He has stopped swimming due to health problems and is preparing for the European Championships in the national jersey.

“My goal is to win medals for the national team, to be on the stage, to participate in the Olympics and of course to play in the WNBA as every player dreams of,” said Marve Aydin, a successful member of the national women’s basketball team fighting for the European Championship.

Marve Aydin, one of the youngest female national basketball players in Turkey, continues her preparation at the Bolu Camp, where she came with the national team for the European Championships. Aydin, who at 10 years old had to give up his favorite sport of swimming due to ear health problems and could not go to volleyball, which his family wanted so much because circumstances did not allow, he is proud of his professional basketball life in the national jersey, which he started at 14 years old. Did. Saying that his dream is to win a medal and participate in the Olympics with the national team, Marve Aidin is working hard to win a medal for his country at the European Championships.

“I didn’t have shoes at school audition”

She was able to join the team with the shoes her mother brought when she thought she would not be able to join the final team at the school audition because she did not have shoes. Aidin said, I couldn’t stay and play outside all the time. I loved swimming, but I had to give up because I had serious ear problems. One of them was leading in basketball and the other in volleyball. But because they couldn’t meet the requirements at the time, I had to go to a school where basketball was at the front. The girls’ success in the school team caught my attention. To send to the basketball course, “Why don’t I play basketball?” When I was 0, I started playing basketball professionally in Team A after 4 years, ”he said.

“My teammates are my mother’s age”

Noting that one of his teammates was his mother’s age when he first became a professional, the successful athlete said, “I became a professional at a very young age and one of my teammates was my mother’s age. She had a young one. Daughter. At that age I watched national team matches in Adana. I got the chance. I was fascinated that day and said that one day I would be an example for my younger brothers by wearing that jersey. Here is an example. “

“I have a goal to play in the WNBA”

Recalling one of his goals being to play in the WNBA, the national basketball player said, “My goals are to win medals for the national team, to go on stage and to participate in the Olympics. We have participated in the Olympics twice. I hope to be in the team for the third time Generations will experience a lot more. Winning championships at clubs too. Of course, like every player’s dream, I have a goal to play in the WNBA. ” He said.

“I think our chances are very high.”

Evaluating the camp’s activities, Aydin said, “Although we can gather a little before the match and work under normal circumstances in a very limited time, Bolu Camp was a good preparation process for the 2023 European Championships. There is basketball here. We are trying. New habits. We build the process in the most efficient way possible and we will play the qualifiers at the beginning of the year and then prepare for the European Championship. We are a good team. I think our chances are very high. It will take us forward. All my teammates have sacrificed here. But at the end of the day there is a big purpose and that is the national team. “I hope it goes. According to the plan and we will win a medal for our country in the European Championship next summer, ”he said.

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