Ahmet Ilmaz, along with his performances, was selected for the cycling team in Edirnesper when he was talking to children and young people in the late 60’s. While learning the subtleties of the merchant with his father until he joined the army, he would be alone on the streets with the subtleties of his tires and collect unforgettable memories and pictures.

Ahmet Ilmaz welcomed us to his home with his memories. Immersed in the memory with the black coffee prepared by his wife, we mentioned Adiron in the old photographs. Here is what we talked about:

“I was born in 1955. I am the youngest of three immigrant families from Kardzali. I graduated from elementary school, dropped out of high school and started a business with my father.

I started cycling at a very young age. I grew up in college. I started running at the age of 13/14 with the enthusiasm of Kell Mehmet, who runs the Adiranespor Club and is interested in the Adiranespor cycling team, he was already our neighbor. First a cycling team was formed for the little ones and the little ones. After that, I took a degree in the cycling competition in Edirne and I was able to enter the senior team in Edirnespar.

‘We were EDIRNESPOR athlete licensed’

At this time he said that he would give us the license. He wanted a picture, we gave him a document in the form of a card; “You are now an Adirondack licensed athlete. With this card you can enter all Adirondack events for free,” he said. But in the following years, I unfortunately lost this document, which I kept hidden. I think that document was burnt in a big fire in Alipasa market.

Since I started riding, I have survived year after year without being separated from my bike. When I got the chance to work outside of races and training, I was alone with my bike and went on tour. The streets of Edirne were much more beautiful in those years. In terms of the number of vehicles. Collect a few trucks, ten taxis. The Phaetons remained.

Kinachi Muhitin; Our leader, our big brother, our source of joy. He had a two-wheeled white Phaeton, one-wheel drive. He took a personal tour with her over the weekend. Those were better times for cyclists. Over the years, I went between Edirne and Havsa, and once I survived. I’m leaving Karabayir. The truck is passing by me, loading it on the rocks. As I was about to pass, a rock the size of a football ball fell on my side. I think if that stone comes one more meter to the left, it will hurt me a lot.

‘My father was barred from being my replacement’

Cycling is one of the most beautiful sports in the world. Everyone has their own sense of sport, for me it’s a bike. I traveled, my horizons opened up, I saw birds in nature, I was in nature, I ran, climbed, trained and competed.

In 1973, I worked in a shop with my father. I last saw Kell Mehmet at the door. There is someone else beside him. He introduced her to the Cycling Federation. At that time, our degree federation was gone, and they wanted me to join the Bakırköy Cycling Club. Dad said ‘not at all’, I couldn’t go.

We enjoyed getting together with our friends and visiting various places in Thrace such as Havasa, Babayeski, Lুলেleburg, VJ, Tekirdag. If there were no races on Sundays, we would definitely go for a ride with our bikes. Our biggest competitor was the dog. Every outing of the shepherd dog is brought before us. Our bikes were our shields, our pumps were our sticks. We were equipping ourselves with them. Our tours were usually daily. I don’t remember when we camped.

‘I like ramps’

His love for bicycles did not leave me in the army. I did my military service in Ankara. There was a bicycle team in the military, I wanted to get in there, but you stay where the military situation is, they made a tankman sergeant, we stayed there, our military service was over.

I’m watching the Presidential Cycling Race. I can see your mistake. On the way the cyclist, who often looks back, loses control of the road. The racer has to go. I do not agree with the idea of ​​horse racing. In particular, the ramps need to be well-maintained and well-started. The thing I like best about the road is getting off the ramp. I will adjust my strength, I want to see people coming down from behind, I want to test their landing like a train track. But when the ramp starts, cycling is fun for me in the beginning. In many of my races, my opponents are on the ramp.

Do not let your front wheel touch your opponent’s rear wheel while running, it will be catastrophic. Brakes need to be used consciously as well as adjusting the distance between them. If you push forward, you will push, if you push back, the rear wheel will push you to one side. It is best to use both brakes in a balanced and controlled manner. I look at the current races, when they reach the finish line, it says there are thousands of meters, 500 meters or something. This is a huge advantage. There was no such thing in our time, I was adjusting the distance by looking at the trees on the side of the road. We used the word ‘potato picker’ for the last. There is no pity in running, the stronger he goes and wins.

‘When the tire explodes’

The biggest waste of time in racing is tire puncture. It didn’t take me more than two or three minutes. I was very practical, our extra tires were riding under the saddle. When it explodes, I’ll change it very quickly and count with my 70cm pump and quickly press 16 winds, then continue down the road. But wasting those three minutes is a huge waste of time, depending on where the tire has exploded. Now I see the racers chasing the car, the tires burst, immediately a bicycle was given, keep going again.

If you don’t have a good breakfast, if you don’t make good arrangements for food and drink, you will end up on the road. I love fruit so much, I still use it consciously. I ate a lot of grapes to give strength before a race. I can’t forget the dizziness. I saw a little damage, as well as more damage. This is because the people in charge of us do not know this job well. We have learned a lot by trial and error in our own way.

‘I have three cups on my bike’

Look how many years have passed now, I still dream of the bikes and races I have competed. Below are my racing bikes that I still use for workouts. I had three bikes when I raced. I was using one of them for general travel with balloon wheels. I had a slim wheeled training bike and a bike that I used only for racing.

I have three mugs. One of them was the trophy that I won as the winner of the season race, the first was the trophy in the one kilometer sprint race and the last was the trophy that Kel Mehmet gave me his life.

The sprint race was one kilometer. We are aligned, we are all ambitious. I have been preparing for this race for a few days. Over the course of a few weeks, I was ready for the training that my friend Matin had given me on his bike. I was so out in the beginning that when I came to the end, there was no one left or right. When I got off the bike at the end of the race, I suddenly felt that my legs were not carrying me. I got cut while sprinting.

‘Alipasa fire was a catastrophe’

After the military we re-entered the business, which was our father’s occupation. Then we start making colonies. Meriç colognes. The brand is already registered. Until 1992 our business was very good. We have improved, we have started a jewelry business. We lost more than half of our resources in the 1992 Great Fire. It was the biggest disaster of our lives. We are lucky again, many of our business neighbors could not hold on for life, they turned to dust.

After the fire broke out I went to the greenhouse store. When Alipasa was repaired, I went back to our old store, but when I could not find my favorite taste in the trade, I gave up and retired. Over the years, I have sold flour to all the bakeries in Thrace under Olin.

I have two children and four grandchildren. I don’t want my children to compete professionally. My son works as a graduate engineer in Edirne. My daughter is a business owner and also a writer. He has published three books, the fourth on the way to books.

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