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Whose job is to kill chess? Who is the author of Chess Murder? What is the theme and main idea of ​​chess killing? What is the book Chess Murder? Chess Kill PDF Download Link? Who is the author of Chess Murder, Sank Kallisi? Here’s a summary of the Chase Murder book, lyrics, comments and reviews …


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Author: Sank Works

Publisher: Nemesis book

ISBN: 978-605-5913-36-6

Number of pages: 366

What is chess murder? Subject, main idea, summary

Bursa police are solving one murder after another !!!

An eyewitness, unrelated to a fingerprint or clue, the murder has one thing in common: a piece of chess found with a corpse.

Erkan took up Demi’s case while Chief Superintendent Ali Chakir was trying to solve the serial murder case with the young generation’s successful commissioners Levant, Genghis and Bullet.

With serial killings on the rise in the country, will Erkan return to the country to work in the top secret national security bureau after studying the subject abroad, and will he find the serial killer that the people of Bursa fear and become aware of?

Can this chess kill be solved without using the king in the game? Or the player “King!” What will he say?

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Chess quotes – lyrics

  • The joy of the victorious generals in Victory Square must be bitter. Otherwise, he is not sorry for those who killed him. Did the general win?
  • People cannot associate death with their loved ones.
  • “People cannot associate death with their loved ones.”
  • “Remember that our weapon is that our killer doesn’t see himself as a killer. He’s a player. He plays chess with us. And like any chess player he plays to win.”
  • Our wife was an angel at the time of our engagement, my son, you will meet Lucifer after marriage.
  • “Every contact leaves a trace,” said French criminal Edmund Lockard in 1910. And these words were considered the basis of modern forensic science.
  • The young woman knew that truth could lie twice in the world as long as she tied her shoes, so she was more concerned with appearance and touch than words. People can say a lot about love, but they don’t look like people in love.
  • “She continues to swear in her loveless and cruel years.”

Chess Murder Review – Personal Comments

In fact, the comments said it was a good book, but the story coincided with the beginning of the digitally created Aleph series, so I couldn’t go beyond 23 because I couldn’t. I read that series and its story, except for a few fantastic incidents, and the murder novel didn’t open very well during the snow.ty big)

The first detective novel I read. Thanks to him, my interest in detective grew. The event plot is very successful. This is definitely a novel that anyone interested should spend time with. (The best Aras dog)

Brother Sıtkı “He kept swearing in his loveless and cruel years” (I wanted to start with this because it’s a section that touched me particularly). Was involved with. I now feel like an experienced detective, I began to attach every sentence I read, as if I was obliged to solve the case, so the book really clung to the Erkan Commissioner. The points he made, the strategic goals he planned, took him where he wanted to go. Even if this murder takes place, love does not lag behind in a normal way. I enjoyed a major point that the characters were Turkish. I’ve been reading translated novels for so long that I realize I missed it. There were some incidents in the book that really surprised me. Erkan’s story was an incident. I hope not. Emotional changes in terms of stylistic features were on point. There were very rare slanders, and I was forced to be a detective. For that moment of stress. It wasn’t uncomfortable. The author made a really clever fiction at some point and towards the end, my mouth was opened with the whole team. Although I guess, I couldn’t figure it out about the killer. Oh come on, I said. These were already topics that the book particularly liked. I also liked the little jokes that went with it. There were some good jokes 🙂 The cases included in the event were carefully selected and they were included in the game and then they came out in a way. I just have to say that I am very sorry for Seren, my lamb 🙂 I can say that some things were subconscious in childhood and had a small message to the parents. A mother reveals how close she is to her child. In my journey with Chess Murder I have felt different emotions, I have liked and enjoyed it, I think it is a readable work. Love 🙂 (Jasmine)

Chess Kill PDF Download Link?

Cenk Çalışır – One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book Chess Murders is the Chess Murders PDF link. Most of the paid books on the internet have PDFs. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Sank Kalisi?

Senk Kallisi was born in 1967 in Balikesir. After graduating from the Department of Economics at Gazi University, he settled in Bursa. After working in various departments in the press and automobile sectors, he turned to the world of advertising. He continues to work in his studio on advertising and promotional photography, which he has made with this decision. She is married and has one child.

The Chase Murders is the author’s first work.

Cenk Workbook – Work

  • Chess killing
  • Poison-e killer
  • Play within the game
  • Rain of blood
  • Each contact leaves a story 1
  • Lock operation
  • Beria
  • Each contact leaves a story 2
  • Dead and Street Children

Cenk Calisir Quotes – Lyrics

  • “If I don’t know who my enemy is, how can I fight him?” (Beria)
  • “Do you really believe it happened, did you live it? By your own truth, by your own decision. If there is a system that asks if you want to grow up in the family you were born into, what do you want?” ? Call the same person a dad? If you want to write on the scoreboard your achievements and failures, which team will be ahead? (Rain of blood)
  • It had a place in my heart, but I don’t know where to put it in my head. (Poison-e killer)
  • “Psychology, there were people before Freud or Darwin. Its purest form …” (Rain of blood)
  • They twisted so much that I didn’t recognize his chest or back. I said, the soil is wet, so it is not cold. I hugged … I said let it go, it’s too small. I’m down on you, burying us together. (Beria)
  • I have to find my own solution. (Dead and Street Children)
  • If your reason is wrong, your result is incorrect. (Each contact leaves a story 1)
  • She never told me I love you. Maybe he didn’t say those two words, but when we went to buy furniture in İnegöl, he said “don’t look cheap, we’ll sit on them for many years”. (Poison-e killer)
  • Fear kills or keeps people alive. (Rain of blood)
  • I have nothing to know and no survival. (Poison-e killer)
  • Individual minds and individual tastes are rarely displayed in public. People are basically a player. He wears his mask, fulfilling the role that life has given him. (Play within the game)
  • Innocents and children always have to pay the price of war. (Beria)
  • I was actually listening intently, but my thoughts were flowing so fast I couldn’t stop. (Poison-e killer)
  • -I’m sure it’s their first date. Women are normal. She is not trying to please herself. I don’t think there is any expectation from the man for now. Such women are long-term women. They have spread everything for a long time. You wait a month to hold your hand and wait six months to kiss your lips. They hide everything in their heads for the man. Most of the time they can’t find that guy. When they find it, the man is the neighbor’s husband who has just moved into the flat next door. (Play within the game)
  • A star fell in our eyes. I was afraid to give my wish. (Poison-e killer)
  • All he could do for his life was run. Faster, fartherRain of blood)
  • Our wife was an angel at the time of our engagement, my son, you will meet Lucifer after marriage. (Chess killing)
  • “Every contact leaves a trace,” said French criminal Edmund Lockard in 1910. And these words were considered the basis of modern forensic science. (Chess killing)
  • I said, “Is there a heart that would kill itself?” No. f * t. I looked and it wasn’t there. A hope. Here. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. (Play within the game)
  • We only care about causes and effects. There must be a reason for all this. (Rain of blood)

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