

Erin Sakkan, president of the Turkish Bar Association (TBB) and Talat Gogebakan, president of the Erzurum Bar Association; Murat Yalku, president of the Ardahan Bar Association; Izmir was present at the hearing.

Attorney Mujde Tozbe Erden, president of the Association of Children and Women First, who advocated on behalf of the children, claimed that the children would not be summoned to court again so that they would not experience the same tram during the hearing, and that previously recorded statements would be seen. The court saw this application on the spot. The hearing showed pictures of the children’s statements taken during the investigation.

Dianet and the Bar Association’s request to join the case was not accepted.

On the other hand, the presidency’s religion lawyer applied to join the case. However, the court rejected his plea stating that he was not harmed in the crime. Following the decision, the lawyer was removed from the hall. The court also rejected requests from TBB and other bar association presidents to side with the case.

Prisoner Hakan Aslankafa has admitted that he sexually abused children in his defense. He accused the children of violence as well as sexual abuse, saying he had threatened to kill them if they told their families about the incident.

As a result of the nine-hour hearing, the court sentenced the accused to 119 years and 6 months in prison for sexual abuse and deprivation of children’s liberty.

Mujde Tozbe Erden (left to fifth), president of the Children and Women First Association, and lawyers for the Bar Association of Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara and IzmirPhoto: Private

Ali Erbas’s response

After the verdict, the lawyers and the families of the complainants appeared before the court. Lawyer Mujde Tozbe Erden said that was the first decision and that they would pursue other cases. On the other hand, the mother of the victim child, responding to President Ali Erbas for religion, said, “I really want to say a lot. What has hurt your organization or your honor? May Allah destroy you with your organization. You are the one who harms religion, “he said.

Dormitory managers and informants will also be judged.

On the other hand, two separate cases have been filed against eight children in this case besides sexual abuse cases. Hostel administrators accused of sexual harassment and violence will therefore be tried as defendants. The third case was opened against other informants who allegedly abused 14 children in the same dormitory.

In a statement to DW Turkey, lawyer Mujde Tozbe Erden, president of the Children and Women First Association, said:

“During the months of sexual abuse, the cameras were turned against the wall by Bellman. None of the dormitory administrators questioned why these cameras were not working or why they were facing the wall. And sexual abuse continued and other teachers’ physical abuse was tolerated against children. Breaking them, setting fire to their hands, beating their bodies to such an extent that they made wounds and bleeding them will also be the subject of the case. ”

“These associations should be audited”

Lawyer Tozbe Erden Caramane pointed to the sexual abuse of ten children between the ages of 8 and 10 in dormitories affiliated with the Ansar Foundation and KAİMDER and said:

“The Ansar Foundation was an example to all of us. Unfortunately, our children are sexually abused through the abuse of religious feelings and say that religious education will be provided. However, these societies are not under any control and are not education experts. “We want our children to be modern, secular and educated. We must insist on his scientific education.”

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