Demiroren Media High School opens … National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

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Counting has begun at Demiroren Media Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. National Education Minister Mahmud Ojhar made a statement at the inaugural function.

Here is Minister Ozar’s statement …

I would like to express my pleasure at seeing the recently signed protocol come into force. We have the first two. As a result of the collaboration, we opened the first and only media high school, as well as in the field of media for vocational training. I believe this is the historic day that carries the breaking point. Watching a promotional film, it seems that one is probably a student. It shows exactly what we as a ministry want to do.

Vocational education has gone through a very difficult process. After 1990, the obstacles in front of him had to pay a huge price. We have seen times when search workers could not be found. As the Ministry of National Education, we have put a lot of effort into raising the bar. An example of vocational education is active participation in the job market.

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The steps we have taken, we are now updating the curriculum together with all the representatives of the sector. Together we plan skills training for students. Together we plan vocational training and workshop teachers. High school where we will inaugurate the high school where it comes in the most concrete form.

Indeed, after the negative notion of coefficient application in 1990, these measures had the most lasting effect, removing academically successful students. Vocational education has become a kind of school that could not last anywhere. The steps we have taken with the representatives of this sector have completely reversed this notion. There are schools that accept students with a 1 percent success rate in vocational education.

“We have enhanced students’ learning by working and creating.”

I believe that Demiroren Media High School will become one of the schools where the most successful students in Turkey come from. We are not satisfied with just vocational training. We have also increased our production capacity. We have enhanced and produced students’ learning abilities.

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It builds vocational high schools and trains the human resources needed for staff. In March 2020, when the countries overcame the first shock, the countries were unable to supply the masks. The growing productive capacity of vocational education has made it possible to transfer all the necessities of society from masks to visas in 920 districts.

Demiroren Media High School opens ... National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

He is a friend of a black day who stands by the nation of his state in unusual circumstances. We’ve taken it one step further. We have combined increased productivity with intellectual property. Patents, trademarks are a field directly related to the development and economic growth of a country.

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“We are establishing the 55th Research and Development Department at Demeroren Media High School today.”

Although the annual number of patents and utility models produced by the Ministry of National Education is 2.9, we received 7,200 registrations in 2022. 2.9 to 7200. 7200 Patents, Trademarks, Utility Model Registration. Our main concern is how we can commercialize it. Why am I telling you this? We are establishing the 55th R&D department at Demiroren Media High School today. I want to give the good news.

Vocational training centers are not very well known in Turkey. Natural education in Germany is the Turkish equivalent. Education takes place in both school and business. The simplest type of vocational training will be employed. In Turkey, the employment rate at the rate at which students receive education is 88 percent. The employment rate is 75 percent wherever they go.

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Demiroren Media High School opens ... National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

“We’ve made significant changes to the Vocational Education Act.”

We have made significant changes to the Vocational Education Act. We have created an attractive system to reduce youth unemployment. As a state, we have received a share of up to 30 percent of the minimum wage per month. We have increased the wages of passengers from 30 percent to 50 percent.

Before this law was changed, there were 159 thousand apprentices and travelers in Turkey. To date, it’s been 5 months since the law was changed. The system has 502 thousand passengers and trainees. By the end of 2022, we will be bringing together 1 million young people through vocational training centers.

“I want to thank Kimetli Demero’s family.”

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Our rate is higher than OECD data. Here we have taken out my paper to give an interesting picture. What was the number of trainees in the vocational training center before the co-application? Coefficient application was entered in 99. As of the 97-98 academic year, the number of apprentices has reached 249. It was to reach the highest figure. After the application, the coefficient has decreased to 75 thousand. Today it has risen to 588,000. I can say in today’s memory. The cost of the 28 February process, which was provided in this country in 1999, has been repaired, and it has become even stronger than before the application of the vocational education coefficient. I would like to write this as a history note. I would like to thank the esteemed Demirören family. They have opened up all their facilities to us for active use.

In addition to this beautiful opening, we hear good stories about vocational education. I wish our school good luck.

Yöldırım Demirören, chairman of the Demirören Holding Board, made a statement at the opening ceremony of the Demirören Media Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School.

Here are the highlights of Yıldırım Demirören’s speech …

Thank you so much for being with us on this important day and for sharing our joy. We are very excited. Our enthusiasm and pride is great. Today is a very special day for the media sector in Turkey. The media is one of the most important forces in a country. As Demiroren Media, one of the largest media companies in the world, we are taking the first step in an important journey to prepare the future of media with this global awareness.

Demiroren Media High School opens ... National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

“We have two pieces of good news today.”

Our responsibility is huge. We have two good news today. We are inaugurating Demiroren Media Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, the first and only Media High School among the largest media institutions in Turkey. Our school, which is at the heart of the sector today and has opened its doors with all its opportunities, will create the future for the true, principled and honest press of tomorrow.

On the occasion that we signed the protocol of Demiroren Media Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School on October 7, 2021, I explained to you in detail that our school is the first in its field. We have prepared our school for education in a very short time through utmost care and hard work. I am very proud and happy to announce that you will start learning with our students in September 2022.

Our first students will be eligible to enter our school according to their results in the LGS exam to be held on 5th June. We look forward to seeing our successful students who will have the opportunity to attend this privileged school in the world of media. Because we know that when they graduate from our high school, with the goal of providing world-class education, they will be well-equipped and skilled media professionals of the future.

Basila Mayor Ozdemir: A very valuable environment

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Bagliar Mayor Abdullah Ozdemir said: “This is a very precious day for us. It will be an ecosystem that will enable him to receive practical training as well as theoretical education. On the one hand, it will help media representatives The vision is gaining momentum. It is a very valuable environment. We want to express our personal happiness as the mayor of this municipality, “he said.

The first lesson bell will ring in September

Meltem Demiroren Okte, deputy chairman of the Demiroren Holding Board of Directors, visited the school where the first bell rang in September.

There will be a preparatory class for the first year of school, but a total of 5 years will be taught. In addition, students studying at the school will be offered employment opportunities within the Demiroren Media Center.

Demiroren Media High School opens ... National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

Scholarships and dormitory opportunities for students

The school’s principal, Atila Ertogan, said Demiroren Media would also offer scholarships to its successful students. “Our school is located within the Demiroren Media Center. Demiroren Media is a structure that also hosts Turkey’s largest media companies. Demiroren Media will also offer scholarships to its successful students. We will also provide accommodation, or dormitories, for our students from outside the city, “he said.

Demiroren Media High School opens ... National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

Practice lessons will be held at the Demiroren Media Center

Noting that students will hold their theoretical and practical lessons at the Demiroren Media Center, Erdogan said, “Students from all over Turkey can choose us. This year, we will have 30 students. It will have classes for 15 students each. At the same time, our local English -Language teachers teach our children well in preparatory classes.We plan to teach an English.In addition, they will take courses such as Animation, Character Animation, Web Design, etc. Both traditional media and future new media material.We have international equality and recognition. Thanks to the programs we apply, children will be on a level of study abroad when they graduate. They will also have the opportunity to create a joint project, together under one common roof and they will produce what they see on television and in the newspapers. The child will be able to pick up the microphone and report the news. Or he will be able to go to the television director and instruct him. “

Demiroren Media High School opens ... National Education Minister Ozar: A historic day

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