Hatice Akbaş, Boxing World Champion: Rats were roaming around the hall, I was training with them.

IstanbulHatice Akbaş, world champion in the 54 kg at the World Women’s Boxing Championships held. The game We had a hall. There were rats in the hall, I was training with them. Above the hall was a sewer pipe, zero oxygen. I was doing my run in the mountains and in the garden. We are rewarded for our efforts and hard work, ”he said.

Hatice Akbas, who worked in the boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai branches at the age of 10, has been involved in boxing for 12 years. Akbas, who started playing under the guidance of his father, achieved significant success in a short time. The national athlete, who won a gold medal in the 46kg at the 2016 Stars and Young Women’s European Boxing Championships held in Urdu, is now continuing the boxing game she tried to play on the body of a sports club in Fenerbahce.

“We fought very hard.”

Hatice Akbas, who is boxing under her father’s tutelage, said: “We’ve had a tough fight with my dad over the years. We’ve really come through a lot of problems. I don’t know if my gloves are ever strong. But fortunately we got the prize for this fight. European champion, and then “I became the world champion. Being a world champion together with my dad was one of our dreams. We have fulfilled this dream. The truth is, I’m very happy, ”he said.

“If the rats were watching”

National Explaining that they went through hard times when he first started playing, the athlete said, “When I started playing, we had a bad gym. There were rats in the gym, I was training with them. There was a sewer pipe above the gym, Zero oxygen. I was running in the mountains and in the garden. We were running in the snow in the winter. It was very difficult with my father. “We went through the process. My dad, I don’t know where he got it, but he brought the wheel of the tractor. I did strength training with wheels that were much larger. I was pushing those wheels around, “he said.

“My goal is to win an Olympic gold medal”

Akbas, who was transferred to Fenerbahe when no one in Malatya took care of it, explained the process as follows:

“After I became European champion in 2016, we met with the authorities in Malatya. My father said, ‘Let my daughter compete for Malatya Metropolitan Belediaspor.’ “Fenerbahce has made a good offer. We evaluated it and I moved to Fenerbahce Club. Now I have great support and I want to thank my club too. Together with my father, we are on our way to the Olympics. I want to bring an Olympic medal for my country to the 2024 Paris Olympics. “

“I was tough because of the excitement in the final”

Expressing happiness and pride in realizing his 12-year dream, Aqaba said:

“I started playing sports with my father in 2010. I’ve been boxing for 12 years. I became European champion in 2016. In 2022, I brought back the European Championships with my father and then the World Championships. Most people had no expectations from me. No. It was said, ‘Hatice enters for experience.’ No one expected such a degree, but we believed together with my father. My father always said that I was talented. My opponents were older than me. Very experienced. With the help I took advantage of this situation and defeated them all. I had 34 opponents, I played 6 matches and they all played very well. I had a little difficulty in the final match, I got excited about it. I entered the gym and everything was full. They brought drums, there was an enthusiastic tribune. The Turkish people were there. I was very excited. It reflected my match. I was very happy. My hand As he rose into the air, my eyes filled with tears. We have been rewarded for 12 years of struggle. I realized I looked around, saw Dad’s eyes and cried. We have been struggling for 12 years and that difficult situation has gone before my eyes. I had a very emotional moment there. “

“I worked hard”

Noting that hard work pays off, the successful athlete said, “We worked hard with my father. We thought that hard work would pay off. We always worked hard. We didn’t have opportunities. We created our own opportunities. I worked in the garden and in the fields with the wheels. I went to the mountains, “I ran. Although these seemed like an inconvenience, I had an advantage. Compared to other athletes, I became a more conditioned, technical and strong athlete. It brings gold medals. It was not possible to enter the gym because of the smell of sewer. Now I am the world champion. “

“A very nice family in Fenerbahce”

Expressing his happiness at being an athlete in Fenerbahçe, Akbaş said, “Fenerbahçe is a really nice family. I play in a club that supports its athletes financially and morally. I can really feel like we belong to a family. There is a family. Fenerbahce, very good bond with everyone. Thank you very much. We went live on TV in Fenerbahce, our president was on the phone and congratulated us all, “he said.

Akbas, who continues his education at Ino University, said: “My father always told me that education should come first. I try to value it as much as I can. Ino University has always helped me in this sense. I can afford it. Get out of the game together. “

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