Cycling in Konya: It’s safe to go to school now

With its exemplary practice in Konya, the city with the longest cycle path network in Turkey with 550 km, Konya Metropolitan Municipality has launched the “Safe School Roads Project” to make cycling safer for children to go to school and raise awareness about cycling. ..

The president was on his way to school in Altai by bicycle with the children

In this context, Selkuklu Kasgarli Mahmud Secondary School was designated as a pilot area. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altaye, Provincial Director of National Education Seyit Ali Buyuk and Provincial Police Chief Engine were with the students who cycled to school every morning.

Noting that Konya is a bicycle city and far ahead of Turkey in terms of length of bicycle path, Mayor Altay reminded that Konya is the first city to have jointly developed a bicycle master plan with the Ministry of Environment, Urban Development and Climate Change. They said it was organized.

We want to create a generation that uses bikes as a means of transportation

Note that within the scope of the “Safe School Roads Project” implemented in conjunction with the Konya Model Municipality, the police and municipal police who will act as bicycle services will ensure that children’s travel will be safe and they will enable children. Come to school by bicycle, and continue: “One school in each of our districts has been selected as a pilot for this term. We hope, especially from now on, the number will continue to increase. Our most important priority is to get our children to school by bicycle.” We want to create a generation that plays sports, a generation that uses bicycles as a means of transportation. I want to thank all our children and their parents. I am the provincial director of our national education and our “I would like to thank the provincial police chief for his sensitivity. I would also like to thank all our police friends and the police officers who are on duty.”

The safety of our children is more important than anything else

“Unfortunately, our riders don’t see bicycles as a vehicle,” said Mayor Alta, citing safety as the most important issue for cyclists. This city belongs to us and the road to all of us. I say this specifically as a cyclist. The safety of our children is more important than anything else. We, along with our police and constables, ensure that they reach school safely through this project. But not just those who go to school; We want our drivers to be more respectful of all our children who use bicycles and all our citizens who use bicycles and not to use our bike paths as parking areas. I hope Konya succeeds in this, I believe all Konya residents. Thanks to the parents for believing in us. Hopefully, we will complete this process without any accident or hassle. ” Says

We will be more careful on the bicycle road

“I hope we declare 2022 the year of pedestrians and cyclists in Konya. The safety of our children is more important to us than anything else. From now on, we will be careful to ensure that our drivers obey the traffic rules, especially On school roads and bicycle paths. Please be more sensitive to our children and pedestrians. I would like to thank all our driver brothers in advance. “

Thanks President Altay

On the other hand, Seyit Ali Buuk, the provincial director of national education, said that Konya was achieving more success in education and said, “In this case, the best school is the school closest to home. Cycling is a culture that dates back to our childhood. At this point, we would like to thank our President Ugur, who has done a great job and set an example for Turkey. I would like to thank our police chief and parents for their support here. Hopefully we can go to school safely by bike.

Students are satisfied with the application

The students further said that they love cycling and they are happy to be able to go to their school safely using the bicycle path with the municipal police and police.

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