Ahmet Agaolu: We are meeting with 12 players!

President Ahmet Agaulu issued a special statement to the broadcaster of Trabjanspor, which ended the 2021-2022 season as champions.

Ahmet Agaolu’s statement is as follows:

‘Ahmetkan has received a serious offer’

“There will be players who will leave. There are no players who will leave. There will be a possibility. The only offer I can take seriously is from Ahmedkan. The work of the players who will fill the place of the players. There are players we are in contact with and talks with. “

‘Sounds good in Nawakaim …’

“We gave Nwakaeme the highest offer. You played the first year. In addition, it’s a measure of performance to increase. That’s what Trabzonspar can do. It doesn’t matter to me, “he said. Then I realize that there is no problem. “

‘I’m in favor of staying in Uğurcan’

“I’m in favor of keeping Uğurcan on the team. If a very good offer comes … when you take Uğurcan Çakır out of the goal, you have to put a goalkeeper of that or similar caliber there. Suppose you sell. Fill it for 10 but 7. 3 values ​​for me? “

‘Rejection of Abdul Qadir’s proposal is the regret of my life’

“It is a pity in my life that I turned down an offer of 23 million euros from Manchester City to Abdul Qadir. It came three days after you gave it to Youssef.”

‘They said you’re a champion, they barely avoided relegation!’

“Next year we’re the champions … ‘is the word you have to work on. It’s not a joke. Then you have to pick up the trophy in training.”

‘They Lack Our Patience’

“When we came to the administration, we were aware of the problems that awaited us. Since I have been around the Trabzonspor administration for almost 32 years, 30 years is an important experience. Thank you to our community. They have shown us patience like never before. And they have trusted us. “

‘We have gone through a difficult process in support of the community’

“The 2019-2020 season would have been an early championship for us. We always said we were in that race. The next year we came to UEFA, we were in the group. But the impact was a very difficult process. The epidemic. “It was really hard. There was a break for a while. We lost momentum there. Naturally, various factors worked. We finished the second season. We were banned from Europe for violating the budget signed with UEFA. That process affected us negatively.” The community showed our patience there. With his support, we overcame it in a very short time. ”

‘Coniaspor has taken root’

“Next year, we did not get the way we wanted to start in the league. You are expecting 20-25 million euros, you will be deprived of them when you come from Europe. If Trabzonspor’s income is one, Beşiktaş’s three and a half, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe’s five and a half. But something went wrong. Let’s not ignore it, Konyaspor with a budget of 12 million euros has routed for everyone this year. Here is something important. It shows that you can’t spend too much money and achieve success. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. “

‘We have not hurt others’

“What some people don’t realize is that over the last two years, we’ve been completely focused on our own business. We haven’t looked to our right or left. We’ve focused on the inside of the field. We haven’t cut. There are branches, blaming others. It’s something that is done, but when you do it all the time, your community will suffer. ” He begins to distrust you. He asks, “Aren’t you guilty at all?”

‘You tell the player to send without touching his feet’

“We planned for this season in February and March of last season. The transfer list was drawn up in April. The friendly matches and camp schedule were clear. When we were doing this, some of our opponents did not agree with the coach. Before the ball touched his leg, you He has to keep money in his pocket and send the player to another team. “

‘Our football economy is stagnant!’

“The country’s football economy is at a critical juncture, in the midst of a very serious crisis. UEFA has released a report. No one is aware of it. The football budgets of three countries are negative. One of them is Turkey. Turkey. Minus 150 percent. Just looking there, what a The bottom line is that you can see it in the economy of football. “

‘They slept with perception, connected with perception’

“They slept with perception, they woke up with perception. They said it was a signed project for Trabjanspar. If my 1 billion was structured, more than 10 billion was borrowed from 3 clubs. The purpose was to relieve UEFA. And the debt was a repayable one. Keep it on schedule. “

Saifullah Kayagusuj
Haber7.com – Editor

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