Game changes from experts explain ‘water birth’

The 14th Turkish-German Gynecology Congress was held in a hotel in Antalya Kundu between 28 May – 1 June, organized by TAJEV Turkish-German Gynecology Education, Research and Services Foundation. A statement on maternal mortality was made at a congressional press conference by the scientific secretary of the Turkish-German Gynecology Congress. Dr. Yusuf Ustun said that there are about 500,000 maternal deaths in the world every year and this is a tragic event. Noting that the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed some algorithms to reduce this rate in all countries and a strategic plan has been drawn up by the Turkish Ministry, Ustun said the most important problem is the lack of follow-up of pregnant women. Women

“Lack of follow-up in pregnant women is one of the top problems”

Talking about the cause of maternal death, Professor. Dr. “One of the first problems is the lack of follow-up by pregnant women,” said Uston. We want pregnant mothers to get the help of a health professional and get ready for pregnancy before they become pregnant. We want to start taking folic acid supplements at least 1 month in advance, especially to prevent problems that will cause problems in the baby’s back. It’s not about maternal mortality, but about maternal mortality, cardiovascular disease or epilepsy, whether there are additional risk factors that you might think we need to know before we get pregnant; Let’s plan something, change the medication and then the patient becomes pregnant. We are trying to determine our follow-up frequency according to the risk. “

“Mothers with the disease stop taking their medication after they become pregnant.”

Noting that stopping drugs used by pregnant women during pregnancy also causes death, Uston said, “For example, pregnant women with epilepsy use drugs. These drugs are drugs that can harm the baby, but as soon as the patient knows she is pregnant, she This medicine stops because it can harm the baby, and some mothers lose it because they stop taking this medicine. We are telling these pregnant mothers through doctors and press that they will not make this decision on their own. If we do this before we get pregnant, we can make it even more hassle-free, ”she said.

“We consider pregnancies over the age of 35 to be at risk.”

Professor Dr. “We consider pregnancies over the age of 35 to be risky,” Uston said, noting that career planning has increased the gestational age by more than 35 in recent years. Because now the disease may start. The patient is coming. She became pregnant at the age of 40. “This is a risky pregnancy and we need to monitor it more closely,” she said.

Turkey’s maternal mortality rate drops to 13.7 per million

Noting that the most common cause of maternal mortality in the world is during pregnancy and postpartum hemorrhage, Ustun emphasized that postnatal bleeding, especially in developed countries, is still the first. Noting that bloodshed was first in Turkey in the 1990s, Ustun said, “I can say with pride; In the 1990s, hemorrhage was first in our country, but now we are seeing maternal mortality due to cardiovascular disease for the first time like in developed countries. So if we can diagnose cardiovascular disease in advance and take action accordingly, we will further reduce the maternal mortality rate. From 1990 to 2013, we reduced it a lot, and even now we have reduced the rate to 13.6 per million in 2020 data, ”he said.

“They even say to each other, ‘I was born in an instant.'”

They always recommend a normal birth as a delivery, “said Uston.” We always recommend a vaginal birth procedure. Public awareness has increased in this regard. Everyone now thinks vaginal births are successful. People might even joke with each other, ‘Look, I was born in a flash.’ I have seen this happen in many patients. Of course, a caesarean section is also a life-saving operation, we can never give up, but we do not recommend a caesarean section outside of blue.

“Water is no more born”

Professor Dr. Üstün touches on the issue of the birth of water, which is in demand by some Western countries, such as Russia, France and England. “There is no such thing as water birth,” said Ustun, noting that water birth complicates matters. There was such insanity for a while. Can spend time in pain. The water is soothing. Even his voice is calm. Pregnant mothers can relax in hot water. But as soon as they reach the stage of birth, we take them out of the water and give birth outside. And water will not be born. There was a negative time, it was seen that they increase the complications, “he said.

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