Billu’s Kalkavan, a well-known name in the social and industrial world: I thought I would never get sick … I stopped being rude and arrogant.

Billur Kalkavan, a well-known figure in the social and industrial world, talks about his fight against cancer with these words: “I believe that people themselves create this kind of disease. As the brain has created this disease, I think I will overcome it with the help of medicine. ”

Socialite actress Billur Kalkavan has made a candid statement to GÜNAYDIN. Kalkavan, who recently learned through social media sharing from actor-director Hamdi Alkan that he had lung cancer, shared with us how he learned about his illness, his mental state and the help his partner Bugra Bahadurli gave him during the process.
Are you battling cancer? We learned. How do you feel?
I got covid in January and then I had surgery on my uterus. After a while I started having difficulty breathing. I saw that it does not go, I decided to go to the doctor. I don’t usually like to go to the doctor, but I thought I had covid, it left a scar. “You have mass in your lungs,” the doctor said. After the results of the tomography, he called her and directed her to an oncologist and thoracic specialist. I started crying when I heard that on the phone. My wife Bugra also cried. I started treatment at the university hospital.
At what stage of your treatment?
Cancer is at an advanced stage, but it is treated. I metastasized to cancer, but the place where it spread did not harm my body. I will take 4 bicycles in total. I have completed half of my treatment. Towards the end of this month, I will get my 3rd cure. The scan will be done as a result of chemotherapy. Then the path of my disease will be determined. But I have a noticeable decrease in my lymph, my blood values ​​are also in good condition. I went through a difficult process for 1.5 months. I had insomnia and pain at night. These are gone now. I believe that with the help of medicine I will get rid of this disease, just like the brain created this disease. I think people create these problems themselves.

Why did I get this disease? Did he rebel because he came?
No, I did not rebel. I believe that these problems are caused by people themselves. It’s about my mind, my state of mind. In the process, I dissected myself. A lot of anger, hatred, judgment, what came out of me. I have a lot frozen in me. I thought nothing would happen to me, I was a funny person, but it wasn’t. I have stored and internalized the negatives experienced in my environment, in my country and in the world. I am consciously trying to get them out of my mind. During the healing process, there were those who said ah, ah and those who buried me. I don’t like drama. I remove everything that negatively affects my life. This disease did not come to kill me, it came to develop me. I don’t think we should rebel. Upon learning of my illness, I immediately went to the interrogator and told him how to overcome this illness. But I mean, before I got cancer, I was arrogant. For example, people there were calling me for health insurance. And I was saying, ‘Don’t bother me anymore, nothing in this life will get me insurance’. I was saying, ‘I’m very healthy, I don’t get sick’. We should not talk so much. I gave up this arrogance. Fortunately, Bugra insured me before I turned 60. My family, the environment in which I grew up and because of the beauty I lost a bit for myself. Now I have left them all. Anything can happen to anyone in life. I saw it in the process.

‘I Lose My Happiness’

Do you believe
I am a very religious person. People judge me as marginalized, but God knows who has the money and the faith. My belief remains the same. I am grateful to you. I will thank you so that I can develop. I think I survived this disease to improve myself. I recently lost my joy in life, I haven’t been on vacation for three years. I could not schedule vacation due to my mother’s illness. I kept my distance with my friends. I had days start and end.

I had no desire to do anything. I slapped him in the face. I realized how beautiful life is and how much more I have to do. I love life so much, I want to finish everything before I leave this life.

‘I’ll be back in the field’

What has this disease taught you?
I realized I needed to update myself. I’ve redesigned my own version and will be back on the pitch. This is a story for me, I want to inspire people. When my friend Hamdi Alkan shared me on social media, there was a lot of love flowing from people towards me. This fed me.
Why did you get sick for a while? Are you hiding
I did not hide it. It would be a movement for me to say that I am like this. I digested first. I was treated for 1.5 months. When Hamdi came to see me, he asked, ‘Can I take pictures and share?’ He asked, ‘Can you share?’ I said. Because Hamdi is an angelic person, it was good for him to share.

Your hair is falling out How has it affected you?
I shouted at the doctor, ‘I don’t want to be bald.’ My doctor said, ‘I will try my best not to let your hair fall out’. But since I decided to use a stronger drug than the first one, my hair fell out. When you focus on healing, you don’t care about hair or anything else. My hair did not fall out when I first took chemotherapy, but after 20 days, my hair started to stay in my hands. The nurse told me this. I shaved it by my hairdresser when it started to read. Now I have no problem with my hair. I am a person who always takes care of myself, but the important thing is to spend well on this treatment process. My only concern now is weight. I have lost weight. My normal weight is 52, but when I was admitted to the hospital, I dropped to 44 kg. My mind did not want to eat. Now my appetite is a little higher. I’m trying to gain weight. I am the one who always takes care of a healthy lifestyle. I have been like this since childhood. Anyway, my doctor told me, ‘If you didn’t take care of yourself so well, you would have a hard time going through this process’. I am eating the bread of a healthy life.

Everyone Own first For your life To look

The ‘marginal’ tag is being given This is how you feelAsk?
Marginal people, some things People do not notice Or the person who does I mean, I’m here I am a marginal person from here I am also proud of it. But we have negative polarity. They use it in a sense.

I am marginal but degenerate I do not. The word is marginal Decline without knowing the meaning There are those who use it. Label me as marginal Who appear first in their own lives Looking back We should not judge anyone. We never know Unfortunately.

Brand By clothing Happy Not happening

What to say in the end Are you
Be happy everyone. Happiness True from the inside out. Not from the inside out. So after branded clothing, Wearing false eyelashes Unhappy. 100 lira Brand you wear something Even if you wear them both Is the cover. Happy with the brand Can’t be The cost has already been incurred His head is going. Capitalism This is a result. It used to be like this We weren’t. Our Domestic Products Week I had it, I like it. I Still using local brands I am very caring. Your own happiness You have to produce. To the blossoming flower, Looking at a tree You will be happy. From nature Should not be broken.

Understanding is my biggest supporter

For those like you who are battling cancer What do you mean?
People should not lie to the victim. This disease You look for external causes They have to look around at their inner world. What an evil thought I gave birth to, Who and what do I judge this disease? They should think they have been caught.
Did your dissatisfied people call you?
I don’t quarrel with anyone. It’s made Not available. I am a man cut off from my life Was, they called. My biggest My support is my spouse Buğra. We have been together for 13 years, God for those who deserve it He should give such a life partner. We are going through a very difficult time, a sick one For the person next to him, the process is much more tedious. But the Bugras take a very strong position. Feeling very lucky.

I want to travel more

What to do first after treatment?
I actually want to go to sea, but towards the sun I don’t have to go out. I’ll go to Kilos Maybe I will sit in the shade, someday I will swim in the sea. I would like to travel further with Bugar. We have land outside of Istanbul, maybe there We build a house. I couldn’t travel much because of my cats. But now my cat numbers No intention to increase. I am everyone I want to renew it.
Cancer treatment in TurkeyTheir theme How do you find
We are in a much better position to treat cancer. The most developed Turkey in the world The treatment method is used. Alone Especially for cancer patients I wish the third episode hadn’t been studied, The method is not accepted in world literature Don’t try

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