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I don’t want to take your time to make my sister taller. I had a relationship, we loved each other or so I thought, but I felt like she loved me. We were together, “I don’t go to work, let’s meet,” he told me one day. I didn’t go, so she introduced me to her mother. We wandered, wandered, had a lot of fun … his girlfriends came, we sat with them in the evening, and I left him at his house. I called home and we talked. Called again at night. I was asleep, I called when I woke up, I heard his voice around 12 o’clock at night and he said he wants to sleep like this, we talked a little more, then I woke up at 3 o’clock. I saw online, “Didn’t you sleep?” I wrote. I’m going to sleep now, he said when I wake up in the morning he blocks me from all places. I called from another number and said “I don’t want this, look at your life, don’t bother me” and hung up. That was his last word. I also did not understand what happened. I never called. 2 days later had an older sister, let me call our mutual friend. I wrote him a letter asking why he was doing this. She says she is getting married to her ex this week. I couldn’t believe it. So how does something like this happen in a week? I thought they were lying, she shared her wedding photos 3 days later. I saw him, she was married to that boy. I’m very messy, sister, I can’t sleep at night. I go in front of their house 2 or 3 times a day, although I know you don’t live there. I don’t know where they live. I can’t reach anything. I do not understand why, how can he do such a thing? I can’t eat. Laughing, I suddenly feel like crying. What should I do sister? When he approached the child, the child, who had always been abused and humiliated, said to the girl, “He used insulting words in public.” He said, “The boy had uncles and aunts. Big people used to talk about my honor and he would not talk, he would not say anything.” “I didn’t like him, but I was used to him. So I was with him,” he would tell me. He always told me bad things about the baby. Now she went and married him. Apu, I also did not understand anything. Lots of question marks in my head, no one to answer or learn the truth …

Yesim Tijen’s answer:

Someone once said, “The key to winning is your position under pressure.” Such words, in my opinion, pave the way for a person’s life. So who will you win? You will raise yourself, leaving confused, suffocating, bleeding, angry, angry, and questioning. Even though I see that there is no one worthy of being burned and then crying, you are still not in that conscious state. This is also very normal. You are distracted by your inexperience, your faith in people and your hopes for it, influenced by the good old days you still have. All these feelings will be destroyed by feeling, so you will heal yourself. You will be healed by showing yourself the truth of the girl. Not every relationship can reach the heart, you live that day with some experience. One can have fun and have a good time with someone, and love is a feeling that flows from person to person. It’s such an overwhelming feeling. I don’t think you feel this flow. You just focus on her beauty and the things you spend together. One hears people your age have two faces, but they don’t think they’ll meet; When they survive, they learn that people themselves may be different and their motives may be different. Your experience tells us about one such person. He must have wanted to tear his ex girlfriend out of his heart by embracing your interest and love in his relationship with you, but he couldn’t. Despite realizing this, he continued his relationship. This is to give hope. Means using one. You told him to avoid it from the beginning, but he gave you confidence in his words. When you asked her if she had any feelings for her ex, the girl said there was nothing left, she hated it. Naturally, you trusted him, even though he introduced her to his mother, these give hope, you are right. When she has a problem with you, “Am I that kind of girl?” Although he knew himself, he drew another profile. In fact, “Am I that kind of girl?” Now he has really answered his question. They don’t care if anyone sees or hears anything. He has blown everything up in the statement he made about this young woman’s relationship. If a seven year relationship ends in a breakup and the family doesn’t want to be together – because their uncles said they would respect me – your girlfriend seems to have come very close to her boyfriend in these seven years. Have a comfortable relationship so that these words can be said. . If this girl comes back to someone who insults and insults her, I think this reunion proves my commitment. These may be the people I am against, the man of the relationship … You were immersed in this relationship believing that what your girlfriend presented to you was making me jealous, insulting me, it was a habit, not love. You miss another word. In our time, unfortunately, we need to look under every word and behavior. People can stay away from honesty according to their own interests, we are in a strange age with their men and women, an age where the smell of selfishness …

You say, but he’ll call me in the middle of the night, he’ll want to hear my voice. It shows that he needs your attention, not his love, it shows that he breathes with your attention, he must have always been waiting for the young man when he was with you … Finally, the boy came back. This return must have happened recently, because they got married in a hurry, almost as if they were running away. That means her parents are not normal … Do people rush their daughter to get married? I can’t help saying that it’s complex work and people. This special day should be lived that special. How can you explain a messy, hasty marriage in three days without any preparation? Think.

Wanting to cry, being sad, these are very humane feelings, my dear, but one thing needs to be said. You will focus on the events as much as possible and you will end your feelings about this girl. In such a situation, you will look at the merits of the person you lost, in other words, you will stop looking at the empty part of the glass and show yourself that your girlfriend is not really missing from the whole part. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Stand up with restraint, indebted to you. Yes, it has benefited you, it has awakened you to life. I know you’re curious. What will happen to this girl? Will he regret it? You’re thinking. Would I be cruel if I said that this girl would cut what she weaves? I’m not. They stay happy for the first few months, then the violence and insults start again. A magic hand will not change a person who has done these things before … the girl will regret it and will probably fall into deliberate thoughts about you, and then she will go on another search with the feeling of remorse … maybe if she calls you one day, surprise Don’t be. At the end of all I have written, I suggest you look at your experiences by saying, “Wrong people don’t waste time, they are teachers to get to know the right person.”

Please be aware that what you feel does not value you. So what are you doing to make that ruined youth stand on his feet? At such a promising age, my child, you will see many more beautiful days. Look at yourself with hope.

Love my dear readers …

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