Eğitim-Sen brought “values ​​education” to the judiciary

Ezitim Sen said that value education, which was conducted on the basis of a protocol signed between the Ministry of National Education and the President on Religious Affairs, had no legal basis and that forcing students to take this lesson was unacceptable and would be accepted. The matter is before the judiciary.

Education Sen. Gibbs has issued a written statement about the value education courses offered in branch schools.

Eğitim-Sen’s statement is as follows:

  • Within the scope of the protocol signed between the Ministry of National Education and the Presidency on Religious Affairs, the District Mufti requested the District Department of National Education to organize a “Value Education” seminar on 30/03 / 2022-07 /. 04/2022.
  • Gebze District National Education Department has requested the Governor for approval of the Value Education Seminar in question, provided that education-training is not disrupted in accordance with the epidemic rules and responsibilities of the school administration.
  • Following the approval on 25/03/2022 and receipt of the number 46522393 from the District Governor’s Office, the Department of National Education had planned to send seminars in letters during the school lessons on 09/05/2022 and 01/06/2022 to 53 schools.
  • In this context, in some schools in Gabez, all students in the course and in some schools, girls or boys, were taken out of the course without parental consent and were allowed to attend seminars during the course.

“No legal basis”

  • First, there is no legal basis for conducting courses or seminars that are not included in the weekly course schedule to show the courses taught in the school during the course.
  • This situation is contrary to the new curriculum adopted with the approval of the Board of Education on 17/07/2017. This is because the curriculum sub-heading “Curriculum Value Education” states that it is essential to value acquisition according to the nature of the lesson, and that it can represent these values ​​as a teacher’s target model and through activity.

“Protocol invalid”

  • It teaches value education as a separate course from courses related to the subject matter of the course. For this reason, considering that the aforesaid educational activities were adopted on 17.07.2017, the protocol has no legal value between the Ministry of National Education and the Presidency on Religious Affairs regarding the provision of value education and it has become completely invalid.
  • On the other hand, in our country, boys and girls are educated in a mixed manner. The exclusion of female students from the course and giving seminars only to male students has destroyed the unity of education and co-education, i.e. crime has taken place.
  • In addition, such activities are conducted in such a way that education is not disrupted and on a voluntary basis, otherwise students will be deprived of their right to education. If the students do not want to take part in the seminar during the class, it is unclear where the student will go, the safety of the student and the responsibility of the teacher towards the family and the school. In this case, it is not clear how the teacher will fulfill his responsibility for the curriculum.

“Conditional keep can’t be accepted”

  • We would like to point out that it is unacceptable for schools to become a place of religious activity and for ministry units to send instructions to schools and for teachers and students to participate in such activities. Because schools are institutions where every different faith group should be treated as equal. Therefore, it should be ensured that no child is discriminated against because of his or her beliefs or identity.
  • As Eğitim Sen, we will continue our struggle to end these and similar practices that deepen discrimination and inequality in schools, and to build schools as a place of secular and scientific education, not religious activity. We call on the people, parents and education workers who are sensitive to this issue to fight together.

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