Children work more than 10 hours in the name of vocational education


The official website of the Ministry of National Education has published the updated statistics of the Vocational Training Center. According to these statistics, the number of students enrolled in vocational education centers by the Ministry of National Education has increased from 159 thousand to 502 thousand. Also, the Ministry of National Education has announced that by the end of the year, 50 percent of their target of 1 million students has been achieved in five months. Member of the board of the Fishek Institute of the Working Children’s Foundation and the Association of Lecturers of the Akdeniz University Department of Labor Economics and Industrial Relations. Dr. Tanar Akpinar explained that students enrolled in vocational training centers run by the Ministry of National Education are employed as ‘child laborers’. Akpiner explained the situation to

Poor children are subjected to ‘child labor’

Assoc. Dr. Taner Akpınar noted that the Ministry of National Education provides small business services as a source of manpower for poor children. “The state is increasing the number of child laborers in the name of ‘vocational education’,” Akpiner said, adding that “vocational training centers” are centers where apprentices go. With these centers, the state “offers small businesses as a labor force to poor children,” Akpiner said, adding that “those who are registered at the center are insured. However, they are insured in the event of a work accident and occupational illness. That is, it is short-term. Not a single day contributes to adoption. With the President’s decision, it was announced in the Official Gazette on January 5, 2022 that students employed in the name of vocational education will be paid from unemployment insurance for 5 years. .

‘Data has great unconsciousness’

Noting that the Ministry of National Education will turn 1 million students into child laborers, Akpinar drew attention to the enormity of the target of “1 million child laborers”. “This goal is very frightening,” Akpiner said, adding that there were many unspoken issues and that the state did not disclose how many children attending vocational training centers had permanent jobs. “How many of these kids have learned this business and continued it after becoming apprentices?” Asking Akpiner, “Vocational training centers have two dimensions. First, the state uses children and youth as a source of cheap labor and makes them available to the Capital Circle. Second, when children and adolescents are enrolled in this system, they are deducted from the unemployment rate.

Emphasizing that the statistics of Social Security Institutions and the Ministry of National Education are inconsistent with regard to trainees registered in Turkey, Akpanar said: There are about 400,000 apprentices in Turkey, according to the Social Security Institution. Then, according to the information of the Ministry of National Education, how did it go from 156 thousand to 502 thousand. It was already close to 400,000, ”he said.

‘Those who want small business to come to power’

Emphasizing that it would be more accurate to call vocational training centers “child labor centers”, Akpiner said: “In Turkey, the demands of small business operators are always taken into account. Small businesses are numerous. “All the ruling parties in Turkey’s history have never been able to resist the demands of small businesses. The demand for small businesses is child labor. And the state has been meeting the needs of small businesses through its vocational training system year after year.”

Absorption for 10 hours a day

“Does vocational training take 10 hours?” When asked, Akpina describes her experiences as follows: “While I was researching apprentices, I visited art sites. There I met apprentices and employers. The children said they would be able to go to vocational training centers one day. Works. Unfortunately, I have not seen child laborers working under 10 hours. Is such education possible? Does vocational training take 10 hours? The trainee child laborers I interviewed said they went to vocational training centers to rest and sleep. “They are too tired to listen to the talk at the center. They have called the lesson a ‘rest for us.’ Is it a vocational training center or a child labor employment center?”

Noting that apprentices are forced to go to a vocational training center once a week, Akpiner said: “However, the law has an option for employers. If busy, the employer has the right not to send the child worker to the lesson that he has to attend 8 times a month. When the employer’s workload decreases, the child worker receives backward learning with a narrow schedule. The priority here is not education, but the job of the employer. In fact, the law tells employers, ‘Don’t send child laborers for vocational training, let the center teachers go to work where child laborers work’. If a child laborer cannot go to school due to busy schedule, how will the teachers who come to him teach him? Are the conditions right? How will the child learn the lesson while continuing to study? “

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