Her life went dark to save her life … She pleaded with the doctors: Please cut off my hand!

The story of the woman who lost her life in a small accident while working as a lifeguard, whom she ignored, breaks the hearts of those who hear her story. Here is the story of Jade Hurley, whose own life was darkened by trying to save someone else’s life …

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Jade Harley, 32, was working as a lifeguard in 2018.

The woman who saved a drowning man cut off his hand. But the cut was small and Z didn’t pay attention.

Within a few weeks, the wound becomes infected and continues to grow rather than close. Fortunately, the woman was diagnosed with sepsis.

This is how Jade Harley looked at the camera in her happy days …

She has a serious illness

Sepsis is the medical term for an infected wound that gradually worsens and eventually becomes fatal, leading to a condition known as blood poisoning.

The mother of one child, who has been unemployed ever since, said the wound became infected within a few weeks and began to develop ulcers under her fingers.

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One day, while talking to his mother, he suddenly felt a wave of sickness coming down on him and he left.

Jade Harley was hospitalized and diagnosed with sepsis, a life-threatening reaction that killed a quarter of hospitalized people.

Doctors wanted to amputate his arm, but he urged them not to do so in the hope that it could fight the infection.

But four years later, Jade Harley is still battling sepsis and an open wound in his arm and cannot be vaccinated because of his infection.

Her life has been tarnished by trying to save her life ... Doctors beg: Please cut off my hand

An incredible thing happened to Jade who she never knew was trying to save her life.

Fighting for 4 years

The unfortunate woman further learned that she had an immune disorder called pyoderma gangrenosum, which meant that her skin was fighting to heal her wounds.

Jade describes her experience in these words:

“There is no end in sight and it is difficult to survive. I just want to end this. Every day I wake up scared and it’s terrible. I’m fighting for my life. I’m not the only one. “

In 2018, Jade saw a man fighting in the water and drowning. To intervene, he immediately jumped into his small boat and left.

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When the woman reached the drowning man and pulled him out of the water, his hand was cut off. He thinks that’s what he’s in the boat. Jade went to the hospital to take a shot of tetanus and antibiotics to protect her from infection.

The wound that he did not take care of has blackened his life

She believed her small cut had healed, but in just a few weeks black ulcers had formed on her arms, hands and fingers.

A month and a half after the incident, while talking on the phone with his mother, he suddenly fell ill and lost consciousness.

Harley used the following words in his statement to the press:

“My mother called an ambulance. I was completely lost. I lost four liters of blood. They did not understand how it happened because I was not bleeding. I had sepsis and I was really scared. They told me they would have mine. To cut off the hand. It all happened 3 or 4 hours after I got to the hospital. Let’s wait and see. “And I thought we would have some time to think about it. I thought I could fight it, but I didn’t want to lose my hand. “

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Her life has been tarnished by trying to save her life ... Doctors beg: Please cut off my hand

The doctors’ efforts weren’t enough … Jade would lose his hand

Her body refuses treatment

Physicians have performed debridement, a procedure that removes infected tissue from the wound and reveals healthy tissue to encourage wound healing.

Jade Harley said his arm looked like he had used a spoon to pierce the inside of someone’s hand.

Since the first scratch on his arm, he has been hospitalized eight times with a severe diagnosis of sepsis, which occurs when the immune system overreacts to the infection and begins to damage the body’s own organs and tissues.

Physicians diagnosed him with Pyderma gangrenosum, a rare skin condition that causes painful ulcers by overreacting to the immune system. The disease affects one in every 100,000 people in the United Kingdom and the United States each year.

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This means that both parts of his own skin graft and the skin taken from his hand to replace the skin of his hand did not work and the treatment failed because his body invaded these tissues.

“I beg you to cut off my hand.”

In perpetual agony, Harley now desperately wants to have his arm amputated and quit fighting for his arm as he did four years ago.

However, as long as there is sepsis, it cannot be isolated (removal of an organ from the body). And until her arm is removed, she will be at risk of sepsis.

Her life has been tarnished by trying to save her life ... Doctors beg: Please cut off my hand

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Z has been in eight hospitals in the last 12 months. She can only see her 12-year-old son, who has special needs and stays with his grandparents for a few minutes every day. Her son has to live with his grandparents who are old and sick.

If the state does not bear the cost of Jade’s surgery and later wears a prosthesis on his arm, an aid campaign is launched and money is being raised.

* Pictures used at the scene and on the news cover were taken by British photographer Phil Harris for the Mirror magazine.

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