After my first video, my dad texted me ‘close that channel’

Social media phenomenon Danla Bilik was a guest on this week’s program of Buket Aidin and Face to Face broadcast on Haber Global Screen. In an outspoken statement on the live broadcast, Danla Bilik said that after her first video was released, her father sent her a message saying “you will close that channel.”

The highlights of the program are:

Ever since my childhood, I used to feel that no matter what I do, I would do something plus, I thought I would add popularity to the work with one click. Astrologers say he has come to be famous for me.

I claim to have not learned makeup, and I do not know. I do make-up the way the girls look at me. Sometimes they do so much professional makeup that I bought the same product but I can’t. I can say that I have realized that something is right for me.

I’m not a person who likes to do make-up without video.

I found the name Danla. I was constantly changing my name, and I was making titles for my admirers at the time. I created Danla Bilik and then opened a youtube channel and it stayed that way. Bilic came across, I’m not from Beşiktaş.

I did a video shoot and said I became famous the next day, really. I felt it the day after the first video and said it would happen. It’s going to be a little ugly, but I’ve got it. What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there?

It’s as if newcomers can’t be different in make-up and fashion. Because there are enough people. That’s why they don’t go out anymore. Because we did everything.

I chose to be an internet famous

They said what will happen to you? But then we became brand face, we got offers from abroad. If they knew, they would also take the job. I chose to be an internet celebrity. When you get used to the internet, television seems prescriptive to me, it’s scary to get used to that rule. It’s up to me that I’m sick and I don’t have any content and won’t shoot a video, but if I have something to say, why not?

Okan Bayulgen’s ‘waste’

I think Okan Beulgen did it to get our attention. Because then he called me to his show. I didn’t go either. I don’t think he sees us as garbage. I think Okan Beulgen loves us. I don’t think old television broadcasters accept us as television celebrities, but we exist now. Let them tell us rubbish what they want, tell them it doesn’t work. We exist and we will continue to exist through growth.

Staying close to 6 million followers …

You need to pay more attention to what you say and what you share. As the number of followers increases, so does the number of responsibilities and the things you need to pay attention to When proposing something, I try to show its effect, what it does, see it and take it that way. There is no way to make everyone happy with just one product. If I had such a thing. Over time, you will have to pay more attention to the things you share. I always want to make people happy so they can try again at my next suggestion. I try to choose more well-known and international brands. In our sector, the general amount is always higher.

They compare us to doctors

They always compare us to our doctors. But what is my fault if the doctors do not get paid for their work? I want everyone to get their money’s worth. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I also have a life that I envy a lot, but I don’t hate people. They say I’ll take you down if anything, we made you like this. Why are we like that?

Even if I don’t want to at some point, that’s my job. If I don’t share in 3 days, I have to share on 4th day. People follow me to see what I’m wearing, where I’m going, what I’m buying.

Hate and insults on social media

What those who hate me want from me, I have not been able to find out for 6 years. To hate someone so much for me, he has to hit someone close to me. Some people follow everyone, I don’t. Instinctively, I say we are in an unhappy time. I’m reading the message, I say, who knows what happened today? This shouldn’t encourage anyone, it doesn’t mean I’m not going to take it back, but I’m cooling myself like that. I’m being commented on a video, for example saying it’s wrong. I get angry when I try not to do it in another video. When I get some bad comments and delete my shared pictures, I get angry at myself. I dream of my happiest time, then I can’t even receive the phone.

It is very normal to have aesthetics

It is seen as an aesthetic disgrace all over the world. It’s like dyeing your hair from blonde to black for me. That’s why I don’t hide anything. I am satisfied with my current aesthetics. I still get comments below my old photo. When they write something, they say, ‘Look at your old soul first’. Every time I look at that old picture of mine, I say ‘I did something right’. I underwent plastic surgery to be less critical and to feel better. We always say we did it because of Instagram, we always blame social media, but it always exists. There is no standard of beauty and ugliness in the world. Something relative.

Tube abdominal surgery

When I suddenly gained weight, I had gastric surgery on my sleeve. They said that when he had surgery, he took the easy way, but I never took the easy way. They will definitely give me credit. Why do we still mess with human weight? For a while, I couldn’t stand someone who wrote a comment, ‘Will you pay for the food I eat?’ I said.

I can’t eat like before. I eat little and often. After that process, I gained 5-6 kg again, but I did not try to lose weight because I did not pay much attention.

My team may grow or shrink depending on the job. However, there are 3 of us who decide on the overall process. I didn’t create the character of Danla Bilik by myself. There is a division of labor between us. Everyone knows what they are doing. We don’t get too involved about each other and decide together at the end of the day.

Social media publishing

Open them up and let me see my first video. It doesn’t matter to me what I really don’t like if they want thousands of lira. I went back and thought, then what courage? You are a new person, cooperate, make money. My problem was never money. I sold a 3 lira headlight. I always said money would come to me. There is still comfort in this. So I don’t appreciate what I don’t like.

My dad texted me ‘close channel’

Dad used to say, what will happen, Aram Baba, I will solve it, I would say. He asked me to study psychology. When my first video exploded, my dad texted me, “You’re going to shut down that channel.” As people begin to love and accept me, my family begins to feel proud. I was saying you were embarrassed then. Now they say to themselves, ‘I’m Danla Bilik’s mother.’

I don’t see anyone as a competitor

I don’t see anyone as a competitor. We have been visible for more than 5-6 years. This is why I am happy whenever my influential friend does a good deed. Because let someone open that door so we can go behind it. TV celebrities in particular tend to insult us for who they are. We already see it from the outside. Since I have come in contact with these, I say that I hope they will come to a better place, big and small. I want to penetrate everywhere.

Looks like attention, not money

Social media draws come and go. If they have very good content after the draw, then they will have followers. Today, when I don’t share anything for 3-5 days, my followers are gone too. It has nothing to do with money, attention feeds you. People trust you, they appreciate you, it’s something that nourishes you. No matter how much they say the opposite, this interest feeds you. Right now I’m shooting video because I’m doing a job. I shoot now when I’m on vacation. I went to the USA and came back with four videos. I don’t want to shoot just to shoot videos. People still wait for the girl’s make-up every week, but it’s over. If I shoot these videos, it won’t be the way I want it to be and I’ll be disappointed.

I am very proud to work with each brand. If they pay me, I have to pay them. At the moment we have never worked with any brand. Whatever it is, I will give it its due, I will explain in length by giving that product its due.

Okan is invited to the Bayulgen program

Okan Bayülgen After calling me rubbish, people don’t want to go. We politely declined. If year old Okan Beulgen told me anything, I would cry there.

I’m a complete shoe monster

Even if I don’t wear make-up, my habit of buying make-up doesn’t end. Sometimes I make excuses to my friends not to buy it. I’m a shoe monster right now. I want to buy shoes all the time. I have a lot of unnecessary shoes. I reward myself somewhere.

I think I have a responsibility to help people because I make more money for my education and age. When I used to help my family with the money I could, now I have the power to change a person’s life. I think if you take something I have to pay.

There are those who say you are my idol. I wonder, why can I be the idol of this girl? It gives a responsibility, but I do not feel compelled to set an example.

What does it look like in personal development?

How can I think positive when I know I was deceived the day before? I think more realistically about personal development. In the meantime, I still unwittingly do the ‘cancel and cancel’ thing. I don’t read books where everything is positive. I also have bad days. Sometimes they say, why don’t they post stories, I say I’m not in a good mood.

No one likes it

Some say how mature you are, others say you have changed a lot. I can’t make videos taken in my 20s or 30s. No one is like before. I can’t shoot the same video every day. I try not to reflect too much, I usually try not to reflect bad things. It is better not to share any story. There are some things that people try to teach each other, ‘Stay in the moment.’ It’s been around since I was born. Ask me, what is your dream? I have no dreams.

They said Generation Z would not vote, but the future belonged to them

When you think about it, which generation is the same? Either he added something to it and left. They recently said that Generation Z should not be voted, but the future is theirs. I think the Z generation has gone too far. I could see as much as my mom and dad allowed. When they were younger than me, now they knew everything. They are coming in full force. I read myself somewhere as Z Z. I am the generation Y. I think it is the Z generation that keeps us alive like this. Share … they keep us alive.

Source: Haber Global

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